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Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 30x30 Challenge - My 30 Items

I have decided to give the 30x30 Challenge another try... I was going to bail this time and wait for the fall challenge in November... BUT, it does encourage me to make better use of my clothes and accessories. And, it is a little fun to torture Brian into taking my photo every morning. Ha! We also have a long weekend trip to Chicago coming up and I thought it'd make for fun backdrops AND it'll be so much easier to pack as I know what I can and can't wear... I did jokingly tell Brian that I should just bring all 30 items in my luggage. ;)

Kelly over at Modern Camelot is hosting this challenge once again, visit her 30x30 Challenge page to read all about what the challenge is all about. You select 30 items and wear only those 30 items for 30 days. The 30 items does include shoes, but not jewelry or accessories such as scarves or hats.

If you want to see my 30x30 Challenge from last May, you can look back in my archives for May or click here

Are you ready for my 30 Items?

1. Target Gold T-Strap Sandals
2. Angelfish Sperry
3. Lace Toms

4. Nine West Brown Sandals (they have cute zippers on the heel)
5. Bandolino Gold Sandals
6. Target Leopard Print Flats

Business Casual Pants for Work
7. Express Coral
8. Express Mint Ankle Pants
9. Old Navy Grey Capri

10. Express Denim Capri
11. Old Navy Brown Capri
12. Khaki Capri

13. Old Navy Blue and White Shorts
14. Old Navy Floral Shorts
15. Old Navy Sweetheart White Capri

16. Old Navy Gray Maxi Skirt

17. Old Navy Yellow Dress

18. Old Navy Blue/Navy Maxi

19. Forever 21 Denim with White Polka Dot
20. Old Navy Emerald Green Crop

Sleeved Shirts 
21. Forever 21 White and Navy Striped Shirt with Lace on Sleeves
22. Old Navy Yellow Shirt
23. Forever 21 Lace Shirt


24. Old Navy Chambray Shirt
25. Express Striped Lace Shirt
26. Old Navy Black 3 Ruffles Shirt

Sleeveless Shirts
27. Old Navy Coral Collared Shirt
28. Old Navy Eyelet Shirt
29. Forever 21 Gold Spiked Shirt
30. Old Navy Neon Shirt

Next week I'll be sharing my first set of outfits for the week. Wish me luck! :) 

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