Curly Crafty Mom: August 30x30 Challenge - Week Four Photos

Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 30x30 Challenge - Week Four Photos

We are in Week Four of the challenge with one more week left! A big thank you to Kelly from Modern Camelot for getting this challenge together. If you are new here, the 30x30 challenge is where you select 30 pieces from your closet (including shoes) and wear those pieces in different combinations for 30 days. If you want to get caught up, please go back and look at my 30 items post, Week One, Week Two and Week Three. If you want to dig back into my archives, I also did a May 30x30 Challenge

I am definitely having a harder time coming up with outfits as this challenge starts to wrap up. I am really hoping the last week isn't too difficult... I have a couple of outfit combos thought of, but haven't planned the entire last week out yet.

What I learned this week:
1. This challenge really seems similar to the May Challenge, I think in the future I will probably just do one warm season and one cool season 30x30 challenge. These challenges are a lot of work and it is hard to find time on a hectic morning before work/getting kids off to school to get a photo in and then there are so many photos to prep for the weekly posts. I think that doing this challenge twice a year versus four may be better suited for me. Or, maybe I am just getting tired with this challenge almost being over!

2. My chambray top looks awesome with everything! I have found out in this challenge that this is a great staple to have in your closet.

3. That I really, really love my lace top from F21 (see it in Day Twenty-Two) and I also really, really love my coral pants from Express (see it in Day Twenty-One). I really enjoyed these pieces this summer. And, are coral pants ok to wear in the fall still? Too bright? Or not?

4. Accessories are my friend. I love the accessories I wore in Day Nineteen, but really... accessories pull an outfit together.

Day Nineteen


This was my favorite outfit for the week! I love the lime/yellow neon shirt against the blue/yellow shorts. I also wore my monogrammed shoe clip as a necklace and paired it with some gold earrings I purchased from Molly Suzanne. 

Day Twenty

We had a jeans day at work on the day of this outfit and since I did not put blue jeans in for one of my 30 items, I wore my white skinny crops. I love wearing my lace Toms with my shirts that have white lace on them.

Day Twenty-One


One thing I love about this chambray shirt is that it looks good with EVERYTHING. I wore my Molly Suzanne coral flower necklace I got when Molly was having her $20 necklace sale. I still wish I had gotten that necklace in navy, too! I would say this is my second favorite outfit of the week.

Day Twenty-Two


I really liked this outfit, I wore a navy tank underneath the F21 lace top and then wore a mint mini bubble necklace. I am showing a back view, because I let the tie on the back of the shirt hang down over my emerald cardi. I wore my lace Toms again, they are so comfy and look so nice paired with my lace shirts!

Day Twenty-Three

I love grey and yellow together (our master bedroom is gray and yellow) so of course I knew this yellow shirt and grey maxi from ON would compliment each other.

Day Twenty-Four

I thought this outfit was just OK. It is definitely getting harder to think of outfits that go with each other as this challenge wraps up.

Well, that closes out week FOUR. One more week of this challenge and then I will have full access to the rest of my closet again. Yay! Please let me know which outfits were your favorites from this week and stay tuned for next week when I post my last six days of outfits!
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