Curly Crafty Mom: August 30x30 Challenge - Week One Photos

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 30x30 Challenge - Week One Photos

Well, a week has passed and I am ready to show my Week One photos! I spent most of this week in Chicago, so I had Brian take my photos whenever we found a place that would give me a good background. I have to admit, this 30x30 Challenge made packing for Chicago a breeze AND it was sort of fun to be on vacation the first week of it.

Its kind of weird to be doing a summer 30x30 Challenge when everyone is talking about Fall stuff already. It is going to be warm here for another month AT LEAST, so I thought I might as well do the challenge! Kelly is doing a Fall Challenge in November and I am already starting to think about it as I plan the items I want to add to my Fall wardrobe. 

So, are ya ready to see my outfits?

Day 1

This was what I wore on my last day of work before we left for Chicago! Express Lace Striped Shirt and Necklace, Old Navy Brown Crops, Nine West Brown Sandals, Tory Burch Purse

Day 2


On our first day in Chicago we did the tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's home, studio and nearby homes he designed. Since we flew in that day I wore my comfy maxi skirt, only to be checked at the airport... I guess you can hide stuff under long skirts, if you're the criminal type (I'm not). Old Navy Chambray shirt, Old Navy gray maxi skirt, Molly Suzanne Simple Bubble Necklace in Coral, tassel bracelet from Wrist Soiree and my new gold and tan Sperrys.

Day 3


On Day 3, we went to Wrigley Field to see a Cubs game! I paired my Old Navy button down coral top with Old Navy blue/white shorts I just bought for our Disney trip. I LOVED the brightness of this outfit! It wasn't TOO bright, either... just right. I am a Cardinals girl and since the Cubs weren't playing against the Cards, I decided to go to the game dressed in one of my 30x30 outfits instead of in a Cards jersey. I am wearing flats I purchased this summer from Target, a simple Bubble necklace, my spikey F21 earrings and a beaded bracelet I got in the Bahamas.

Day 4




Day 4 was sort of a hectic day. We got up early (6 a.m.!) and sort of lounged around the hotel most of the morning. I caught up on my blogs, did a little reading and ate breakfast. Our hotel served breakfast on every floor outside the elevators every morning AND it was included in the cost of our room! Loved this! Then, around 8 a.m. we headed out to see Millennium Park... I wanted to see the Bean and we also saw the Crown Fountains. Just amazing. While there, it also gave us the perfect chance to get my 30x30 photos, before I changed into biking clothes for our 4 hour bike tour of Chicago! Then, later that evening I changed back into these clothes for our sunset boat tour (you'll notice my hair is up in those photos and the river is in the background). Don'tcha just love my duck face? I really love how this outfit pulled together, as I find it a little challenging at times to find other pieces to go with these floral shorts and the polka dot denim vest! F21 Polka Dot Vest, Old Navy Floral Shorts, Lace Toms.

Day 5

On Day 5 I cheated (ha!), because BEFORE our sunset dinner cruise, we went out to dinner at a nice little place. And, YES, I changed out of this dress and back into the outfit in Day 4 for the sunset cruise. So, between wearing the Day 4 outfit in the morning, changing into biking clothes, then into this dress in day 5 and lastly back into the Day 4 outfit, I was quite a busy girl! Has anyone changed outfits as many times as I did that day? It's so tough to be a girl, isn't it? Lol! Old Navy yellow dress, Bandolino gold sandals, Molly Suzanne cluster pearl necklace.

Day 6


Day 6 was our last day in Chicago. :( I wanted to be comfy for the plane ride back, so I wore my Old Navy Eyelet top with my Old Navy white skinnies. For jewelry, I am wearing these paper thin rose earrings and a silver sand dollar bracelet from AKL in Disney and a photo bracelet my neighbor made of Nathan when he was just a baby. I wear that bracelet a lot to remind me of how little h used to be! Aww! The nail polish color is my fave this summer, Essie's Funday Sunday. These photos were taken at the Millennium Park (yes we went back a second day!) in their garden area.

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