Curly Crafty Mom: August 30x30 Challenge - Week Three Photos

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 30x30 Challenge - Week Three Photos

We are finally in Week Three of the challenge with two more weeks to the challenge! A big thank you to Kelly from Modern Camelot for getting this challenge together. I am a little worried about finding combos for the next two weeks, but hopefully I will be able to pull it off. If you are new here, the 30x30 challenge is where you select 30 pieces from your closet (including shoes) and wear those pieces in different combinations for 30 days. If you want to get caught up, please go back and look at my 30 items post, Week One or Week Two. If you want to dig back into my archives, I also did a May 30x30 Challenge

Well, here is what I learned in the third week:
1. That just a nice piece of jewelry can pull the whole outfit together, such as the necklace I tried out in Day 14... this necklace is a little bigger than I am used to wearing, so I've only worn it two times since I've purchased it, but it really makes a statement and brings peoples eyes up to my face. I feel this outfit would have been sort of drab if I had not worn this necklace or if I had gone with a more simple necklace.

2. Animal print is fun, fun, fun, but just hints of it... I love how in Day 15 I wore a cheetah print hair tie, belt and flats and it made the outfit look really playful and cute. Also, on Day 18 I wore the cheetah flats and they looked cute with the bright yellow skirt in between them and the black shirt. 

3. Dress up a regular dress by adding layers over it! I had this yellow dress from ON and in order to wear it differently in this challenge, I had to experiment with layers. I put an ON black shirt over it and a jacket on top of that! It really changed the look of the dress and made it look more casual and not as fancy. I had originally bought the dress for a wedding, so I love that I can wear the look of the dress down, too.

Enjoy looking through my photos from this week, please let me know if any of them are your favorites or if you have any questions on where I got some of the pieces or jewelry.

Day 13


On Day 13 I wore a F21 white/navy striped shirt that has lace on the shoulders with a grey ON maxi skirt. I used a gold belt and my Target sandals with the outfit.This was a really comfortable outfit and it really worked, because the F21 shirt is really boxy and not form fitting at all... so the belt helped bring it in so that it fits me better.

Day 14

Day 14 was the kids first day of school, so I decided to wear my Express striped shirt with lace with Express mint ankle pants. I then wore a skinny brown belt and my Ann Taylor brown wedges to match the light brown in the shirt. I wore a mint necklace that I have only worn one other time... it is sort of a large necklace, so I don't wear it as often as I should. I got a lot of compliments on the necklace, one person even asked me if it was heavy... but, it is not. I really think the necklace is what made the outfit pop, so I am glad I wore it.

Day 15


I really love the outfit I wore on Day 15... it was comfortable and super cute, I think! I wore a coral button down shirt from ON with denim crops from Express. Then, I added a bunch of cheetah accents with cheetah flats, a cheetah belt and even a cheetah hair tie! My braid isn't the best, but I am always running late in the morning... but, I really loved this outfit. My jewelry is pretty simple, some coral earrings from Molly Suzannes that I got with a necklace and a gold chain bracelet with a coral tassel.

Day 16


Day 16 is probably my least favorite outfit... its just ok. I wore a tank top from F21 that has tiny gold spikes around the sleeves and collar. I then wore my gold spiked earrings and a gold headband from Target. I actually got a lot of compliments on the headband... I also wore a gold belt from F21 and my comfy lace Toms.

Day 17



I dressed up on Day 17, because Brian took me to The Melting Pot for my birthday! I had my hair done earlier in the day and I paid her a little extra to style it for that evening. I love how she flat ironed it and then added some big and smaller curls into the ends of it. She also did some teasing throughout... I think it looks really cute! Sometimes it is worth a little extra moola to look nice! This outfit I had a lot of fun with... The yellow skirt is actually an A-line dress... I put a black ruffled shirt over it that is from ON and then a F21 denim jacket over that! Then, I wore my cute little cheetah print flats. I thought it all pulled together nicely... 

Day 18


On Day 18 I only had lunch plans, so I thought I would wear my maxi dress for the first time in this challenge. I hope to wear it again in Week 4 and 5! It is super comfy and the weekend is the only time I can wear it without something over my arms (work doesn't like sleeveless!). I wore it with my sandals from Target and a simple bauble necklace.
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