Curly Crafty Mom: August 30x30 Challenge - Week Two Photos

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 30x30 Challenge - Week Two Photos

Well, I survived the second week of the challenge. For some reason, this August challenge seems to be flying by a lot faster than the May challenge did. I am not sure why, maybe because I am seasoned now. In any case, this week called for several comfortable outfits with my first day back to work after Chicago, a training after work, the kids back to school bbq, etc. 

One thing I am missing that I wish I had thrown in as one of my 30 items is a pair of jeans! I know its August and all, but we had a jeans day at work (can't wear shorts), so I wore my white crops... but, there have been some cool summer days (this summer is so weird) and they are nice to throw on for dinner. But, with 3 more weeks left, I think I'll be ok.

My favorites from this week:
1. How I took one of my monogrammed shoe clips and used it as a necklace in Day Seven
2. Day Ten is my absolute favorite outfit from the entire challenge. I would never have thought to put a chambray shirt with these blue/white shorts, but I love the look!
3. Gold is really becoming a favorite of mine, which is weird as I've always been in love with silver. I think it is just warmer and something new... Loving my gold and tan Sperrys and my new gold Michael Kohrs watch! Does anyone here have a MK's purse? I am sort of craving one for the winter now... Darn, why did I go in that MK store in Chicago? Why?!!
4. The last four outfits are my faves, the first 2 I am just mehhh about.

So, look over my 6 outfits and let me know which are your faves or if you would have tried anything different? And, if you want to catch up on my 30 items post or Week One take a peak! If you want to dig back into my archives, I also did a May 30x30 Challenge then, too!

Day Seven


Day Seven was my first day back to work after our Chicago trip, so I was dragging! I decided to wear my F21 Lace Shouldered shirt with jade green cami. I then wore my denim trousers as they give the look of denim, but aren't. I was trying to figure out what sort of necklace to wear with this outfit and decided to put one of my monogrammed shoe clips on a gold chain and wear it as a necklace! How awesome that they now double as shoe clips or one single clip as a necklace! I am also wearing my new pair of Lace Crocs, they are SO comfy and I love that we can wear Toms at work!

Day Eight

I wanted to be comfy again today, because we had some training after work that would be FOUR hours. I wore all Old Navy, except the necklace is from Express and the sandals are from Target. I love these sandals, they are flat as Kansas, but still SO comfy! I wore them an entire day at Disney in one of the parks and my feet didn't hurt at all. I love yellow and gray (my bedroom is all about those colors!) and the blouse has a little bit of gray on it which blended will with the crop pants. I flat ironed my hair, but it was SO humid that day I could feel the curls springing back out the instant I stepped outside. :P

Day Nine


I didn't realize this until I started putting this post together, but I wore yellow two days in a row! Today I wore my lime/yellow neon shirt with my white crop pants, both are from Old Navy. I love how neon looks with white! I also wore my newish Origami Owl necklace which has three charms: my initial, the word DREAM (because following your dreams is BIG to me!) and my birthstone. I'm also wearing my new gold and tan Sperrys that I got for my birthday (thanks, Mom!).

Day Ten



This day was my BIRTHDAY! So, of course I had to look my best as I knew I'd be getting my photo taken for more than just the 30x30 challenge. I wanted to wear my white and blue Old Navy shorts, but had to think a bit about what to wear with them. I decided to try the chambray shirt (also, ON) and I LOVE this outfit to pieces! This is why this challenge rocks, I don't think I would have ever tried this combo together otherwise. This chambray shirt cannot be tied into a knot on the bottom (grrr) as it's not long enough nor do the buttons go all the way down, BUT it actually looks really cute untucked with these shorts. I am also wearing my NEW Michael Kors watch that I scored from the hubby for my birthday with a shredded bracelet from Molly Suzanne. Also wearing my super comfy gold Sperrys again... I am definitely buying another pair of these before Fall rolls around. I also have a simple gold chain for a necklace and my F21 gold spiked hoops for earrings.

Day Eleven


On Day Eleven we had church and the kids back to school BBQ, so I thought a nice black top with khakis would work. I wore my leopard/cheetah? print flats for the first time this challenge, they are from Target. I love these little lace nylon footies that you can get at JCPenneys (the Target ones don't stay on) and I think they really make some flats, especially these ones look a little cuter.

Day Twelve


This outfit wins the most compliments at work for the week! I just love this lace shirt that I bought at F21, I always wear a cream cami under it, but I want to wear something bright under it before this challenge is up. I also wore my Express coral pants, which I have just loved these pants this summer!
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