Curly Crafty Mom: Day 3 in Chicago - Millennium Park and Sunset Cruise

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 3 in Chicago - Millennium Park and Sunset Cruise


On our third day in Chicago, we went to Millennium Park to check out the famous bean and the Crown Fountains before our four hour biking adventure. Since, we did a lot on our third day, I already did a separate post here if you want to read about our bike and dining tour with Bobby Bike Tours. I have always wanted to see the bean in Chicago, I love art and sculptures and I I knew the bean would be way cooler in real life than in the photos I had seen of it.

The bean is inside Millennium Park and it is just breathtaking when you see this shiny (and huge!) bean in the middle of all these tall buildings in Chicago. It is kind of like the bean is saying to the buildings, I can be tall, too. ;) Here is a photo of me by Mr. Bean.

The bean makes for some fun photos and it is neat to see your reflection in it.

Brian thinks he is Mr. Muscle Man in this shot.

Do you see me in this photo? I just love the reflection of the buildings on the bean. Beautiful.

Here I am under the bean and looking up.

Here we are being silly.

After the bean, we went over to see the Crown Fountains... these were really neat, too! The lady's face wasn't on the tower when we first arrived, so when her face appeared we were shocked. There was two towers and both had a face on them that moved (eyes blinked, mouth moved, etc.) and then there was a wet area in between them that kids were playing in.


Then, out of nowhere the lady starts shooting water out of her mouth. How neat! I am sure my kids would have loved this!



After Millennium Park and our bike tour, we went to dinner at Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab. All of my photos from dinner turned out bad, so all I really have to share with you is this awesome bread basket they gave us and a dark photo of my meal (LOTS of scallops) and of our dessert. They even refilled it twice and asked us if we wanted a third... def. not stingy with their bread at this place!

After dinner, we went back to the hotel so I could change into something a little more comfy... and then we walked over to start our Wendella Sunset Boat Tour!

In the Chicago River, heading for the lake.

To get out into the lake, we had to wait for the lock to open... you'll see the water pouring in here from Lake Michigan.

I have always loved lighthouses and I never miss an opportunity to go see one and walk up the steps to the top. We didn't have time to see this lighthouse in Chicago, but isn't it beautiful?


The Navy Pier and the Ferris Wheel. We didn't go and see the Navy Pier on this trip, but I saw it when I came to Chicago several years ago. It is hard to see everything when you're only there a few days... but, it was nice to see it from the boat.

A photo someone took of us on the boat, he was a little drunk and I had it on a low shutter speed... so its a little blurry! Oh well!

Just a view of some of the buildings from the boat, here is the John Hancock building.

We even got to see the Buckingham Fountain light show from our boat.


I also have some photos from our last day in Chicago, we had a late flight so got to walk around a bit more and have lunch. Here is the outside sign of our hotel Amalfi... I totally recommend this hotel! Huge room, huge bathroom, free breakfast on each floor, 2 free drinks per person plus appetizers each night? What is not to like?!! Plus, a great location!


Our last lunch in Chicago was at XOCO, a Rick Bayless restaurant that a fellow blogger recommended to me. They had a guacamole bar and since I looove guacamole, I ordered this with some chips for a little appetizer... boy, did it fill me up! I also had a mug of their hot chocolate, which was so rich and creamy... it is made with Spanish coffee beans.

My salad I got for a meal and then I also got their chocolate drizzled churros. YUM! And, that wraps up our Chicago trip. I really want to go back again sometime soon, since it is such an easy flight and since we found such a good deal with Southwest. I am really itching to take the kids there sometime, too, especially with there being a Legoland and an awesome American Girl store!
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