Curly Crafty Mom: Library Reading Program Photos from this Summer

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Library Reading Program Photos from this Summer

Every year I sign the kids up for the Library Reading Program at their local library. This is a great chance for them to see what the library has to offer them and Nathan and Autumn even got their first library cards this year (Nathan was MUCH more excited about his library card than you can tell in this photo!).

Every year the library offers different prizes after completing each level (12 books) and I love to share those prizes on here. The first prize was an excavation kit, where the kids had to hack away at a block to reveal their fossil. They also received a coupon for a Sonic small slushie (which, why did the closest Sonic by us close?) and a buy 1 get 1 free Penn Station sub.

Both at work, thank goodness we did this project outside... it was a huge powdery mess! The kids found out that throwing the block around helped crack it open much faster, too!


Autumn finds out hers is a turtle!


Nathan's fossil!


For the second prize level the kids got a free Sonic corn dog, a free coupon to paint a 4x4" tile at the pottery store AND these gigantic beach balls.

Brian sure had a lot of fun blowing them up... oh, thank goodness for men and the things they do for us!


Seriously, this ball is bigger than Autumn is! Want to hear a funny story? We have a white fence in our back yard and a storm rolled in... the balls blew to one side of our fence, so I figured they'd be ok. Well, Brian and I were leaving the house later that evening and I saw one of the green balls stuck in the storm sewer opening. Then, we saw the other one WAYYYYY down the street. It was still windy and Brian had to run really fast to get it (oh thank goodness for boys, I had heels on!)... it was funny to see him holding the big green ball as he ran back towards the house. It def. gave me a chuckle or two... ha! The balls are now sitting in our basement collecting dust. Too much work to deflate them.

The third prize is always the biggest... the kids always get to select a book to take home and they get free passes to go to the Magic House on evening on a Library night. But, this year they also got two coupons for free kids meals to Buffalo Wild Wings. We used this coupon during our staycation and we also were able to fit in the Magic House. Sweet! 

I love freebies and I love that my kids had a chance to read so many books at the library this summer.
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