Curly Crafty Mom: Looking Back on the 2013 Summer Bucket List

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Looking Back on the 2013 Summer Bucket List

Before I touch on the 2013 Summer Bucket List, I wanted to mention that you will be seeing some changes around here this week. My blog is undergoing a new name and design! More on that will come later, but for right now the blog may look like it is undergoing some construction, which it is... the old link to my blog will redirect to the new link for now as well. I need to contact Bloglovin' with my new url and update the feed, but plan to do that after the new design is UP later this week. 

Today I wanted to look back on what we accomplished on our 2013 Summer Bucket List. It is always fun to go back to see what we really did on the list and we have never EVER finished one of these lists. In fact, I have been known to have certain items on the list for several years before we cross them off.

Everything that has a strike through it is something we accomplished... hoorah for us!

Me and the Kids

1. Grant's Farm, Zoo AND kids area at Missouri Botanical Gardens

Out of these three, we did make it to the Zoo during our staycation. An added bonus, we met my friend Jennifer and her boys who I have known from off of Babycenter since Nathan was born.

2. Explore parks... Tilles (Water play), Tower Grove (Water play and enjoy market beforehand), White Cliff

We did make it to two parks, Tower Grove and White Cliff. Tower Grove is sort of a tradition for us with its Saturday market, fountains/wade pool and playgrounds. White Cliff has been on my list forever and we finally made it there, I used to go there a lot when I was a kid. I just love exploring new (to them or even to me) parks with the kids.

3. T-Ball (Nathan) and T-Ball (Autumn)

Nathan and Autumn finished up t-ball after a long season with all of the rain. This was Autumn's first time playing.

4. Bowling with our kidsbowlfree passes
We didn't get to the free bowling passes this summer, we were really good with this one a couple years ago... but, haven't been the last two summers.

5. First camping trip - YMCA Trout Lodge (Memorial Day Weekend!)

I have been wanting to take the kids to the YMCA Trout Lodge for several years and we finally got around to it this last Memorial Day weekend. I think this will be a fun tradition we will start by going there every year. Such a family friendly place.

6. First trip to Disney World

Our first trip together as a family to Disney World. It was amazing...!

7. Have a picnic at a park, then take a bike ride

This would have been a fun one... but, didn't get to it. We did have a picnic at Elephant Rocks, but we didn't bike.

8. Library Reading Program

Yes, we finished this up! Can't beat those awesome prizes. The kids won a free night to the Magic House.

9. Visit the pool at least four times (#1 5/26-Trout Lodge, #2 7/1 Animal Kingdom Lodge, #3 7/27 Tower Grove Park)

We would have had a fourth and fifth time if the weather had been better... it has been such a cool and rainy summer. We had hoped to have a nice long pool day at Arnold Rec this year, but the weather was never warm enough. We went to Six Flags and didn't even get to enjoy the water park, because it was in the seventies!

10. Catch lightning bugs
Honestly, did you see any lightning bugs this year? I sure didn't! Nope, didn't do this one!

Just Me (and some with BriBri)

1. Running: I would like to run at a few new spots (well, for me): Fenton Park, Forest Park and Meramec Bottom Trail (checked this trail out with kids, but the only running I did was after them.)

I've been running a lot on the treadmill... We did go for a walk at one of these places, but that doesn't really count. I still crossed it off as I know I'll run there soon... it's only 2 miles from our house!

2. Chicago trip in August

Brian and I had a wonderful time in Chicago for a mini-kids free vacation. Our favorite part was the 4 hour bike and dining tour we did of Chicago.

3. Make fresh salsa

Boo. I didn't get to this...

4. Moonlight Paddle boats Picnic at The Boat House (June 27)

The moonlight paddle boat ride is so romantic, I love doing this with Brian every summer!

5. Do a sunset dinner at Montelle winery (July 6)

I always look forward to this, too... my favorite winery in Augusta, MO.

6. Soulard Market on a Saturday morning

This has been on my list to do for several summers and it looks like it'll be on my list to try for again next summer! Ahwell!

7. Two showings at The Muny - South Pacific (July 9) and Les Miserables (July 20)

Les Miserables was my favorite of the two, although South Pacific is my favorite musical ever.

8. Tour the new area of the art museum, perhaps a picnic or reading on blanket in front of Grand Basin if not too hot.

I really want to do this still!

9. Finish decorating the Master Bathroom. Finish gallery wall in Family Room.

I am so excited to have finally finished the gallery wall in the family room. I am planning to make a lot of progress on the Master Bathroom over Labor Day weekend.

10. See Shakespeare play, Twelfth Night in Forest Park (June 8)

This was a lot of fun to watch while we had a little picnic.

This summer seemed to fly by much faster than other summers in the past. I think it was because we had a lot of trips planned and activities. It was a great summer, though with lots of memories and good times.
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