Curly Crafty Mom: Staycation Day 3: Six Flags

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Staycation Day 3: Six Flags

Happy Monday! Brian and I are actually in the WINDY CITY right now having a little grown up time. I still have some staycation posts to wrap up, so here ya go! 

For Staycation Day 3 we spent the day at Six Flags, because Nathan was determined to ride the Screaming Eagle roller coaster for the first time. After spending a week at Disney, I wasn't really wanting to spend a full day at Six Flags, BUT Nathan begged and so this Momma gave in. :) And, for the record... NO, Nathan did not ride on the Screaming Eagle. Brian and him waited in line for an hour, watched it 3 times and then Nathan decided it was too scary to go on. Sigh. BUT, he rode the Expedition Everest at Disney and in my opinion it is way scarier. Ah well. :) Maybe next time!

We saw Scooby Doooo! He was messing with the kids capes.


The log flume is always popular with the kids... it was sort of a chilly day (seriously, this has been an odd summer!) and so I was glad I didn't get too wet on it.

Nathan and Autumn were really into the carnival games at Six Flags. Autumn loved this game where you had to climb this later and ring the bell at the top... the only problem was that the ladder would flip over after you got to the middle.



Nathan did try out a roller coaster he hadn't been on before called Pandemonium. I haven't been on this one, but it seats four people per car and spins around in a circle while you are going down the hills, etc. He seemed to really like it and was excited he was brave enough to try out a new roller coaster.


While Nathan and Brian were in line for Pandemonium, I took Autumn over to the kids area of the theme park and she rode a lot of rides.


Last year I got a picture of the kids in this same Screaming Eagle cart! Too funny to see how much they've BOTH grown... and, not sure why they didn't reattach the logo of the eagle that fell of it! LOL!

I was kind of sad when our day at Six Flags was over... but, there is always next year!
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