Curly Crafty Mom: Staycation Day 5: Zoo and The Magic House

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Staycation Day 5: Zoo and The Magic House

Today I am sharing our last staycation post with you, we had 5 fun filled staycation days! As most of you know, Brian and I just got back from a kids free trip to Chicago. Thursday I will be posting my first week of 30x30 outfits and most of them I took while in Chicago! Then, hopefully starting on Monday I will have a few Chicago posts to share all of the cool things we did in Chicago... including our 4 hour bike and dine tour, which was SO awesome. Brian and I have already swore to each other that we need to get each other bikes for our anniversary gifts this October.

SO. Here is the last staycation day of fun:

On our last staycation day, we met Jennifer Arbogast who has is a Mom I met on the Babycenter 2006 birth board while I was pregnant with Nathan! She comes to St. Louis every now and then and this was the first time I had time to meet up with her. My kids got to meet her kids and it was a great time! We started out in the Childrens Zoo at the St. Louis Zoo and let our kids pet the goats.

Goats are so silly, Nathan found a goat up on a bench to brush.

And, Autumn found a baby goat to brush (of course, the girl loves babies!).

I finally got a group photo of my kids and Jennifers kids in the inside part of the Children's Garden on a BOAT.


Some more general photos from the Children's Zoo

After the Children's Zoo, the boys insisted on the train. Yep, no big surprise. They also wanted to sit by each other. Autumn got to sit behind them with me and Brian. I got this adorable photo, my favorite photo of the day. Jennifer and I should have gotten a photo of each other!


Next up was the carousel. Autumn didn't want to ride on anything, so we had a safe little stationary ride. Lol.


Next, they all wanted to see the giraffes. So, that is what we did!

The last animal we saw were the elephants, Autumn wanted me to take a photo of the baby elephant. Isn't he/she cute?!


Then, we went home for a half hour... seriously. We had reservations for the Magic House, so we had to leave right away for that. They were FREE reservations, because the kids get free tickets every year after they complete the reading program at the library, so we wanted to get good use out of them. The first thing we did at the Magic House was touch the static electric ball. Look at Autumn's hair, oh my! Nathan's hair is so short, I had to get a close up picture so you can see it standing on end.

Nathan was really into the slide that runs from the top of the Magic House to the bottom of it. I told him I used to ride on this same slide when I was little and it made it even more special to him Aww.


Brian and I then split up with the kids, so Nathan could fish and do legos and Autumn wanted to visit the vet clinic and she found the baby nursery!

It seems every time we visit the Magic House, we find something new there. Autumn found the art room downstairs and it really tempts me to get a Magic House membership as it is just SO cool. There are several art activities set up in the room, but Autumn's favorite was painting on a big easel AND the area that had feathers, colored pencils, paper cut outs, different colors of papers, etc., etc. to just use and create whatever you decide to create with it all! They seriously had an ENTIRE wall of options of different art mediums, papers, etc. to choose from... you just grab a basket and place in it what you want to use and sit at a table. All included in the Magic House price (which our tickets were free). So awesome.

I was so glad were were able to fit in the Magic House during out staycation, so much easier to go on an evening when you don't need to drag the kids to school the next day! We look forward to going every year after they finish the reading program, such a fun tradition!
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