Curly Crafty Mom: 2013-2014 School Photos

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2013-2014 School Photos

I got Nathan and Autumn's school photos back and I am just ok with Nathan's and Autumn's went pretty good (especially since she had a cold that week!). Nathan looks a little nervous in his and isn't giving his best smile... oh well! We had to stick to school uniform clothes this year, so I had him wear a light blue polo.

Autumn doesn't follow a dress code since she is in preschool, so I went out and bought her the polka dot chambray dress she is wearing. I think her smile is good in her photos and much better than her smile last year.

I bought two frames from Bed Bath Beyond and plan to put a wallet from each year in it... 

it starts in Kindergarten though, so next year will be when I start it for Autumn.

I also wanted to add that Nathan is on the brink of losing his two front teeth. They are both REALLY loose... this will be the last photo of him with his front baby teeth, kind of sad... although, I am tempted to yank them out while he is sleeping (ha! JUST KIDDING!)... I really can't stand when he sits at the table and moves his loose teeth back and forth though, OHHhhhhh it gives me the jeevies.

Here are their photos:

Nathan - 2nd Grade

Autumn - Preschool 4
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