Curly Crafty Mom: August 30x30 Challenge - Week Five Photos

Monday, September 2, 2013

August 30x30 Challenge - Week Five Photos

We are in the FINAL week, Week Five of the challenge! A big thank you to Kelly from Modern Camelot for getting this challenge together. If you are new here, the 30x30 challenge is where you select 30 pieces from your closet (including shoes) and wear those pieces in different combinations for 30 days. If you want to get caught up, please go back and look at my 30 items post, Week One, Week Two, Week Three and Week Four. If you want to dig back into my archives, I also did a May 30x30 Challenge.

My favorites this week are Day 25, where I put a chambray top over a maxi skirt. Day 26 which has mint, black and leopard print. Loved the comfort in the outfit I wore on Day 27 and my favorite outfit of the entire week is Day 30 with the polka dot jean vest, gold spiked tank top and coral!

What I learned this week:
1. I am really ready for Fall clothes, so done with Summer clothes. I miss my scarves, cardis, leggings, boots, jackets... I have been Pinning lots of Fall outfits and I am getting ready to have Stitch Fix send me a box of Fall clothes. Ahhh. :)

2. My chambray shirt, my coral pants, my F21 lace shirt and my blue/white print shorts were my favorite pieces in this challenge.

3. The blue eyelet shirt from ON is going to Goodwill, it is an older piece from my closet that I thought I would try out in this challenge (since eyelet is so popular right now), but I just didn't feel the shirt did much for me.

4. I must get another pair of Sperrys. Perhaps a fun pair, one that isn't so neutral.

5. I am really glad this challenge is over. :D These challenges are a lot of work, or at least they are for me! I think my hubby is happy the challenge is over, too! I know that deep down he really hates taking photos of me every morning, but he knows how to make his wifey happy and so he does it. Especially when I ask him to retake them all due to poor lighting, or forgetting to put the camera card in, or ohh honey we need to retake them I had the camera on tungsten light not sunlight. LOL! Sorry, hon, I know it is hard to be married to a blogger. ;)

So are you ready to see my outfits? Let me know if you like any of them.

Day Twenty-Five


I wore this outfit to church on Sunday, I was hoping it wouldn't be too 'casual'. I wore my chambray shirt over my ON maxi dress. I really love all of the blues in this outfit. I seem to wear all gold or all silver jewelry these days... with this outfit I just wore some simple silver jewelry and I wore my Sperrys for comfort.

Day Twenty-Six

Today I wore black, mint and leopard print. I really liked this outfit and got a lot of compliments on it. This was a hectic morning, so I didn't do too much with my hair... I actually twisted it in the back and put it up with a headband. I do this a lot on mornings that are busy or when I sleep too late. My hair really can be a pain in the morning sometimes, thank goodness for up do's. And, I really need to get one of those sock bun things from H&M, has anyone tried it?

Day Twenty-Seven


I wore this comfy outfit, because I knew today was Food Truck Tuesday at work and it is a bit of a walk to go over to the next building to where the Food Truck parks. Well, guess what? The Food Truck did not show!! Grrr! I was really bummed, because it is in the upper 90's here, so not really a pleasant walk in the humidity. I love this maxi skirt I got from ON, I really might go back online to see if they have the black skirt in stock still. We can't wear sleeveless shirts at work, so I always need to throw a cardi over sleeveless tops. It is really cold in our work, so usually a cardi saves me from freezing, too! Also, I can't believe how comfy and how well these Target sandals have held up over the summer. I have seen other variations and colors of them, but I think every summer I am going to snag a new pair. At $15 you can't beat it and I've gotten oodles of compliments on them! Plus, I wore them an entire day at a theme park when we went to Disney and no blisters, seriously, they are as flat as Kansas, but still comfy!

Day Twenty-Eight


Umm, so yeah I cheated. These photos are from my What I Am Wearing to Disney post, buuuut... all of these pieces are in my 30 items, so why retake photos for the same outfit? I am wearing my neon yellow/lime shirt with floral shorts with those fantastic Target flats and an Orgami Owl necklace.

Day Twenty-Nine

Day Twenty-Nine? Meh. Not crazy about this outfit, but I was really running out of ideas. I really need some jewelry that goes with YELLOW.

Day Thirty


This is one of my favorite outfits of the week and how nice that it was on the last day! I love this polka dot jean vest and it is so cute with the untucked F21 tank top (with gold spikes around the collar and arms) with a pop of color with the color pants.

Well, that wraps up the 30x30 August Challenge! I guess you'll see me back at this in November for the FALL Challenge, which from what I've heard is going to be HUGE with a lot of bloggers participating. Can't wait!
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