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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Childrens Garden Club — Fun in the Garden

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and headed over to Sherwood's Nursery for the Childrens Garden Club. This is a free club that meets one Saturday a month at various nurseries in St. Louis. I took the kids one time way back before Nathan started soccer and haven't been able to them back, due to soccer or t-ball games. Since Nathan is doing cross country instead of soccer, we have a lot more Saturday mornings free (YAY!) and we had the opportunity to go. I was so glad we did... 

Upon arrival, everyone signed in and each kid got a couple packets of seeds, and all the kids and grown ups got a donut and juice. I had fed them breakfast before we left, but the kids enjoyed a donut and juice while we waited for it to start. Once we went into the garden house, each kid received a round plastic Terra cotta pot filled with dirt. They were pretty big pots!

We sat while they went over which flowers and plants were suitable for the Fall and they also went over a Fall garden check list.

Then, the kids were able to select different Fall plants and flowers from several tables to put in their pots. It was really neat how they had such a wonderful assortment to pick from with pansies, mums, grasses, etc. Here is a photo of which plants/flowers the kids selected before starting on their pots. Did I mention this is FREE?

Nathan had to go back and get this plant that looks like a tree... I'm not sure what the name of it is, we kept all of the name tags for each of them for reference.

Brian helped Nathan with his pot... theirs turned out really nice, I must say.

I love that their are so many free programs for children in St. Louis! I wanted to go back next month for the September Childrens Garden, but Nathan has a scout day at the boyscout park and it involves lots of activities including a mud cave (yes, I plan to bring plastic to cover my car seats in after!!).


Autumn was very serious about her flowers, here she is planting them... I wish I had brought her gardening gloves along!

Autumn with her pot after she finished planting her flowers. She did a really good job, didn't she?

Both of them with their pots, you can't see Nathan's too well  here, but you'll see another photo of it down below..


After they were done, we did a little shopping at the nursery... I have a limelight hydrangea in the yard, which has white blooms, but I wanted a colored hydrangea such as pink or blue. So, we got that and then Nathan got a tiny cactus... here is Nathan pushing the cart with the huge hydrangea on it and Autumn riding on the cart. These kids have WAY too much fun!

When we got home, I put the childrens planters on these metal racks in the backyard on the patio. Here is Nathan's, I love how it turned out... 

Here is Autumn's, I love the white daisies, the yellow mums and the runners in the front of it. I am going to enjoy seeing their planters all Fall long in the backyard!

Then I took some adorable photos of this girl using our garden hose... we ran the sprinkler system in the yard that morning, but she wanted to water it some more. I said sure, because I wanted to get some cute photos of her in her clothes.

I've been really into polka dots and navy lately. I love this new top I picked out for Autumn when I was at Old Navy last weekend. I actually got her a pair of navy shoes with white polka dots, which fit her... but, she says they are too tight. So, we will go back and get a size up, she has the most sensitive feet!

My most favorite thing to do with Autumn's hair lately is to put it in piggy tail buns. I just don't pull the tail all the way through, I just keep it tucked in... her hair gets so wild and curly, so this is a nice way to keep her hair under control the entire day. Her hair is so hard to keep tidy... sigh. 

You probably noticed this already, but she has a peplum shirt on. I so want a peplum shirt for me. I also got her a cute peplum pull over jacket, too at Old Navy. Oh, and a gold polka dot peplum shirt... that girl will be the peplum queen this Fall!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Trendy Tot Tuesday! I plan to share some HALLOWEEN clothes and accessories that my kids will be sporting very soon in October and for Halloween! Everyone tells me I am crazy for shopping so early for Halloween, but I truly believe the selection is SO much nicer this time of the year. It seems to me that the small sizes always run out so fast and every year I like to make their treat pails/buckets, so it gives me some time to work on those, too!
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