Curly Crafty Mom: Five on Friday #7 - All About Fall!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Five on Friday #7 - All About Fall!

Happy Friday! I've decided to link up for the Friday Five again this week with Darci, April, Christina and Natasha!

This week I actually have a theme for Five on Friday! All About Fall!

Autumn helped me sew a candy corn dress for Princess Aurora tonight. We had a blast!
1. Fall Sewing. As most of you know, I got a sewing and embroidery machine for my birthday and I've been trying to teach myself how to sew again. I have been using the sewing manual that came with the machine and it has helped me a lot. I have yet to read the embroidery chapter. I did however find a simple Candy Corn Barbie dress on Pinterest that I sewed for Autumn last weekend. I had so much fun picking out fabric and sewing it with my girl... now, I've spoiled her as she is demanding more clothes for her Barbies! I think my next project will be making her (and Nathan, because he is mad I didn't sew him something) turkey hand print shirts for Thanksgiving. I also need to start learning how to embroider...

2. Fall Clothes Shopping. Over Labor Day weekend, I needed to run out and get some more uniform shorts for Nathan. I landed up doing a lot of fall shopping for myself, too! Oops! I did happen to go in a store I had never gone in before... it was called Charming Charlie. Oh my, that place is packed full of accessories and all sorted by color! One of my new favorite stores for sure! I left the store with only 2 necklaces and a pair of shoes and I think my total was less then $50 which is not bad. I saw a leopard print clutch there with a huge bow on it, but I was good and kept walking. Anyway, the photo above is my two necklaces I purchased from the store (an emerald necklace, a gold chain necklace with a hint of tortoiseshell and a pair of shiny navy flats. I also hit up H&M and found a pair of emerald pants along with a white/navy striped shirt AND the donut (which, I have yet to try out on my hair).

3. Fall Baking. We are about to get out of a heat wave here in St. Louis, which means I really feel like doing some Fall baking this weekend. I have been eying a couple of recipes on Pinterest lately, a Pumpkin Chili (I also saw this in the Kraft magazine!) and a Pumpkin Honey Cornbread. Is that too much pumpkin? Nah! You'll see a post up later next week and I'll let you know how it turned out!

4. Fall Runs. Well, I am on my easy week of half marathon training right now, but next week I need to do a 10.2, a 5, a 6 and a 10 mile run! YUCK! It is the toughest week of the entire half marathon training, because it is the only week I have to do two long runs! The half marathon isn't until the end of October and then I have a 5K this month (in September) and a Halloween costume run in mid-October. I am really excited about all of these runs and hoping to PR. Autumn actually helped me pick out my costume for the costume 10K and... well... it is quite silly, but I just can't give it away yet. 

5. Fall Shopping. I am excited to do a little Fall shopping this weekend on Main Street in St. Charles with a couple of my friends. I think this will be our third year in a row shopping on Main Street in the Fall. I hope to find a lot of treasures for my house! We are also planning on eating at Hendricks BBQ for lunch before we start our shopping, they are supposed to have really good BBQ! 

Other weekend plans include a day off work on Friday so I can go with Autumn and her class to Eckerts to go apple picking, a playground play date for Autumn at her school playground on Saturday with a birthday party after. Its going to be a busy one! Brian is going to be busy hanging out new Pottery Barn cabinet in the bathroom while I shop! :D Hope you all have a blessed weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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