Curly Crafty Mom: My First Stitch Fix Box!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

My First Stitch Fix Box!

Everyone has been talking about Stitch Fix lately and I have seen a couple bloggers share the outfits and accessories in their boxes. Well, I decided to get on the Stitch Fix band wagon and wanted to share with you the outfits in my first box! I think my designer did really, really well for my first box, because I want to keep everything! I told myself I would only keep 1-2 items per box, though... so I am having a REALLY hard time deciding which two pieces to keep. Please tell me which ones are your favorites to help me decide!

If you are wondering what Stitch Fix is, it is sort of like having your own personal shopper! You fill out a survey online (it includes photos of different outfits) and it helps them decide which outfits and which price range you fit into. They send you 5 pieces (tops, bottoms, accessories, jewelry, etc., etc.) on months that you want to receive them. You select what you want to buy and ship the rest back within 3 business days. If you buy all of the items you get a discount. There is a monthly fee of $20, but if you buy just one item you they will subtract that $20 from that item.

If you decide to check out Stitch Fix yourself, please go here and sign up! If you sign up with that link, I get a $25.00 discount towards my next box. So, please sign up with that link so I can buy more clothes! ;) 

Item One


Dark Green Button-Up Blouse with Gold Wings Print by Yumi
This is my favorite piece in the entire box, so I know I am purchasing it. I have noticed that mixing brown and black is really trendy this Fall, so when I was looking at my boots in my closet, I decided to pull out my brown pair. I love this look and I think it screams Fall... the green, gold and the black/brown neutrals really pull this piece together. Since the blouse is really airy I decided to go with my Express black skirt that has ruffles on the bottom. I wore a pair of large golden earrings (Molly Suzanne) and I love how it adds a little more gold to the outfit.

Item Two


Capitola Fit & Flare Tank Dress in Burgundy/Black Color Block by 41Hawthorn
I think this is my favorite outfit, but I am not sure... it is going to be so, so hard to select another piece out of all of these great choices. I love color block dresses and I love how this would be a perfect dress this holiday season with the burgundy and black color. I love my tall boots with this dress, but I also bought a new pair of booties at TJMaxx today and I think they would look lovely with this dress, too! I think if I were to add this dress to my wardrobe, I would need to find a special necklace for it, something long since it is a tank style dress. 

Item Three and Four



Vivianna Open-Drapped Knit Cardigan by RD Style
Giuliana Bootcut Jeans from Kut from the Kloth
I am showing you TWO of my items here, the open-draped knit cardigan and the navy jeans I am wearing. I reallllly love this open-drapped cardigan and I have seem these all over the place this Fall, but I think I would like it in a more interesting color. I wore it with my ON chambray shirt with the sleeves rolled up and I added some arm candy for a little more interest. I love the fit on the navy jeans, but I have a TON of jeans right now in dark wash... so, navy isn't really a color I need. I do think I turned this into a fun Fall outfit and if the cardigan wasn't so pricey, I would have kept it.

Item Five


Milan Navy Lace Print Back Pleat Top by Under Skies
I REALLY love this top and it is the most inexpensive piece in the entire box. I love navy and lace right now and the pleat in the back is just adorable. I wore the navy jeans from Stitch Fix with this shirt, but it would be fun to see how I could dress up the shirt a bit, too.

So, please help me... Which pieces are your favorites? Which do you think I should buy? I need to ship the pieces I don't want back to Stitch Fix in two more business days, so I don't have a lot of time to decide (and I can be soooo indecisive!).

I am definitely going to try out Stitch Fix again in October. I am not sure how many months in a row I will try it, but you can start or stop it at anytime.

BTW, sorry my hair is blowing around like crazzzzy in these photos, but it was REALLY windy outside when I had Brian take them!
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