Curly Crafty Mom: Trendy Tot Tuesday - Halloween Edition

Monday, September 9, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday - Halloween Edition

It's Trendy Tot time once again with Mrs In Training, Lindsay and Megan! Today is all about Halloween and which costumes we selected, treat pail ideas, Halloween shirts and jammies.

First up are these adorable ice cream turned trick or treat pails from Simply Kierste. My Mom has a lot of these plastic ice cream pails laying around her house (Grandma has to buy her grandchildren lots of ice cream, right?), so I am going to take a couple off of her hands. Instead of doing Halloween colors/ribbons like pictured here, I plan to do black/red Ninja colors for Nathan's pail and Rapunzel colors for Autumn's.

Nathan loves legos right now and I am really tempted to purchase this lego skeleton shirt for him from Three Little Devils Designs. They even have a lego Ninja shirt which I may purchase instead of the skeleton shirt... ahhh, decisions, decisions!

Dora Halloween Shirt
I don't think Autumn is going to ever tire of Dora... so, when I saw this inexpensive yet cute Halloween themed Dora shirt at Old Navy... I snatched it right up.

I also love this pumpkin candy bracelet from Simply Kierste, too!

Ok, and now... I hate to do this... but, if you know me, you know I shop early for Halloween costumes. I like a big selection and I won't settle for them being out of the size I need for my kids. So, we always shop in September. And, no, I don't let them change their minds. So, after church today we went Halloween costume shopping and I am going to share a little sneaky peak of their costumes. Cuz I just can't resist. Ok, here we go...

This sweet boy wanted to be a ninja. Yep. There was A LOT of ninja costumes, oh my... He selected the one that I would have selected for him... whew.

This curly blonde haired girl selected her princess after going back and forth on several dresses. Sigh. She wants to be Rapunzel and don't you dare call her Autumn when she's dressed as Rapunzel. "MOM, I'm not Autumn, I'm Rapazunel!" (her exact words to me).

The two cutie pies together. Yeah, we'll work on shoes, hair, etc... this was just a fun little dress up session to make sure everything fit.

Princess Rapunzel getting chased by Ninja Nathan.

Oh, and I haven't gotten these pajamas in several years, but I decided to get them this year while I was out at the mall shopping for school clothes for the kids. The pink skeleton pj's are already sold out online, but they still have some sizes left in the black pj's. I love to get photos of my kids with their treat pails in their Gymbo skeleton pj's on Halloween night! I ordered these extra big so that they'll last at least 2 Halloweens... the gymmies usually run a little small anyway.

Thanks for joining me for Trendy Tot Tuesday!

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