Curly Crafty Mom: Update on my 2013 Goals

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Update on my 2013 Goals

Time for a little update on my 2013 goals. In years past, I have always felt these goals were so important. This year, I feel sort of meh about the goals in general. I'm not sure if this is my sort of thing anymore... which is odd, because I have always LOVED writing to do lists, goal lists, etc. I think part of it is that I am starting to feel goals are easier for me to achieve if it is something I can accomplish sooner. Not in a year, but in a week... or in a month... even a couple of months. I am not sure if that makes sense, but I feel like so much changes in a year and something that may be important to me on January 1st is no longer important to me in September of 2013. Or, perhaps I set a running goal for myself and I don't accomplish it and then I just feel sort of glum about it. Or maybe, I need to realize I am never going to sit down and carve out time to make all of those darn blog books. I've also realized that working on redecorating one room of the house (or two) at a time is much easier than having five to work on!

In any case, here are my goals and my progress...

1. Running Goals:
- Run Go! Half Marathon this April and the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in October.
- Run a 10K and a couple 5K's. 5K's so far this year: The Color Run and the Missouri Botanical Gardens Tulip Trot. I'll be running a 5K and 10K in October (Oktoberfest 5K and Halloween Go! Run 10K)
- 2:20 or below Half Marathon PR. Almost with 21:43 at Go! Half. This might be achievable, given that the Rock N Roll is flat at the Go! wasn't. We'll see.
- 27 or below 5K PR. Not having much luck with this one, I'll be glad to PR at 28. I seem to be staying in the 29 minute range, however this is good since last year I was closer to the 31-32 minute range.

2. Other Work Out Goals:
- Weights DVD 1-2x a week. Out of the 36 weeks of this year, I have only done weights 10 of these weeks. Yes, I keep a spreadsheet. Not very happy with this... but, I tend to focus so much on running.
- Look into a kettle bell DVD. I have gotten some kettlebell workouts in, YAY. I do need to get myself a heavier kettlebell, perhaps 15 or 20 lbs. The 10 lb one isn't really challenging me.
- Check out the Pilates gym (Keep saying I will, haven't yet!). I really thought I would do this during the summer, but NOPE, I sure didn't.

3. Religious Goals:
- Pray more. Pray more with kids. I am reading Jesus Calling on my Kindle, it is a daily devotional. But, I really need to pray more and with the kids. I say little prayers to God throughout the day, but I really want to start a prayer journal and set aside time to pray in the evening, or maybe even when I first wake up. I also want to say nightly prayers with the kids, I am so spotty on this... ugh.
- Take a bible study class at our church. Haven't yet. None of the times seem to work. :(

4. Make blog books:
- 2012 (Work on January-March) Um. Yeah. I am so not interested in doing this right now. Plus, the direction of my blog has changed so it is not as much as a baby journal anymore (although, I do write about my kids a lot on there still!). I know I won't get this done this year, nor do I feel I have the energy to do it. I feel quite behind on it and I'm just not sure if I have the devotion to plunge hours into getting this accomplished. I do want to look into seeing if there is a way to back up my blog... and, I do have all of their photos backed up on CDs.
- 2011 (Work on April-June)
- 2010 (Work on July-September)
- 2009 (Work on October-December)

5. Figure out how I would like to continue my blog. This is one goal that I have really nailed this year. I told myself once I grew my blog to 100 Blog Friend readers (I have additional people through feeds, Bloglovin', etc.) that I would hire a company to redesign my blog. I am really pleased with the new blog design, I feel I am making a lot of connections with other bloggers and making friendships. I also feel I have figured out where I want my blog to continue in the future.

6. Career Growth. Brian and I have had some discussions about this and I will have more to share later on about it. But, I am really excited and I hope that following my heart and what I really want to do will be right not just for me, but for our entire family overall.

7. Get into a TV show (I miss TV!!), keep up with my magazines instead of tossing them after they've been unread for 5 months. Watched Downton Abbey. If we had HBO I would love to watch Games of Thrones... I read the first book. I also always loved So You Think You Could Dance (I know, I know... got hooked on it when on maternity leave with Nathan), but I haven't watched it since then... Anyway, at least I watched Downton Abbey earlier this year and I will definitely be watching it again in January 2014!

8. Goals for the Home:

- Revamp Family Room. I did finish a gallery wall for this room... I plan to organize our DVD/game collection, sew some new couch pillows next.
- Paint Master Bathroom (MLK weekend?) I am finishing up the decor on this room, I actually worked on this A LOT this past holiday weekend.
- Finish up Master Bedroom decor
. NO progress.
- Clean/organize finished part of basement. NO progress.
- Clean/organize unfinished part of basement. No progress.

10. Trips:
- Plan Disney trip with kids for this summer. 

- Take kids camping at YMCA Trout Lodge.

- Chicago No Wine trip to Chicago, but went with Brian in August

13. Mondo in January Finished this class, here is a post about my thoughts on the 2nd Mondo Beyondo Class. (Its a class about dreaming/facing your dreams.)

14. Online Photography Classes I want to complete:
- Our Fifth House
- Its Over Flowing

Haven't worked on these tutorials yet, but I really need to learn more sabout my camera!

15. Change my primary DR to one that is at Mercy. Need to work on this one still.

17. Fashion/clothes. I would like to pretty myself up a little more this year. I wear the same jewelry every day and I have never been to Sephora. It would be nice to treat myself a little more. :) No trip to Sephora yet, but I do feel I have knocked this goal out. I love the clothes, accessories and shoes I've updated my closet with this year. I also just joined Stitch Fix and can't wait to receive my first box.

18. Do a 30x30 Challenge (30 items out of my closet for 30 days). I actually did TWO 30x30 Challenges this year, in May and August! I plan to do one in November, too!
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