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Thursday, October 31, 2013

30x30 November Challenge Kick Off - My 30 Items

Well, it is time for another 30x30 Challenge, this will be my third... Any opportunity I have to torture Brian with taking my photo every morning I can't pass up! Ha! If you are wondering what a 30x30 Challenge is, it is when you select 30 items from your closet and wear them exclusively for the next 30 days. The 30 items does include shoes, but not jewelry or accessories such as scarves or hats. Kelly over at Modern Camelot is hosting this challenge and you can visit her 30x30 Challenge page to read all about what the challenge is about. Aubrey over from Dreaming About Someday is also helping out with the challenge this time around.

Photos from Previous 30x30 Challenges I've Done:
August 30x30 Challenge

May 30x30 Challenge

Now, let's get started... below you will see the 30 items I will be wearing for the next (eek) 30 days!

1. Old Navy Black Pom Pom Flats
2. TJ Maxx Black Booties
3. Gap Camel Booties
4. Naturalizer Black Boots
5. Bandolino Brown Wedge Boots
6. Charming Charlie Navy Flats

Business Casual Pants for Work
7. Banana Republic Denim Trousers
8. Gap Burgundy Cords
9. Express Black Trousers with Pinstripe
10. Gap Navy Pants
11. Old Navy Khakis

12. Old Navy Polka Dot Skinny
13. H&M Forest Green Skinny
14. Express Jeans

15. Express Black Skirt with Ruffle on Bottom
16. Banana Republic Mustard Corduroy Skirt
17. Old Navy Grey Maxi Skirt
18. NY & Co. Fall Dress

19. Old Navy Jean Jacket
20. Old Navy Frost Free Vest
21. Banana Republic Navy Blazer

22. Old Navy Kelly Green Cardigan
23. Gap Animal Print Cardigan
24. Gap Purple Sweater


25. Forever 21 Chambray Shirt with White Polka Dots
26. H&M Navy and White Striped Shirt
27. Stitch Fix Forest Green Button Up with Gold Wing Accents
28. Express Silk Shirt
29. Banana Republic Green Tank
30. Old Navy Button Up Shirt with Polka Dots


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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween, Ya'll! Pumpkin Carving Galore.

Have a Happy Halloween full of warm memories, lots of candy and colorful costumes! This is the best photo I got of the kids together after we carved pumpkins... Brian and I were looking at it and we agreed both of the kids look a little evil in it. ha! I guess pumpkin carving will do that to ya!

I am really excited about Halloween this year... even though its going to be windy and WET. I took the entire day off of work and I am going to Autumn's Halloween party, then we are going to meet up with Nathan in the school cafeteria at 11:30 a.m. for a ghoulish lunch (Mummy dog and graveyard dessert, say what?!)... then, I'll have a little time before Nathan's Halloween party starts in the afternoon. After school I will give the kids their treat baskets filled with some little gifts. Then, some porch photos and trick or treating is in order!!

So... now I will share with you the rest of the pumpkin carving photos.









Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Ice Cream Treat Buckets

I am excited to finally share this craft with you and BEFORE Halloween! I have been working on it for a few weeks, it has just been so busy around here with all kinds of Fall activities, teacher conferences, dance watch classes, pumpkin this and pumpkin that... Anyway, last night I finally finished up the kids treat buckets!! I was looking forward to photographing them OUTSIDE after work... however, (a) It was almost dark by 5:30pm due to it being so overcast and (b) it was raining. Meh. SO, I set up a little spot in the house to photograph them and the lighting was horrible, so I set up yet another spot... and, I think the photos were successful for the minimal photography skills I have. Ha.

Here is how Miss Autumn's  Rapunzel ice cream bucket turned out.

My absolute favorite part of this treat bucket is the ribbons on the handle. Oh my did I have fun selecting these pretties out in the ribbon aisle. The ribbon aisle in Hob Lobs makes me drool. Ok, not really... but, I love me some ribbon.

For Nathan's pail, I just wrapped the ribbon tightly around the handle and then I glued some ninja shurikens onto the handle.

Close up of the shurikens and ribbon wrapped handle.

You don't really need a lot of supplies to make these ice cream pail treat buckets... I purchased 2 pieces of felt for the color I wanted their bucket to be. If you have a girl, I highly recommend buying the 'glittery' felt, it is so cute. Since Autumn is Rapunzel and Nathan is a Ninja, I bought felt and ribbon in the color of their costumes. I bought 3 different colors of ribbon per pucket, 2 rolls of ribbon per color. You will also need to buy letter stampers and of course you'll need to devour a pail or two of ice cream! ha!

Measure and cut the felt down. 2 pieces of felt should cover one ice cream pail.

To glue the felt on the bucket, I covered the felt with Elmers glue, then I hot glued the ends of the felt so it would stay adhered.

Then I hot glued ribbon on the top and bottom of the ice cream pails to hide the seams. (On Autumn's bucket, I just put ribbon on the top.)

Make_Nathan-letters Then, I used white paint to stencil my son's name on his bucket.

And, yellow paint to stencil my daughter's name on her bucket.

Now, I just need to decorate the handles! I decided to do this differently for each bucket.


After you decorate the handles, you have two lovely ice cream buckets for your kids to trick or treat with! I plan to fill them with some candy and misc. goodies on Halloween for the kids to enjoy before trick or treating.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 Trunk Or Treat

Last Friday was Trunk or Treat at the kids school and of course we had to decorate our trunk! I really had no idea what to do for a trunk theme, I really wanted to do a Disney Princess theme, but... Nathan didn't want that. Autumn didn't really seem to care, SO I decided to do a skeleton theme. I decided this, because Grandma Mary bought Nathan a 5' skeleton at Walgreens and Nathan has been in LOVE with it. SO, I decided the main focus would be 'Skelly' and we would go from there.

Brian, of course decided to carve THREE pumpkins to make a skeleton pumpkin! And, yes they were real pumpkins (several people asked). 

We also had Skelly holding a skeleton walking stick that Nathan purchased at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, skeleton garland, skeleton lanterns, skeleton this and that. It is amazing how much skeleton crud there is out there.

Well, we won SECOND place, which is what we got last year (and in 2010 we won third place). YAY! The prize was a $15.00 iTunes gift card, you sure can't beat that!

Brian even found a skeleton MASK! He made one little girl cry, awwwhhh. I promise he's really not all that scary. ha!

Here are the kids by the car... not the best picture, but at least I got them to stand still for 5 seconds... better then no picture at all, right?!

This was Nathan's scout leaders trunk, but I must say, "C'MON CARDINALS, LETS WIN THIS WORLD SERIES!!!!!" :)

So, I thought it'd be fun to go back and look at previous Trunk or Treat decorations we have done.

Previous Trunk or Treat Decorations
2012 - Star Wars Theme - Second Place

2011 - We went, but did not decorate our trunk.

2010 - Thomas the Train Theme - Third Place

Sunday, October 27, 2013

2013 Boo at the Zoo

Last Friday we went to the St. Louis Zoo for their Boo at the Zoo with several families from the kids school. It was a little hectic getting there right after work, but we had a great time! Here is Nathan and Autumn on a rock in front of the entrance to the Zoo. I love that the kids get to wear their Halloween costumes SO much before Halloween, they sure do get a lot of wear out of them!

Group-picture Here is a photo of all of the kids together at the beginning of the night. Nathan is the Ninja on the far left and Autumn is 2 from the left, dressed at Rapunzel. It was so neat to get such a big group of kids together!

Apparently, Rapunzel is all the rave this year still. I see THREE Rapunzels!

This is Nathan and a friend from school with the name Nathan, too! I think it is funny how they are kind of sitting the same way.

The kids being silly, I love how I got all of the school kids in this shot.

Looking in the aquarium...

They had some spooky areas set up for you to walk through and it was a downplayed haunted house. Autumn didn't care for it, but Nathan loved it! They did have a littl fairy area set up with some workers dressed as fairies, bubbles and lights galore! Now, that was Autumn's cup of tea!

They had a REALLY nice craft this year, they gave each child a little mound of sculpting clay and they colored it and put beads and pipe cleaners in it to make it look like a spider.

Nathan with his spider. The craft was the last thing we did for the night and you can tell he looks tired in this photo! It was a late night, but so worth keeping them up past their bed times.

A close up of Nathan and Autumn's spiders. They also hit up the machine that makes a design on a penny. Brian gave all the kids two quarters and a penny so that they could all make a penny with a design on it.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! I've decided to link up for the Friday Five again this week with Darci, April, Christina and Natasha!

1. Etsy Finds - Ohhh, Etsy, do I heart you! Something I really want from Etsy for Autumn's birthday is a fabric TP. These must be the rave right now, because I see them everywhere. I would love one for Autumn's room, she could play house/dolls or even read in it. It may be impossible for me to decide on a fabric/color, though! Also, they are a little pricey. Can anyone recommend a good Etsy seller with a reasonable price?

Here are a couple of my Etsy finds as of late:

I purchased a skeleton lego vinyl to iron on a white cotton shirt from Target. I love how this turned out, it was SO cheap and super easy! Check out 3 Little Devils Designs on Etsy, she has a lot of Disney iron on vinyl designs, too!

I recently purchased this leather bow in gold from Sadie Sky Boutique, Autumn has so many clothes with gold or that would look good with a gold bow, I had to snag it up for her. I was in the 30x30 Challenges with Jess and I follow her on IG... it was about time I purchased something from her shop.

2. November 30x30 Challenge - The November 30x30 Challenge is coming up soon! I will be looking through my clothes for 30 items to wear for 30 days in November! This is a great way to learn how to wear different pieces of clothes in multiple ways and to create new and interesting outfits. There are a few items I want to try to purchase before the challenge starts, so hopefully I have time! If you are interested in the challenge, Kelly from Modern Camelot and Aubrey from Dreaming About Someday.

I am also receiving another Stitch Fix box in November during the challenge... SO, if I find any pieces I love, I will have to wait until after the wear them. :( I will be doing a post again of what is in my Stitch Fix box, though!

If you weren't around when I did the other two challenges, you can find posts for them here:
May 30x30 
August 30x30

3. Sweet N Sassy Birthday Party Plans - Autumn's FIFTH birthday is coming up next month and I have yet to do a school party for her. I want this birthday to be special, so I decided to book a Princess party at Sweet N Sassy in the mall. Sweet N Sassy is every little girls dream come true and this party will be perfect for Miss Autumn. Each girl gets to pick out a princess dress, get her hair, nails and light makeup done and then they will have pizza (Sbarros) and cake. To make the party even sweeter, Autumn and two of her dear friends are planning to get their ears pierced AFTER the party! Autumn seems super excited, so I don't think she will chicken out. BUT, ya never know! They have a pair of rainbow earrings in a daisy shape that I know she will love, especially since she loves everything rainbow!
Sweet N Sassy is KNOWN for their pink limo, but we decided to opt out of that $75.00 option. ;) It would be nice to give her and her friends a ride in it after their makeovers, but at her age I don't think she'll be missing out on anything. It is cute and I always see it parked outside the mall.

4. Rock n Roll Half THIS Sunday -This Sunday at 7:00 a.m., I will be running in my FOURTH half marathon. Last year this time I ran in Disney's Wine and Dine Half, and ohhh I wish I were doing that again, BUT the Rock n Roll half should be pretty cool. I have never done the Rock N Roll half, but they have bands playing at different points throughout the race. AND, I'll be running past Busch Stadium during the WORLD SERIES, which will be pretty stellar!! Do I have a PR? My dream would be to do under 2:15, a out of this world dream would be sub 2:00... But, I will take ANY PR in a half, as my last/best time from last April is 2:21:43. I feel pretty prepared for it, but I am still nervous! But, I get nervous about all of my races, even 5k's! I'm a stress head, for sure! ;) I am looking forward to trying out my new GU gel, in Salted Caramel. Yum!

After this half? I am not sure... I feel I am sort of ready for a new challenge, though. But, I just don't know. I do plan on signing up for a 5k Turkey Trot, though!

5. Weekends Plans - Friday night the kids have Trunk or Treat at their school, we are planning to decorate our trunk this year. In previous years we have won first place and second! On Saturday I am getting my hair done, my stylist has been out on maternity leave and I am a month (gasp) overdue. I really want to get the summer highlights taken out and I want more of a warm/golden brown with some auburn highlights. I also need to finish up the kids ice cream pails (treat buckets!) and fill them with some goodies. I always get them some little Halloween goodies for their buckets on Halloween. What else? I have the half marathon on Sunday and then I'll be working on my list of 30 items for the November 30x30. I also hope to get the wooden monogram adhered to the white canvas and hung in the Master Bath. THEN, I'll be on the lookout for a mirror for the room that is white or that I can paint the frame white (probably the later of the two). October always seems to be such a BUSY time of the year! Hopefully I'll have a little time to relax, too! ;)

Happy Friday!

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