Curly Crafty Mom: 2013 Boo at the Zoo

Sunday, October 27, 2013

2013 Boo at the Zoo

Last Friday we went to the St. Louis Zoo for their Boo at the Zoo with several families from the kids school. It was a little hectic getting there right after work, but we had a great time! Here is Nathan and Autumn on a rock in front of the entrance to the Zoo. I love that the kids get to wear their Halloween costumes SO much before Halloween, they sure do get a lot of wear out of them!

Group-picture Here is a photo of all of the kids together at the beginning of the night. Nathan is the Ninja on the far left and Autumn is 2 from the left, dressed at Rapunzel. It was so neat to get such a big group of kids together!

Apparently, Rapunzel is all the rave this year still. I see THREE Rapunzels!

This is Nathan and a friend from school with the name Nathan, too! I think it is funny how they are kind of sitting the same way.

The kids being silly, I love how I got all of the school kids in this shot.

Looking in the aquarium...

They had some spooky areas set up for you to walk through and it was a downplayed haunted house. Autumn didn't care for it, but Nathan loved it! They did have a littl fairy area set up with some workers dressed as fairies, bubbles and lights galore! Now, that was Autumn's cup of tea!

They had a REALLY nice craft this year, they gave each child a little mound of sculpting clay and they colored it and put beads and pipe cleaners in it to make it look like a spider.

Nathan with his spider. The craft was the last thing we did for the night and you can tell he looks tired in this photo! It was a late night, but so worth keeping them up past their bed times.

A close up of Nathan and Autumn's spiders. They also hit up the machine that makes a design on a penny. Brian gave all the kids two quarters and a penny so that they could all make a penny with a design on it.
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