Curly Crafty Mom: Cross Country, Nathan's last meet

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cross Country, Nathan's last meet

Cc pics
Nathan was really sad when cross country ended last weekend. This was his first sport that he has played at his own school and he thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it was really good for him, he learned to leave the classroom after school to get changed into his uniform, then we went to the 7th grade classroom to eat a snack and wait for practice to begin. In addition to learning to be a little more independent, he made friendships with other kids in the younger and older classrooms. He also told me he learned a lot about running and he wants to be in cross country again next year.

This was from a couple meets ago, but I love that we all prayed together before the meet. 

Cc pics
Nathan and a couple of the boys before the race

Cc pics
Nathan running... this meet was a half mile for Nathan's division.
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