Curly Crafty Mom: Happy anniversary to us :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy anniversary to us :)

Where did we spend our anniversary at today? Thies Pumpkin Land with the kids! The weather was definitely warmer yesterday, but it rained off and on... SO, we decided to go today after church and it was a lot cooler! Yet, it gave us an excuse to get all bundled up for the pumpkin patch and we had a lot of fun! I really wanted a photo of just me and Brian on our anniversary and Nathan got one good shot of us (out of 20) while we were out in the pumpkin patch. I love how the kids can take photos of us now!

Last summer Brian proposed to me in Paris and then we got married a little over a month after that. It was quick, but we both had no doubt that we belonged together. Brian was my boyfriend and my first kiss in Jr. High and I always knew deep down he was my soul mate. It is hard to explain, but he's everything I have ever wanted.

It is hard to believe last year this time was when we started our lives together as one. Not a day goes by that he doesn't show how much he cares and loves me. He does so much to help out with the kids and would do anything for them.

I love the communication and faith that Brian and I share. I never expected for one man to make me feel so happy and loved as he does, but he's simply wonderful. I also love the family I married into, too... I can tell why Brian is the way he is, because of them. 

I am so glad I said yes to him last year on this day... it forever changed my life and I am truly blessed.
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