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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ombre Fall Door Mat

Today I am super excited to share with you a Fall ombre project involving lots of spray paint! I still haven't revealed my Fall front porch, but this is one of the DIY projects I did for it. I love how colorful this door mat turned out, ombre doesn't always need to be subtle. I also love the new Fall fonts I used in this photo that I downloaded from Pinterest, check out these Fall  fonts and more here.

Before I get into the how you can recreate one of these door mats yourself, here is a sneak peak of my front porch with the door mat. Doesn't it shout SCREAM Fall? 

This door mat only took me 15 minutes TOPS to make... spray painting doesn't involve a lot of work. The supplies: brown, red, orange and yellow spray paint (my ombre colors, you could do other colors as well), a door mat, a letter stencil and a paint brush or sponge brush.

I scored this door mat at Target on clearance for under $14! I knew right away it would be perfect for my ombre door mat creation.

The first step was to paint the letters on (do not try to spray the paint, it'll bleed under the letter template!)... I sprayed a little spray paint on a plate and brushed it on over the letter template. I had just enough room to write out F A L L. I was going to do the letters in the brown I was using in the ombre, but the F did not show up well enough. So, I did the letters in black and they really popped.

See how well the black spray paint worked on the letters?

Next, I took the mat outside and started spray painting each little swirl on the mat a different color. I repeated this around the entire mat... If you have a door mat that is flat and without swirls, you could do straight lines by taping off section with frog tape.That had been my original plan until I found this swirly door mat...

Sorry, this is kind of a bad picture, I am not sure why it turned out so dark. I didn't need to use frog tape on this mat, I just used sheets of paper to block off the sections I didn't want paint to get on. This was super easy since no block off taping was involved!

Give it 15 minutes to dry and you have yourself a fun Fall Ombre Door Mat!

While the mat was drying, I was tempted to take photos of it... so I laid it over by my limelight hydrangea, I love how the ombre colors really pop out against nature in this photo.

Happy Fall!

And, if this isn't enough FALL excitement for ya... TOMORROW I have a Pumpkin CHILI recipe for you. Stay tuned! 

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