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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday: Pumpkin Patch 2013

It's Trendy Tot time once again with Mrs In Training, Lindsay and Megan!

Last Sunday we decided to take the kids to the pumpkin patch after church and Sunday school. Nathan was super excited, because this is the pumpkin patch with the 'zip-line'. Last year we took them to Eckerts in Millstadt, but since Autumn just had a field trip there, we decided Thies would be perfect. I find it a little fun to mix up which pumpkin patch we go to each year, each one is a little different.

Thies is a gorgeous place for Fall photos, they really go all out with Fall flowers, the hay bales, etc.! Here is a photo of me and my growing boy! It was a chilly Fall day with a good crisp breeze and I was excited that my ON frost vest kept me so warm! I wore it with an H&M white/navy shirt, skinnies and my gold Sperrys. But, more importantly... Nathan wore a flannel shirt with a hint of orange in it from Gymboree and Gymbo jeans! I love flannel, its so warm and perfect for Fall photos. He also have a navy zip up jacket from Gymboree that I got from the uniform line, this jacket goes with everything. It also has a light lining, so he can wear it until we need to pull out his winter coat.

Unfortunately, this pumpkin patch isn't free, but it is pretty cheap to get in for their Pumpkin Land play area. While waiting in line, they had all kinds of neat little areas for photos! Of course, I couldn't resist to snatch a photo (or two, or three...!) of Nathan and Autumn while we waited. Autumn is wearing all ON except for her rainbow New Balance shoes. She has on a Halloween Dora shirt, her rainbow fleece pull over which she has ALMOST outgrown, but she LOVES it and insists she will never stop wearing it. Sigh. Is this a 4 yr old thing?! She also has these cute dark wash jeans on from ON with little denim bows at the ankles.


The FIRST thing Nathan wanted to do was zip line... I must admit, it is neat... and, I'd much rather do this version then the adult version (oh, do I hate heights!!). BUT, the won't let the grown ups play on this one. Boo! The kids loved it and the lines weren't too long. Autumn told them to make her go slow, which they just gave her a smaller push to get her started down the zip line.

Nathan also really loved Tower of Terror this year, it is a tower made out of hay stacks with narrow tunnels that you walk through and up to the top. It was pitch black inside, so Brian let Nathan borrow his phone with the flash light on. Thank goodness he didn't drop or loose it (Brian trusts Nathan way more than I would have! ha!), but he got to the top and I took his picture. He can sort of see the cell phone with the flash light on in this picture, he is holding it up. Nathan went in this tower at least twenty times. Autumn went in it zero times! ha!

Thies also had a neat corn maze, Nathan wanted to be the leader and... well, he got us quite lost! LOL! We actually came back out the way we came in, after wandering around for a good half hour! At least we made it back out... :)

The kids in the corn maze, I can't believe I got them to stop for a split second for a photo!

I thought this was a really nice photo I got of Nathan after the corn maze, so of course I had to share it. I just can't believe how big he is getting.

I took a million photos of Autumn throwing hay. I'll be nice and only share one. I took 370 photos at the pumpkin patch! LOL!

Nathan by a spooky spider.


They also had this neat little area with an obstacle course with hay bales, a tight rope, moving boards, a slide and fire house pole! Here is Autumn walking on the tight rope, I love the close up shot I got of her rainbow New Balance shoes and the little denim bows on her jeans. Cute!

Here is a photo of the swinging boards they had to walk across, I love that I got Nathan and Autumn together in this one!

Autumn at the top of the obstacle course, you can tell how windy it is... her hair is blowing everywhere!

Autumn loved all of the slides, wasn't scared at all of them... wouldn't even let me go up with her!

I thought this was SUPER cute of Autumn, even though the wind sort of blew her hair in this photo. Awww! I love when I get big smiles out of her for photos!!


After the kids were done playing in Pumpkin Land, we took a scenic hay ride out into the fields. A lady took a photo of all of us in the wagon, yay! It is so hard to get a photo of us all, I am thankful we got one.


Last, we went out to the pumpkin patch for photos and pumpkins! I am not sure that I got the best photo of the kids together... it is SO hard! I think I did much better with photos of them by themselves with the pumpkins, or the one with me with them and the pumpkins. This is how it always goes!! ;)

I told them to try to pick up a pumpkin, this was hilarious. They had some massive pumpkins at Thies!

I love this photo with me and the kids... it'd be even better if Brian was in it, but someone had to take it. 

Oh do I love this photo of Nathan... so grown up (I know I keeps saying that). He lost a tooth yesterday and his two front teeth are hanging by threads, so he will be looking very different soon in photos!! Love this boy SO much!

I love this photo of Autumn, too! She is so sweet. 

If you read my blog post from yesterday, you saw this photo of Brian and me that Nathan took. Sunday was our anniversary, so of course I wanted a photo of us!


Nathan pulling the wheel barrow with their pumpkins in it. After we paid for the pumpkins, we had some hot dogs/burgers with apple cider and called it a day! What a fun one it was! Of course, that night I had to go back on my blog and look at all of the pumpkin pictures from years past.

Thanks for joining me for Trendy Tot Tuesday!

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