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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Chalkboard Advent Calendar

Since today is December 1st, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you the Chalkboard Advent Calendar I have been working on for the last couple of weeks. Last year we did the Lego calendars and not only are they expensive, they don't give me a chance to get the kids engaged in family activities together. Also, I was dying to come up with something creative for our Advent calendar this year, so here you go!

When I went on Pinterest and did a search on Advent calendars, I fell in love with the muffin tin idea. However, I really wanted to come up with something unique and since I am in love with chalkboard crafts right now... I thought why not mesh the two! I went to Michaels and bought a pad of Christmas paper and then I already had a pad of chalkboard paper in misc. colors. Since Elfie and Samantha (Samantha is Elfie's little sister that he brought back with him this year- please visit me on Instagram HERE for more details on that!) have been at our house since the day after Thanksgiving, I thought it would be wonderful for them to bring the Advent calendars on December 1st!

First, I selected four different Christmas papers with the colors mint, gold red and black in them. I had these colors in my chalkboard pad as well, so it worked out really well and they all went together. Then, I used my Cricut machine to cut out shapes and then I glued the chalkboard circles onto the Christmas patterned paper.

Then, I wrote numbers in chalk on each circle. I freehanded these, but tried to follow a font I found on Pinterest. I REALLY need to get a chalkboard pen, using regular chalk is a pita if you ask me. Don't worry, I hinted to Brian for a chalkboard pen for Christmas. Yes, they sell chalkboard pens on Amazon! Don't ask me why I don't just buy one myself, but it would make an awesome stocking stuffer. Hint, hint.

Here is what the covers looked like after I was done. I was really pleased with how they turned out!

I really love the mint chalkboard paper, such a pretty color.

Then, I came up with a list of what they would find inside the tin on each day. Here are a few ideas that I used:
Two Hershey Kisses (one for each kid)
Go see Santa
Make Christmas cards for your Grandparents
Make homemade snow globes with Mom
One free iPad mini game (haha!)
Look under the tree for a surprise
Read about the birth of Jesus

Fill the tins with the little treasures

Secure the cards to the tin. This is tricky, scotch tape did not work well when I tried to tape it underneath. I wish I would have had some holiday washi tape on hand... that would have been fun to tape the top and bottom with a colorful piece of tape. So, since I was short on time... I sealed each card to the tin by gluing around it with a hot glue gun. It is kind of neat,  because they'll have to peel it open... and, it really doesn't look all that bad since I didn't use a lot of glue. So, I'm happy with it.

I have to say... I love, love, love how this turned out... I used some old plate holders that I used to display my wedding china on and they hold the pans up on display on our coffee table in the living room. Elfie and Samantha will greet the kids with a sprinkle of hershey kisses around them and the chalkboard Advent calendar muffin pans. So fun! So exciting! YEAHHHH!!! (Golly, I sure am in the Christmas spirit tonight!!)

Elfie is SO silly, he has a hershey kiss on his head! Sure the kids will LOVE that.

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Five on Friday

I can't believe it has been an entire month since I have done a Five on Friday post (with with Darci, April, Christina and Natasha)! I love these posts, because it gives me a good chance to chitchat about what is going on in my neck of the woods.

I hope everyone had a delicious and grand time yesterday for Thanksgiving. I know we have all stuffed our tummies full, but if you are curious what our menu looked like on Thanksgiving you can find it HERE.

Now, are you ready for my Friday Five?

1. Fall 30x30 Giveaway - I am participating in the Fall 30x30 Challenge this month and some of us decided to host a $50.00 giveaway to a gift card of your choice to either
Target, Old Navy/Gap, Loft, or Forever 21! Please click HERE to check out the outfits I remixed during week 3 of the challenge from 30 items of clothes that I am wearing exclusively for 30 days!

2. Christmas/Crafting and Elfie! - I haven't shared many crafts on here and I apologize for that. However, that will be changing SOON... I have several Christmas crafts and decor ideas to share with you during the weeks leading up to Christmas. I am hoping to share at least one or two per week. AND, I am still working on decorating the Master Bathroom and hope to share the monogrammed canvas with you next week. Today I am working on getting the tree up, I feel I am the last one to get it up with all of the beautiful Christmas tree photos I have seen on Instragram lately. I hope everyone else is having fun with their Christmas decor and crafts!
Also, Elfie is planning to make a grand entrance later today! He is also bringing a very special surprise for my daughter... she will just flip when she finds out! Stay tuned for some Elfie updates.

3. Freezer Meal Stash
HeaderHave you been trying to make meals easier at your house? I have! I have decided to start posting one freezer meal every month. Last time I made breakfast burritos (microwave for 1.5 min and ready to eat!) and out of the 12 I made, we only have 3 left! This month I am planning on another breakfast type meal that freezes easily, but it can also be a dinner meal. If this continues to be popular, I am planning on making it into a monthly link up party! Then, you'll get several freezer meal ideas each month!
4. Stitch Fix in November
This month, I received my second Stitch Fix box full of 5 clothing items. I really loved the box I got last time and this time I loved everything except for the cardi they sent me. I would love for you to come over and see (click HERE to go to the post) which item I fell in love with and decided to purchase on the spot and the other items I liked a lot, but sent back. It is always so much fun to see what everyone gets in their Stitch Fix boxes, myself included! ;)

5. Captain Underpants 
Nathan is in 2nd grade and he has really gotten interested in reading on his own lately. He is in love with the Captain Underpants book series... I am so excited that he is starting to build a foundation for a love of reading, hopefully he will continue to read into his adulthood like his Mom and Dad! The boy has FOUR Captain Underpants books now... and is BEGGING for me to make this explosive recipe this weekend. Do I DARE?!!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!! What I've been thankful for this month.

Happy Thanksgiving!

For November, I have been sharing one thing I am thankful for each day. I thought it would be fun to go back and see what I have been thankful for all month long on this day of Thanksgiving. I hope you have a lot to be thankful for in your life as well! Have fun enjoying this special holiday with your family and friends today! Cheers!





























Also, don't forget about the giveaway I have going on. The ladies of the Fall 30x30 challenge wanted to get together and thank you for supporting us! Using the Rafflecopter below, enter to win a $50 gift card to your choice of Target, Old Navy/Gap, Loft, or Forever 21! fall30x30giveawaycollage Dreaming about Someday / justjacq / It’s My Life / you, me & capri / Raising the Rogers / Olive the Things / Fox Tales and Ponytails / Shop School Sleep / Curly Crafty Mom / One Blessed Jess 

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Menu

Today I am sharing with you our menu for Thanksgiving, because it is so scrumptiously good! Some of these are new recipes and some are old... but, regardless, we will have a lot of chowing to do! And, hopefully a lot of leftovers, too!

Click below on the name to be directed to the recipe. I have put an (N) by the New recipes and an (O) by the Old (tried and true!) recipes.
Turkey - Butterball
Garlic Mashed Potatoes (O)
Pumpkin Pie (Recipe of Libby's can) (O)

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30x30 November - Week Four and... a $50 GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY!

It is Week Four and this is a very special week, because us 30x30 girls have a gift card GIVEAWAY to share with you.

And, if you are new here, the 30x30 Challenge is where you select 30 items from your closet (accessories, jewelry, scarves etc. don't count) and you mix your clothes into 30 different outfits for 30 days. If you want to see my 30 items, click here, Week One here, Week Two here and Week Three here.

Kelly from Modern Camelot is hosting this challenge and you can visit her 30x30 Challenge page to read all about what the challenge is about. Aubrey over from Dreaming About Someday is also helping out with the challenge this time around.

So, what did I learn from Week Four?????????????

1. Week Four was hard for me... I agree with a lot of the other 30x30 bloggers in this challege, I am getting tired of these clothes! I want to wear my new houndstooth blouse from Stitch FIx, I have a pair of navy coords I miss... I also miss my comfy weekend clothes! Thankfully, I am more then half way through this challenge and I am still figuring out a lot of different ways to wear these clothes. So, AFTER this challenge, I will have a lot of new outfits to wear whenever I want. That is good, right?

2. Day Twenty-One is my favorite outfit from this week. Although, that maxi skirt is one of my favorite items to wear to work... it is just so comfortable! And stylish, too! I love the hints of jade that are in this outfit and they really pop out from the dark navy colors. I have a jade tank, tassel necklace and there is some green polka dots in the button down shirt.

3. Day Twenty-Four was my second favorite outfit, but I think it is just because I love that animal print cardi so much.

4. Not sure if I loved Day Twenty-Three... not sure if those black boots were too dressy for the jeans and sweatshirt. But, I wore it and probably won't wear it again. Day Twenty was a comfortable outfit, but I have pulled together some outfits that I have loved a lot more with that chambray shirt, so I'd probably wear this outfit again for comfort factor, but that is it.

5. Week Three was still my favorite week of this challenge, but I am a little ahead in this challenge and I am already taking photos for week 5 and I LOVE the outfits I am coming up with. It amazes me that the LAST week pulls some of the most amazing outfits yet? Is it just that I am a procrastinator and I wait until the end to pull the best out? I am not sure, but stay tuned for the last week and winner announcement NEXT week!

Day Nineteen

On Day Nineteen, we had church/choir at 8 a.m. and I was still a little worn out from Autumn's party the day before... so, I kept it pretty simple. I wore the H&M navy/white top and navy trousers (for the first time this challenge) from BR Outlet. I must say... I feel I have a little too many bottoms for this challenge and not enough tops. Oh well, I am making do! I wasn't sure what to do for jewelry, so I added my favorite pearl cluster necklace from Molly Suzanne.

Day Twenty

Another simple outfit. This chambray shirt will go with about every single bottom I have in this 30x30 Challenge... Since these burgundy pants are hard to mix and match with, I decided to wear the chambray top with them with a white bubble necklace. I love cords, they are so comfy... and the Charming Charlie flats and necklace really helped dress up this outfit a bit for work.

Day Twenty-One

I just love this grey maxi skirt I got from ON, it is so comfy and I can get away with wearing it to work. I wore it with a green tank from BR Outlet and a polka dot button down from ON. The tassel necklace I purchased from BR Outlet went really well with this outfit and instead of wearing it with boots I downplayed it with my Charming Charlie flats.

Day Twenty-Two

Another comfortable day! I wore my silk shirt from Express with the green cardi over it and the 'jeans' trousers I purchased from BR Outlet. I had been looking for a pair of jeans trousers for quite some time, I have a pair of capri jean trousers from Express, but I needed some full length ones for the fall/winter. The necklace I am wearing is a gold chain from Molly Suzanne.

Day Twenty-Three

I took off work to spend Autumn's birthday with her on this day. I decided to wear my ON sweatshirt with jewels, ON polka dotted skinnies and Naturalizer black boots. It was a really nasty and wet day, so my hair was not looking its best... curls = rain = bleh. Otherwise, I thought this was a really cute outift for a trip to the American Girl store!

Day Twenty-Four

Everytime I wear this animal print cardi, I am in love. I decided to wear it with some hints of green, with a green tank and my green necklace and earrings from Charming Charlie's.

The ladies of the Fall 30x30 challenge wanted to get together and thank you for supporting us! Using the Rafflecopter below, enter to win a $50 gift card to your choice of Target, Old Navy/Gap, Loft, or Forever 21! fall30x30giveawaycollage Dreaming about Someday / justjacq / It’s My Life / you, me & capri / Raising the Rogers / Olive the Things / Fox Tales and Ponytails / Shop School Sleep / Curly Crafty Mom / One Blessed Jess 

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