Curly Crafty Mom: 30x30 November - Week 1

Thursday, November 7, 2013

30x30 November - Week 1

Are you ready to see my outfits from the first week of the challenge? I am ready to share them! If you are new, the 30x30 Challenge is where you select 30 items from your closet (accessories, jewelry, scarves etc. don't count) and you mix your clothes into 30 different outfits for 30 days. If you want to see my 30 items, click here. What I enjoy most about this challenge, is the friendships made with the other bloggers participating in it.

Kelly from Modern Camelot is hosting this challenge and you can visit her 30x30 Challenge page to read all about what the challenge is about. Aubrey over from Dreaming About Someday is also helping out with the challenge this time around.

So, what did I learn from Week One?

1. Taking photos outside in the Fall is much easier than it is in August. I did this challenge back in August and the son was just glaring. In the Fall, it is softer and I can take my photos out in the open... 

2. I really selected a lot of navy and green articles of clothing in this challenge.

3. Day Five is my absolute favorite day. Hands down.

4. I normally only wear chapstick... but, on days 2, 5 and 6 I am wearing a lipstick stain and I really love how it makes my lips pop out more... it looks really natural still, too. Is it bad that its leftover from my daughters recital makeup bag?

5. I love my camel booties from The Gap. LOVE them. Now, if I could just save up enough money to get some Hunter boots. This girl can never have enough shoes. 

Day One

Day One was the DAY after Halloween... yikes. I definitely look tired in these photos, BUT the 30x30 Challenge must continue no matter what. ;) We now have jean days at work every Friday, so I decided to wear my H&M army green skinnies with my new Stitch Fix top. I paired the outfit with brown boots and an emerald colored necklace/earring set from Charming Charlies. If you haven't been in Charming Charlies yet, it is like accessories gone and died to heaven. I really love this outfit, but my skinnies didn't feel so skinny after the amount of chocolate I consumed on Halloween. Uh, OOPS.

Day Two


Day Two was a fun day, because we were going out of town that afternoon for a wedding in Columbia, MO! We decided to drive out there and then we took Autumn shoe shopping, since she has outgrown all of her dress shoes and boots. Anyway, I wanted to wear something comfortable and that would keep me warm as I got in and out of the car a lot that day. The navy/white striped shirt is from H&M, the raspberry colored frost-free vest is from ON, the polka dot skinnies are also from ON and the camel booties are from Gap Outlet. I paired the outfit with my big gold Molly Suzanne earrings, since I wasn't wearing a necklace I thought I could get away with big earrings. I heart Fall!

Day Three
Day Three is actually the evening of Day Two, shhhh! I asked Brian before we left if I should wear a comfortable dress (since we had the kids in tow!) to the wedding, or something sexy. He voted for sexy, but I voted for comfortable. I don't get a lot of use out a sexy little black dress from Express that I bought last year, buuut I was glad when I opted for a more comfortable dress when we had to rush my son to the ER near the end of the night due to an asthma attack! Ugh! He is fine, but oh do my kids give me some scares sometimes. For the wedding I wore a mid length dress from NY & Co. with black knee high boots. I wore my favorite necklace from Charming Charlies, it is a gold link necklace with a few tortoiseshell links in it. I had planned to have someone take our photo at the reception, but I am glad Brian snapped this one of me and Autumn before we left the hotel. Also, isn't my hair getting long? I am loving it...!

Day Four

On Day Four we were headed back to St. Louis, so we had a 2 hour car drive and then as soon as we arrived back we were meeting my family at Mimi's for lunch to celebrate Autumn's birthday early with my brother and SIL. I wanted to wear something comfortable, so I have on my strechy Express jeans, and a newish navy w/ mint polka dots button down shirt from ON. The shoes I am wearing our navy flats from Charming Charlies and I swear, I want to go back there and buy these shoes in EVERY color! I could really use a green pair right about now... they are comfy, simple yet sleep with a little shine to them... and, inexpensive at $20. I am also wearing a jade colored necklace and earring set from Charming Charlies. 

Day Five

Day Five is my absolute favorite outfit of the week! This animal print cardi from Gap Outlet was the LAST one in stock at the store in my size, so of course I paid full price for it. Oops. I went in the store looking for a pair of burgundy coords and came out with a pair of navy ones, too. I wanted the mustard coords as well, but do I really need 3 pairs of coords? I love this fun mustard colored necklace that I recently purchased from Molly Suzanne. All in all, a fun outfit and super comfy for work.

Day Six


Loving two things... 1. This new tassel necklace and 2. Afterlight, a new photo editing app I got today for my IG pics.

Day Six happened to be on a rainy day, so I am on the front porch will all of the rotting pumpkins! Don't worry, they went out with the trash the same day! What I am most excited about with this outfit is my new tassel necklace from Banana Republic! It has emerald green jewels in it, so it went really with with my cardi. I am wearing a silk shirt from Express and it has the cutest sleeves, hopefully there will be a warmer day where I can wear it without a cardi.


I would love to hear from YOU! Which outfits were you faves? Anything you would have changed on any of them?

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