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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Autumn's 5th Birthday - Sweet N Sassy

We celebrated Autumn's 5th birthday with her classmates at Sweet N Sassy this past Saturday. This was the easiest birthday party I have ever planned for the kids, we brought a cake and juice boxes/water bottles and we were SET! Here is a photo of Autumn outside of the place. Why did we pick Sweet N Sassy? Well, for one... Autumn loved getting made up like a princess at Disney and two... Autumn has never been here and I thought it'd be an excellent surprise!

Here is a close up of Autumn. Isn't she adorable? I wasn't sure what to put on her since they would be changing into princess dresses, so I put a green with navy polka dots dress on her with some sparkly pink shoes and a pink bow. It was up in the high 60's the day of her party (crazy St. Louis weather), so she didn't need any tights. It made changing into the princess dress much easier! I love her little stance here.

And, of course... me and Autumn! I love this photo of us :)

Autumn with her party 'cart'

The store has a lot of cute accessories for little girls and they were all oohing and ahhing over it before the party started.

First, they took all of the girls bows and headbands off and did a LICE check. Yes, they had to check for lice, if anyone had any then they wouldn't be able to participate. Whew! They all checked out ok!

Then they got to go in a closet to pick out their perfect 'princess' dress. Autumn took FOREVER to find her perfect dress... ahh, I guess she IS the birthday girl! I got to help change all of the girls with another one of the workers. Whew, that was a lot of work!

Autumn's dress that she selected. Awh!

Then, it was time to do the girls hair!!! I love how it says 'Happy Birthday, Autumn!" on the mirror. So cute!

Working on their hair-do's, Autumn as lucky as she a lot of extra attention!

Autumn got to select any hair-do she wanted and she picked out a hair bow! I have seen these on Pinterest, so cute!

She also got a little a lot of makeup.

End result? A pretty girl with a pretty bow in the back of her hair! Love this photo of her looking at me in the mirror.

Isn't this bow GORGEOUS? Now I must go look on Pinterest to see how I can recreate it for her... in my spare time, right?

And, if her hair isn't cute enough... check out these stylish nails!!

AND, they painted all of these little hearts on her face. 

Nathan came from Scouting for Food and he was such a good sport. They offered to paint his nails, but he declined the offer. LOL.

Next up was a little fashion show... I did not even realize this was included in the party, but each girl got to walk down the runway!

The girls going back stage to get ready for their fashion show. Aren't all their little up-do's darling?

Getting ready to come out for their fashion show, look at how excited they are!

Autumn got to come out last since she was the birthday girl. SO, so cute. I loved this. They even had little lights shining all over the runway.

Then they let the girls do one karaoke song, Autumn picked 'Party in the USA'. It was hilarious yet cute to watch these little ones dance and sing.

One more picture from karaoke.

Then, they all went in the party room for pizza. Here is a picture of the room before the kids went in... I love the pink chandalier!

The pizza was only $11 per box and it came from Sbarros in the mall, they sliced each piece in half so it would be more of a kids size.

Autumn enjoying her pizza, she had two pieces

Then, cake time! I ordered her a cake from McArthurs Bakery that was half chocolate and half yellow.

Here is a photo I took of the cake before we even left the house. It turned out really nice... I wanted to include a photo of her all done up from Disney, but she told me she didn't want her picture on the cake. SO, it is just princesses!

Getting ready to blow out candles, I got such a genuine smile here!

Blowing her candles out

Then it was gift opening time... Autumn got a lot of nice gifts. Her friend Lauren got her three gifts, which you'll see pictured here... when Autumn opened the first one she gave the FUNNIEST face... well, it turns out that Lauren got her a package of Rapunzel underwear for one of her gifts. Autumn didn't know what to think of that and everyone just laughed and laughed. After the party was over, Autumn told me she couldn't believe Lauren got her underwear for her birthday and how embarrassing that was! Then she told me, well, I guess it was funny! haha! Lauren comes over to play with Autumn at my Mom's twice a week, so they are pretty good friends.

Opening another gift. Love her smile here.

After opening the gifts, the party was over... except... Autumn and two of her friends from school were going to get their ears pierced! A lot of the girls from the party stayed so they could watch! Here is Autumn getting her dots put on her ears... but... she wouldn't go first, then Lauren went and she cried after it was done. Then, Autumn had made up her mind, NO WAY! Soooo. I am going to ask her again when she turns 6. We'll see! 

So, out of these three little friends, the girl in the middle was the only one of the three that got her ears pierced. I was so glad the party was so much fun and I just adore the girls in Autumn's class.

Autumn turns 5 on Thursday and I am making her most favorite, delicious, creamy strawberry pie for a treat for her class. Its going to be a lot of work, especially since we have a turkey feast at school the evening I need to make it... but, the girl did make a special request for it and how can I tell her no? Then, after class on Thursday we are headed to the mall to the American Girl store for lunch and for a new (eeeeeeeeeeeeek!) American Girl doll! She has the bitty baby and bitty twins, but now she wants the big doll! Should be a hoot! Expect another photo overload on that. :) 

And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Princess Autumn. I love you, baby girl! You really are such a blessing to me.
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