Curly Crafty Mom: Autumn's Birthday and a Trip to the American Girl Store (eeee!!!)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Autumn's Birthday and a Trip to the American Girl Store (eeee!!!)

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Today I have another birthday post! It seems that this has been a week of celebration for Miss Autumn!

For awhile now, I have been wanting to take Autumn back to the American Girl store to get her one of the bigger dolls. She first got the bitty baby several years ago, then the bitty twins a couple of years ago and recently she has been asking for one of the bigger dolls. She told me that SHE wanted to pick the doll out at the store, so I thought it would be perfect to take her to the store after she got out of school (she goes half days) and before I had to pick Nathan up from school. It was so nice to have a little girly girl outing and we even invited Grandma Mary along!

Soo, let's back up and start from the beginning (yes, this post is a TOTAL photo overload, I apologize in advance)... I love to take a photo the night before they turn a year older, so here is Autumn asleep in her bed, her last night as a 4 year old.

I took the kids to school, Autumn wanted me to make her the delicious and creamy cool whip strawberry pie that we had made after strawberry picking in the Spring for her birthday treat at school. So, we brought that... and, Brian made the pie, so kudos to him... we had a Thanksgiving Feast the night before and I was so tired, that Brian just went ahead and made up the pie before I even knew it. He really is an awesome husband, I am so lucky. 

So, after Autumn got out of school it was POURING. Such a nasty and rainy day. I would have loved to have gotten a photo of her outside the American Girl store, but it was just TOO wet. So, pass. Upon entering the store she decided she was in love with Caroline and grabbed the display off the shelf! LOL! So, she was running around the store with me following her as I clicked photos, asking me where the cashier was so we could buy her RIGHT NOW. haha!

Luckily, there are sales ladies everywhere in the American Girl store, so one lady was kind enough to help Autumn find her doll in a box. LOL.

Autumn couldn't believe how many Caroline's there was sitting in boxes... she asked me if they were all looking for Mommy's to take them home? I said, yes. She said, I am going to take really good care of Caroline, she is going to love having me as her Mommy. Awww.

SO. I had convinced myself that Autumn would only get $50 to spend on other things after the doll. Uh, oopsie daisy! See this beautiful princess dress? Got that. See the pretty fairy wings, mask and gloves that go with it? Got that. Sigh. Why is everything so gosh darn golly cute?

Matching PJ's? Got that. She wanted the slippers, but I said no to that. Christmas IS right around the corner, so maybe then. We did also get earrings for her doll, 2 kitties, a jacket (because, she might get cold!), a Schnauzer dog... uh, I think that is it? Oh wait, we also got the accessories that go with Caroline, I mainly wanted these, because it comes with a cute little old fashioned bonnet for her. They told me I should purchase one of their wire toothed combs for her, but I didn't. Do you really need a wire toothed comb? Anyone know? We haven't tried to brush her hair yet... 

Needless to say... the girl walked to the check out with quite a haul. Thank goodness Grandma bought half of the stuff!! Yay for Grandmas!! ;) I did buy her one outfit from Target, it was the knock off brand they carry... it was REALLY cute, but wow... the AG outfits are wayyy higher quality, so many more fine details... But, I still plan to get her a few Target outfits for her doll for Christmas. Can't beat the price.

Reaching for her doll after they got it out of the box.

Comparing her doll to another Caroline. She asked me for that purple dress, I said no, we are so done shopping! Haha!!

Autumn and her doll. I must admit, I was tickled she decided to get Caroline, she was my favorite doll, too!

Next up... was a birthday lunch in the cafe! My Mom treated us! Yay! They have a special birthday lunch, where it is $15 per person and $28 for the birthday girl. It includes an appetizer and a meal for each person (so each person gets their own appetizer!), a cake and a gift bag for the birthday girl. It was worth every penny!


Autumn and her doll got birthday crowns, they were so cute! They also both got birthday stickers. Autumn loved that her doll got pink lemonade.

We each ordered a different appetizer and then shared. I got fruit skewers and mini muffins, Mom got pretzel balls with a mustard dip and Autumn got curly fries.

My meal was grilled cheese with tomato soup. Yum! Mom got a burger and Autumn got pizza.

Then it was time for cake! You can tell Autumn just LOVED this by her smile in this picture.

Blowing out the candles.

Autumn then got a gift... it was actually a really nice gift, I thought. An American Girl 'Happy Birthday' shirt for her doll and a plastic birthday balloon for her doll, too! Also, a small American Girl book.

The cake was actually really, really tasty! Here is a close up of it... and, it was so cute how they put ice cream in a little flower pot.

What a special day! I love creating special memories with my girly girl!

Someone had wayyy too much fun on her birthday. What a precious little thing  she is... I love her so much!
On the way to pick up her brother, this little girl fell asleep. Shopping for a doll is quite exhausting, I guess!

When we got home, she had a few more gifts... her favorite is this wooden wardrobe that holds all of her dolls clothes AND shoes!

Every year we take her brother to go shopping for a gift for her and this year he even made her a card. I love how it says, 'Have a happy, happy birthday. You are the princess of the day.'

Every year Nathan gets to go shopping for a birthday present for Miss Autumn. Yes, this is so something a 2nd grade boy would buy for his sissy. Ha!!
Here is what Nathan bought her. HILARIOUS. 2nd grade boys are SO typical!

So glad that I got to spend such a special day with my daughter. I love that girl like crazy, she is everything and more that I could ever imagine in a daughter. Can't wait to see what special memories and treasures 5 brings. Although, can 5 go just a little slower? Please?!
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