Curly Crafty Mom: My Second Stitch Fix Box {November}

Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Second Stitch Fix Box {November}

If you remember back to September, I received my first Stitch Fix box and styled the pieces they sent me and blogged about it here.

WELL, I decided to take the month of October off, because I wanted to shop before I started the 30x30 November Challenge. So, this weekend I received my SECOND Stitch Fix box! It is so fun to get clothes and accessories in the mail!

A recap on Stitch Fix... Everyone has been talking about Stitch Fix lately and I have seen a couple bloggers share the outfits and accessories in their boxes.
Stitch Fix is sort of like having your own personal shopper! You fill out a survey online (it includes photos of different outfits) and it helps them decide which outfits and which price range you fit into. They send you 5 pieces (tops, bottoms, accessories, jewelry, etc., etc.) on months that you want to receive them. You select what you want to buy and ship the rest back within 3 business days. If you buy all of the items you get a discount. There is a monthly fee of $20, but if you buy just one item you they will subtract that $20 from that item.

If you decide to check out Stitch Fix yourself, please go here and sign up! If you sign up with that link, I get a $25.00 discount towards my next box. So, please sign up with that link so I can buy more clothes! ;) 

This month I loved ALL of my items, except for the mustard/navy stripes cardi. The pattern was just a bit much for me, but I still styled it for you below. Also, I asked for Stitch Fix to ship my box to me on Friday and I did not receive it until Monday night! Since it is dark by the time I get home from work and I need to mail the items back within 3 days, I had to take the photos inside! BOO! So, sorry, the photos aren't the best... and I look a little run down after work, BUT... at least I took photos, RIGHT?!! ;)

Also, last time I didn't include the prices, so this time I did since ya'll were curious. Stitch Fix does have certain price ranges, I am sort of in the lower/mid range.

Are you ready to see my items? 

Item One


Daniel Rainn - Mercer Houndstooth Print Henley Blouse $78.00
There is a notes field when you put in your Stitch Fix order and I asked for something in the houndstooth pattern last time. Ask and you will receive, right? I LOVE this houndstooth blouse! It even includes a black cami underneath. The length is perfect too, I can wear this with leggings and tall boots and it covers my bum nicely. I would love to find some red skinnies or even a fur vest to pair this with in the future! This is the ONE item I kept. Although, my goal is to only keep ONE item each time. That way I don't overspend and I still get the 'fun' of seeing what my designer selects for me.

Item Two and Three

 height="650" alt="MaroonShirt_OlivePants_Back-Front">

41Hawthorn - Aleah Heathered V-Neck Dolman Top $48.00
Just Black - Adora Skinny Jean - $88.00

My photographer Brian, always love it when I can pair 2 items together in ONE pic! Ha! If I would have let myself keep a second item, I would have kept this red colored shirt. I LOVED how it fit on me and it is a nice transitional piece for the Fall. The olive colored skinny jeans were nice, but I have a dark hunter pair of skinnies that will do just as nice for now.

Items Four

Mak - Neptune Stripe and Colorblocked Cardigan $40.00I can see why she put this item in my box as I had commented I wanted mustard or navy items. Howeverrrr... this color block pattern is a bit much. So, pass!

Item Five
41Hawthorn - Dominique Dotted Scarf with Geo Border $34.00
I bought an awful lot of scarves last year... so, I have to REALLY like a scarf in order to buy it. This is a gorgeous scarf, but I already have a navy/white polka dotted scarf, so pass! I will say... it is hard for me to say no to nice scarves. Sigh.

Well, that's it! Which of these items would YOU have kept? Do you think I made a wise choice for keeping the houndstooth blouse? I do! And, remember, if you decide to try out Stitch Fix, please go here and use my link!!
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