Curly Crafty Mom: 30x30 November - Week Five - GIVEAWAY WINNER ANNOUNCED

Monday, December 2, 2013

30x30 November - Week Five - GIVEAWAY WINNER ANNOUNCED

Well, this concludes my THIRD 30x30 Challenge. Whew. It was starting to get a tad bit cold out there for photos! Brrr! This was one of my favorite weeks, not sure how the LAST week ended up being my favorite, but I guess that isn't a bad thing?

So, before I announce the WINNER of the giveaway (and, thanks to all of those that entered!), here is what I learned this week:

1. I really love my chambray shirt from ON! If you count... I wore it 4 out of the 6 days this week! And, no, I don't wear my shirts multiple days in a row... jeans, yes... shirts, no. A lot of the outfits for this week were worn in the morning and then I changed into some COMFY clothes... I was off work quite a few of these days and I wanted to be comfy, but I had to stick with the challenge, right?!!

2. I really love layers this Fall. Love chambray shirts tucked under sweatshirts, sweaters or a frost jacket. LOVE my navy blazer on top.

3. I really didn't pick some items wisely for this challenge. I think I wore the jean jacket ONCE? The khaki pants once. The Express pants with the pinstripes once as well. I felt I had way too many pants and not enough shirts. Oops.

4. I love wearing skirts with tights.

5. I wish I had included leggings... Yes, I wear leggings as pants. I know some people see it as poor taste, but... I love being comfy!

6. I can't WAIT to wear my new houndstooth blouse tomorrow (with leggings!) that I got from Stitch Fix. I've been waiting and waiting to wear it to work and the day has come! Hoorah!

Thanks for following along with me during this challenge. You'll see my outfits below, please let me know which are yours faves. I love all of them except for day 29.

AND, the winner of the gift card IS ...

Day Twenty-Five



I am really looking these burgundy coords that I purchased at Gap Outlet, I have a navy pair that I bought at the same time and I have been missing them during this challenge. I decided to wear A LOT of layers today, so there is my chambray shirt, the jeweled collared ON sweatshirt and then my navy blazer on top of that! I love this look... I decided not to wear a necklace, since the ON shirt is flashy enough... but, I thought I'd wear some larger earrings, a pair of rose earrings that I purchased at the AK Lodge in Disney. I decided to match the navy in my blazer with my navy pair of Charming Charlie flats. This is def. going to be a favorite go to outfit for me in the future.

Day Twenty-Six

I feel that the last week should be a total dud on outfits, but I loved yesterdays outfit and todays as well! Today I wore my chambray shirt with green skinnies and the raspberry frost-free vest from ON. I thought the Gap Outlet camel booties would look nice with this outfit and they definitely add to the care-free look. 

Day Twenty-Seven

On Day 27, I wore my comfy maxi skirt again with the chambray shirt. Super comfy outfit! Then  I paired my knee high brown boots with a skinny brown belt. I would wear this again!

Day Twenty-Eight


This is my favorite outfit of the week! I got this aztec scarf from a blog mail swap I did about a year ago and it goes really well with this purple sweater! I also loved the hint of purple tights when I wear my knee high black boots. I also feel like I had a really good hair day in this picture, my hair is curly so I feel it curls differently from day to day.

Day Twenty-Nine
This day is sort of meh for me. I think the necklace is a little too big, I would love one of those necklaces that are just white jewels... I do like the navy button down shirt with the green cardi, though. The polka dots on the shirt are mint and a lighter colored navy, so the colors went really well with the green cardi.

Day Thirty

Yay! I have made it to the last day of the challenge, which was Thanksgiving! No, I did not actually wear a skirt on Thanksgiving, I wanted to be comfortable... so, I changed right after these photos were taken! :) One of my favorite clothing pieces in my closet right now is this gold cord skirt from BR Outlet and instead of pairing it with some tights I decided to wear it bare legged with some tall brown boots. Then, I wore my chambray shirt with some accessories to go with the skirt. Love this outfit!

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