Curly Crafty Mom: Easy Snow Globes for Kids

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Easy Snow Globes for Kids

Today I am going to share with you a kid friendly snow globe craft that I did with the kids last weekend. We have an advent calendar at our house and this was one of the activities in it. I purchased all of the supplies for it at Michaels.

2 plastic snow globe containers with twist off lids (you could also use glass mason jars)
Bag of faux snow
Mini pine trees in 2-3 different sizes 
Mini Styrofoam balls with sequins on them (looks like tiny snow balls)
Snowman accessories (little piece of ribbon, sharpie to color eyes/buttons, black paper for hat)
Anything else you want to put in the globe, such as a mini deer
Hot glue gun

We had a dusting of snow on our table outside, so I set up the cutest little area to take photos of the snow globes the kids made. The silver tree I got from the Target $1.00 spot the FIRST year they did it, I am sure it'd be $2.50 now! It has lights on it, too.

Nathan's snow globe. He even has a carrot nose (orange marker). We didn't use water in these snow globes, but they did have a seal on them if we had wanted to add water. With the materials we used, the fake snow worked out better then water. And, when they shake the globe, the fake snow twirls around for their amusement.

Autumn's snow globe. I actually made her a hat for her snowman that was pretty simple, but when she saw the hat Brian made for Nathan's snowman, she had to have him make her one just like it, too!

Directions on Creating your own Snow Globe:

1. Unscrew the lid off of the snow globe or mason jar

2. To make a snowman, hot glue 2-3 of the mini snow balls together. Draw dots for eyes, buttons, etc. with a sharpie. Make a carrot nose with an orange marker. You can make a black hat out of black construction paper. Hot glue hat onto snowman.

3. Hot glue snowman and pine trees (or whatever else) to the inside of the lid

4. Turn your snow globe over and sprinkle fake snow into it, fill less then halfway full of snow.

5. Screw lid back on

6. Shake, shake and shake! You have a snow globe!

The kids were SO excited about their snow globes! Sorry... this is not the best picture, BUT you can tell how excited they are!!!

I love the shadow on this photo, this would have been perfect for the Shadow day in the photo a day Instram challenge I am doing!


Just a couple more photos... aren't they cute? Now I am tempted to make some grown up ones in glass mason jars for ME.

One last photo of Autumn holding them in front of the tree, wearing a turkey hand print shirt I made her.

Are you planning on making a snow globe this year???

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