Curly Crafty Mom: Elf on the Shelf Sightings and St. Nick's Day

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Sightings and St. Nick's Day

I thought the next two or three Friday's, I will share what antics Elfie and his sister Samantha have been up to at our house. I thought a couple posts would be better then daily posts, that way if you feel like using any of these they are easier to find. Also, I post these on Instagram first, so if you aren't following me on Instagram yet, click HERE to follow me!

So, what has Elfie (and Samantha Elf) been up to at our house?!!

Oh my!! What did Elfie bring???! Stay tuned!
On the first day, Elfie arrived with a gift! The kids were really curious as to what it could be...

Elfie brought a special present for the kids tonight, another Elf on the Shelf, but... it is a GIRL Elf, Elfie's little sister :O She has earrings, red lipstick and a frilly skirt! Oh, the kids better be extra good this year with two elves stopping by! Wo
They opened it and found a GIRL elf - Elfie's sister! We pondered over a few names and finally decided upon a name Autumn selected, Samantha! See how she is holding her with salad tongs? She is following the 'no touch' rules! This year Autumn is REALLY into the elves, but I have a feeling that this is Nathan's last year of believing by a few things he has said. :( Nathan had a really good year with Elfie last year, he even cried when he left and we had to put a picture of Elfie on his dresser... which is still there!

Elfie and his little sissy Samantha. :)))
Meet Elfie and Samantha Elf!

Oh nooooo!!! Our poor Elves!!!
The second Day, Elfie and Samantha got into a tough situation! :O

Then, on December 1st, they brought the Chalkboard Advent Calendar. Every day there is either an activity, candy or money in the tins.

Today Elfie and Samantha left seeds (peppermint kisses) for the kids to plant in a bowl of sugar. Samantha is even wearing her cooking hat. Then, they need to put some sprinkles on top to water the seeds. Any idea what will grow?? Tomorrow morning we will
They Elves brought candy cane seeds (kisses) to plant into the sugar.

Well, the kids awoke this morning to find that the peppermint Hershey kisses that they had planted grew into candy canes overnight!! What a sweet surprise!
The next day the seeds grew into candy canes!!!

Elfie sure is getting a work out this morning, he's even winning the sack race!!
Elfie wins a sack race against some of Nathan's stuffies and his nut cracker.

Only Samantha Elf came today, I guess Elfie didn't want to play dress up as a prince. Autumn loved seeing Samantha as Rapunzel!!
Samantha Elf dresses up as Princess Rapunzel, the other princesses come to visit with her.

Did you put out your shoes/boots for St. Nick tonight? He brought lots of goodies for Nathan and Autumn. This is always when they get their Christmas PJ's and socks, new Christmas movies for our collection and other small gifts. Did you know Home Alone is
On the eve of St. Nick's Day, the kids set out their boots and found many treasures in and around them the next morning. Christmas PJ's, candy, Christmas movies (I add to their collection each year), socks, fruit and a small toy.

Tonight while the kids are asleep, Elfie and Samantha brought a mini gingerbread village with four houses to decorate with lots and L.O.T.S. of candy!!  One of the houses looks kind of like an out house???! Hmmm, Nathan will get a kick out of that one for
Then, on the last day at our house before traveling to Grandma's house for a week (these elves have to make sure the kids are good everywhere!), the elves brought a gingerbread village to decorate. You can find out more about our gingerbread decorating party here.

And then, just like that...Elfie and Samantha Elf were off to Grandma's house for the week! Which, sorry... I don't have any photos from her house, but I needed an Elfie break! LOL!

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