Curly Crafty Mom: Most Popular Post, Crafts, Recipes and My Favorite Picks in 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Most Popular Post, Crafts, Recipes and My Favorite Picks in 2013

Ok, I am a little late on this post... but, it took me awhile to pull it together.

2013 was a good year for me... I realized a lot this year. I feel so at one with my husband, with my kids... this is important to me. I've made some great strides in personal goals. I feel I've made some good decisions on how to move into the next year. I have been really pleased with my little blog here, too. I am grateful for all of you that stop by to read, those of you that leave comments, or send me emails... Its been a wonderful ride this year and I thank all of you!! This blog is my hobby, I enjoy it so much... I hope you see that in my posts!

So, to wrap up 2013 on the blog... I decided to share with you my top 5 craft posts, top 5 recipe posts and my 5 favorite events I did this year!

My Most Popular Post of the Year...


Frozen Breakfast Burritos

My Favorite Picks (My 5 Favorite Blog Posts)
Our Disney Vacation Day 2 – Magic KingdomSo proud of us! We did it! 4 hour bike tour of Chicago! Def. one of the coolest things I've ever done!
The COOLEST part of our Chicago trip — Bobby's Bikes, Bites and Brews Tour in Chicago

My FIRST 30x30 Challenge (in May), I continued to do TWO more 30x30 Challenges this year, one in the month of August and November.

Well, I did it!  Another PR, finished in 2:09:20. This is a  before pic, my phone died so after pics are on Brian's phone. It was fun, but I'm def. a little sore.
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