Curly Crafty Mom: 2014 Goals.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 Goals.

I am having a hard time deciding what I want my 2014 goals to be... I want to keep it simple, so I am trying to limit it to 3 things.

1. Spiritual. I have been wanting to do a bible study for quite some time. I actually put joining a bible study on my goal list for last year and I didn't accomplish that goal. I think my main problem is I have a really difficult schedule, so meeting up for a weekly bible study is difficult for me. I think later in my life this will be possible, but for now I am excited that I heard about Good Morning Girls. It is an online bible study group with different themes throughout the year and most of them last a month. I would love to participate in at least two of these bible studies this year! The best part is that its FREE and they email you a study guide each week with daily bible verses, lessons, memory work, etc. I am so excited to do this and I hope to do it in the morning with a nice cup of hot tea, before I get too tired and weary by the end of the day. If any of you decide to sign up for any of the bible studies, let me know and we can discuss! 

I also want to get better about praying... I want to make a prayer list so that I can get better about praying for others, too. 

Some other ideas I have is I would like to visit a few 'different' churches as a guest, we go to our regular church A LOT and I would love to hear a sermon from a different pastor/priest/etc. I sometimes think a little change is good... although, I have no plans of leaving our current church.

I would also love to check out some more religious books for me and for the kids. Currently I am reading Jesus Calling every night, but I feel I need more.

2. Clutter. I have really let the clutter take over our house. Our rooms in the house are clean and orderly, but it is when you open the cabinets, closets or venture down into the basement or garage... when you'll see a huge stinking M.E.S.S.!!! I need to sell or give away a lot of the toys the kids have outgrown. I need to sell, give away or decide which to keep of their clothing. The finished part of our basement has turned into a huge messy play room that is NOT picked up. I haven't vacuumed down there in... oh... I can't even say it, its so embarrassing... because there are too many toys all over the floor! Then you go into the unfinished part of the basement (the storage area) and it is a big pile of poo, too! I need to do a BIG purse on my master closet... I need to scrub down our family room couches BIG TIME (they are micro fiber and white and they are NOT kid friendly couches!!)... Ok, I could go on and on, but I'll stop here.

3. Meal Plan. In mid-February, I am going to start weekly meal plans again. ANNNND, Nathan and Autumn may not like this, BUUUUT. I am going to cook things they normally wouldn't eat and I am going to tell them to try a bite or two, before asking for chicken nuggets or mac and cheese. I made pumpkin chili last weekend and Nathan was awesome, he tried 12 whole bites of it! And, he ate all of his cornbread. That is a success in my book... and, then he asked for chili on his hot dog the next day! I also want to try to get used to the meal plan at first, so there may be a mix of healthy/unhealthy foods... but, by the end of the year I hope that we are eating cleaner and healthier as a family.

And well, a big BIG change is happening SOON! But, I can't discuss it yet... which is killing me! So, stay tuned for that... AND, I have a couple of SURPRISE goals that I cannot mention yet either... but, hope to mention them later this year as they unravel. Don'tcha just LOVE surprises?!!

I will say... I do think goals and resolutions are good. If I look back, I have SEVERAL goals that I kept for the year and I've continued doing these goals ever since:

2010 - Run 500 miles... I have ran 500 miles every year (or more) ever since. I think one year I may have been a little shy of 500.

2010 - Count calories. A lot of people think I can eat whatever I want and not gain a pound. And, I guess I do sometimes eat whatever I want. But, sadly... since I have had kids, I just cannot eat whatever I want. I've set a goal weight for myself (132 lbs, I am 5'6 1/2") and when I go over that weight... and sometimes I go over it by a good 7 lbs! I start to calorie count until I get back down to that weight. I am pretty much calorie counting all the time... and, really... the only time I can get away without calorie counting is when I am half marathon training. But, I think the 120ish lb. days are long gone for me, or at least I am comfortable with this weight I want to stay at. I've also discussed it with my doctor and he feels this is a decent weight to be at. So, I'm going to try to stick to it, give or take a lb.! I do feel once I go over 132, the muffin top comes to visit... altho, honestly, unless you are a super model, I sort of feel muffin top is here to stay after you have kiddos. :P

2011 - I didn't set any goals this year... it was a rough year for me, but I did do some Mondo Beyondo classes and it helped me realize who I was and what I wanted to make of my life. I sort of think I may do a Mondo Beyondo class this year, it is nice to do one class a year.

2012 - Read 2 books every month. I may not read 24 books a year every year, but I am reading more then a handful and I am happy with that. This year I read 17 and that is more then I've read since college!

2012 - ME time.

2013 - I hit a lot of running PR's, so many that I can't even think of setting any new PR's this year! I do want to try a pure barre class this year, though... but, I am not putting it as a goal... it is more of a just DO!

2013 - Grew my blog. And, I plan to continue this.
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