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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Liebster Award

A couple of weeks ago, Jessi from Jessi's Design nominated me for a Liebster Award... AND, around Christmas time Erin from Excuse Our Mess ALSO nominated me for a Liebster Award. Gosh o golly I am feeling the love. :) I got nominated for a THIRD Liebster Award last night from Katie at Lipgloss and Rubber Duckies! Since I've already answered questions from Jessi and Erin's posts, I am skipping Katie's! I am all questioned out! :) And, I finally have time for this special post.

SO, I had never heard of the Liebster award before. I am guessing you haven't either? Well, I looked into it and here is the scoop on it. If you are nominated, you answer a set of questions and then nominate a new set of bloggers to answer some questions you come up with. It is a great way to learn more about other bloggers out there and hopefully some new friendships will be made.

I will start with Jessi's questions (oh, wow!! 11 questions!):
1. Biggest real life inspiration. I would say when I was little I always looked up to and was inspired by my older brother. Now it is my husband. Guess that is why I married him. :)
2. Biggest celebrity style icon. I'm not sure if I just have one, I do love to browse style magazines.
3. Where do you see yourself in 3+ years!? UGH, I hate these questions. I would love to be a Mother of... three! Spending more quality time with those that count in my life.
4. Cat or dog people? I am a cat person. I would love a dog, but my son is allerigc.
5. Favorite book (I'm looking to add some new ones to my list!) The Bible, of course. I think one of my favorite books I read last year was Heaven Is Here: An Incredible Story of Hope, Triumph, and Everyday Joy. I am currently reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King, I have only made a dent in it... his books are always SO long, but SO good!
6. What word best describes you? I'd say Present or even Blessed
7. Favorite escape? Great Wolf Lodge with my kids and Brian was fun! The winery with my hubby!!! Or, a shopping visit to Forever 21! Or, a run outside. Wow, I have a lot of escapes!
8. If you could time travel- what time period would you visit? I would love to go back to my childhood... see my grandparents again... relive a day from my childhood. I guess that'd be the 80's!
9. What accomplishment are you most proud of? I faced some of my fears in 2011 and as a result I own my life and happiness again.
10. Favorite movie? Reality Bites (have entire movie memorized), The English Patient, American Beauty, Sliver, Logan's Run, The Sound of Music, Empire of the Sun, oh gosh I have way too many for just one. What a weird list, too!
11. Top reason for blogging? It started as a way to share photos of Nat and Aut to my family, but now I am getting more into sharing my crafts and my love for fashion (even though I am an everyday girl).

And, now I'll answer Erin's questions:
1. What do you love to write about the most? Include a link to the post you enjoyed writing the most. I really love a recent Valentine's craft I did, a Gold Dipped Burlap Wreath!
2. If you could go on an all-expense-paid trip, where would you choose and why? Italy with Brian.
3. Who is your all-time favorite teacher and why? All of my teachers I had at Salem and Lutheran South.
4. If you could have one talent or ability that you don’t currently possess, what would it be? I would love to have ONE thing that I am really, really good at...
5. If your blog could be noticed or published by someone of your choosing, who would it be and why? Too many to list, I have a LONG list of favorite bloggers
6. Is there any day in your life that you would like to relive, good or bad, and why? I would love to relive my first date with Brian (my husband) on the day after my 13th birthday!
7. What is your favorite family tradition. It can be either one that you grew up with or one that you have begun with your own family. I love baking and decorating cookies and the Christmas Eve service
8. What do you like best about your life now? My new job as a SAHM in 4 weeks!
9. Do you have any goals for your blog in the next year or two? Tell us one of them! I would love to grow my Bloglovin' readers to 200 in 2014 and to 300 the following year, I also have some other plans that I can't reveal just yet.
10. What makes you stand in awe? I wrote a post on this. Basically, what inspires you and makes you feel overwhelmingly blessed? God! He has blessed me amazingly!

Here are my nominees:
1. Kate at Raising the Rogers
2. Kate at Like American Honey
3. Kimberly at Olive the Things
4. Allison at It's My Life
5. Michelle at Jarrah Jungle

AND. My questions. I'll keep it short and sweet.
1. What is the last thing you decorated in your house?
2. What is your favorite drink?
3. Where was your most favorite vacation at?
4. How many other blogs do you read?
5. What do you want for Valentine's day?

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