Curly Crafty Mom: Oh, just a little announcement that I am so, so excited to share!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oh, just a little announcement that I am so, so excited to share!

Day 24. Your Space. My space always includes Brian. Some changes at work happened and Brian and I decided that I will become a stay at home mom to Nathan and Autumn in four weeks at the end of my current job that I have been at for almost ELEVEN years. I
In a little under 4 weeks, I will become a stay at home Mom to Nathan and Autumn! I already announced it on Facebook (don't follow me on FB? Click HERE to start!) and Instagram (don't follow me on IG? Click HERE to start!), but I know some of you only come to the old blog... so, it is about time I mention it!

Brian and I have been planning this for several months, but when they decided to outsource my job to India THIS month... well, it made the decision easier. I have worked in Marketing at my job for almost 11 years, yet I always wanted to stay at home with my kids. I couldn't when they were little, but now the opportunity presents itself and I am beyond thrilled I will finally get to be at home with them. I am still sad I missed out on staying home with them when they were babies, but I need to focus on getting to stay home with them now.

I made up a lot of excuses for why I should keep working: that I earned a bachelor degree and I need to use this degree I spent so much time and money on, that I have almost 15 years of work experience in my field, that my salary is above what those normally receive in my field, that both kids will be in full day school next year, that we can save a heck of A LOT with me still working, we could take expensive trips, etc.

I even told myself that Brian wouldn't want me to stay at home, that he would prefer I work. But, he reminds me that this was his idea and that I should take his advice. ha! I always feel I should do the 'practical' thing... and for some reason, being a SAHM didn't seem practical, isn't that sort of sad I thought that way?!

Spirit Week Day 2: Pajama Day and Stuffed Animal Day. Of course, the kids are bringing their dinos that they made at TRex while we were staying at Great Wolf Lodge. Nathan has pinewood derby tonight. So unfortunately he won't get to stay in his pj's all d
But... I still felt like my place was to be at home with the kids... taking them to school and picking them up, spending time with Autumn after she finishes up her half day, in school activities, snow days, holidays and summer vacations. etc. When I do the Math, it is A LOT of extra time with them!

I don't want to look back on my life when I am 80 and have regrets. And, I know I would. It would be different if our family wasn't in a position for me to stay at home, but we are... Our debt is paid off, well except for the mortgage. Sure, we will have to give up some luxuries... such as our maid that comes every other week. (I know, I was spoiled!) But, I will gladly clean the house if it gives me the opportunity to be at home with the kids.

100 Day of School project done... Just used stuff from around the house. I am so ready for Spring I got last years seed packets out!! Not the neatest, but he isn't graded on this one so we just had fun with it... Which was nice! #100daysofschool #thisfrid
Being at home will also give me more time to focus on being a better Mom. I am going to start meal planning, which means I will be cooking dinner a lot more! I can also do girl scouts with Autumn next year after school (it starts at 3:15pm!), get Nathan started on homework RIGHT after school. It is going to be awesome to get a little schedule down that will work much, much better for our family! I really feel our lives were so much more simple when the kids were babies, now it is so much busier! It will be nice to have a few extra hours at the end of the school day with them. We need these hours, dearly. Our evenings are a hot mess right now.


Day 26. Fun Stuff! The kids had choir last
 night, so we went to church as a family last night. Today they still 
had Sunday school, so we dropped them off and... Thank goodness there is
 a QuikTrip close to school, because this hour break to do a little 
There are also a couple of things I hope to do while I stay at home that I normally wouldn't have time for... such as the Etsy shop I've always wanted to start, which has been on my bucket list forever! I also plan to try out a pure barre class, which will be something other than running (which is all I do these days for exercise!). I will also be working on this blog. I'd also love to volunteer at the kids school more.

I wasn't sure how people would feel when I told them I was planning to stay at home, but everyone has been so supportive and excited for me and the kids. 

Brian and I would also LOVE to have a child together and we are hoping, praying, etc. that this will happen for us. I would love to be a Mom of three!

I plan to blog about my journey from Corporate working mom (ha!) to SAHM. Should be a great adventure!
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