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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Glam Series: Nails

Once again I am linking up with Love Always, Nancy J for her Glam Series! Today it is all about NAILS... I do love me some mani's and pedi's... so, of course I had to chime in on todays topic with several of my favorite products. I always feel when I take time out to do my nails, it makes me feel better about myself... having a little ME time to relax and pretty myself up never fails. So, sit back and relax while I share my favorites with you below:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Sally Hansen Hard as Nails XtremeWear - $4.60 
I have always believed in Sally Hansen's nail products and I have been using their Hard as Nails XtremeWear in clear for a top coat for quite some time. I love that it dries quickly, adds a little shine and doesn't chip easily. I also love to apply this over glittery nail polish, it adds a smooth top layer above the glitter.

Essie Spring 2014 Collection - $8.50 ea.

(Pictured left to right. Hide & Go Chic, Fashion Playground, Romper Room, Spin the Bottle, Style Hunter, Truth or Flare.)Essie is my favorite choice in nail color... so, of course I have been looking at their popular color for this Spring. If you look at the photo above, I've listed the names of the colors from left to right. I really think I need ALL of these... ok, if I had to pick a few, I'd get Fashion Playground (I still love mint!) and Romper Room (a baby soft pink). What colors are you looking at for this Spring?

Lush Lemony Flutter - $16.95
If you have been following my blog for awhile, you know I love Lush! They truly make the best products!! So, of course I love their Lemony Flutter, who wouldn't with a name like that? It helps soften your dry, cracked cuticles and nourish your nails. It is a thick and zesty cream that is also good for sotening other parts of your body such as rough spots on your feet, elbows or knees. Fresh lemons are used with a rich butter base to brighten your skin and nails and each batch that they make us contains beeswax and cold-pressed avocado which helps aid in sigtening your skin. I love how this product smells, feels and the results it gives... The price is a little steep, but one little container of it lasts forever!

Sally Hansen French Manicure Pen Kit

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength French Manicure Pen Kit - $10.99
I love french manicures... so, I love how quick and easy Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength French Manicure Pen Kit makes it to have beautiful nails in no time! What makes it easy is that it includes a pen and you can draw the white lines on the tips of your nails. Say goodbye to the annoying stickers! I usually just do a straight white line on my tips, so it is easy and quick. Then, I let the white dry and I polish over with the blush color. Let that dry again and cover it with a top coat and you have yourself a french mani! I love to use this kit on my nails and I give myself pedi's with it, too!


NARS Wind Dancer Nail Polish - $19.00
NARS is another polish brand that I love, but at the price... I don't buy this polish brand as much as Essie. I am in love with NARS new Spring 2014 color: Wind Dancer! It comes in opaque or a sheer/lighter color.


Claire's Mood Changing Nail Polish - $2.50-5.00
Sometimes I love to put on a fun polish, something I wouldn't normally wear... or a polish that I can wear with my daughter if we decide to give each other mani's/pedi's. I really love Claire's Mood Changing Nail Polish, it changes to a different color if you are color or warm! So fun! You can also do you tips in a different colored polish for even more fun. This is definitely not a high quality nail polish, but it does have a fun price.

cheeky glass nail files_

Cheeky Glass Nail Files - $10.99 for set of 5
I recently started using glass nail files and I love them so much more! I can't stand the sound of metal files on my nails (reminds me of a chalkboard!!) and I wanted a nail file that would be durable and last for awhile... these are it! Love them! And... can't beat the name Cheeky! LOL! :)

Love Always Nancy J

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Monday, February 24, 2014

A BELATED Valentine's Day Recap.

Valentine's Day is always an important holiday to me. :) This year I got to see the kids briefly, before handing them off to their Dad for the weekend... so, I waited until the weekend after Valentine's Day to give them their V-Day gifts. :) I always get them chocolate pops from Chocolate Chocolate (Nathan a train, Autumn a rose pop) and then I did a little shopping on Amazon, since Frozen and Lego Movie toys are hard to find in regular stores. Nathan got a lego set from the Lego Movie... I was going to get him a smaller set, but decided to go for the larger one (it was only $10 more), since it had MOST of the figures in it... and, the figures are his favorite part... so, I am *hoping* he won't really care about the other smaller sets... if he does, his birthday is in 3 months and he'll have to wait. Ha! :) Then, Autumn is CRAZY about the Frozen movie and has been wanting the Frozen princess dolls, so I got her those... yeah, I know... spoiled rotten kids. ;)

Three dozen roses were waiting for me at work today. I've been in meetings all morning and I am just now enjoying them. Thanks @brianalbrecht ❤️ Happy Valentine's Day to all my I-grams!!! #lastvalentinesdayinacube
Now for the actual day... Valentine's Day started off... rather well. :) As soon as I walked into work, I had three dozen roses waiting for me at the front desk! Brian is too sweet to me! I always tell him NOT to get me roses at work, but he never listens!! ;)

And, I loved what he put on the card. So perfect. If you are a new reader here, I just became a sahm THIS week!

Best Valentine ever from my sweet little girl! 
If you follow me on Instagram, some of these photos may be repeats... isn't this the cutest card ever from Autumn? I love her big smile! (Follow me on Instagram by clicking HERE.)

When I got home from work, I hurried to get ready to go out with Brian... I have not gone out on Valentine's evening since... I've had kids! We did the normal thing... a movie and dinner. Here is my outfit... Brian got me this dress last year from Express, I had wanted to buy it, but it was sold out online. Well, he found the dress in a store in St. Louis and surprised me with it last Valentine's Day! I love the black lace on it!

Brian surprised me with this monogrammed necklace from #baublebar when I got home from work! If you follow my blog, you'll know this has been on my wish lost for quite some time!! Can't wait to wear it out to dinner tonight. #vdaybaubles #lovemyhubs
He also surprised me with this monogrammed necklace from Baublebar. I have been wanting this necklace for a long time!

Oh yeah, oh yeah. First Valentine's night out since... I can't remember when. Movie and fondue!! Can't wait!!! Brian bought me this dress from Express last Valentine's day! It was sold out online and he found a store that had it! So I am wearing it this V
A selfie pic I took before we walked out the door with my new necklace on... I also love this black and gold headband bow from Target that I have in my hair.

Enjoying the l❤️️ve martini at The Melting Pot. Those strawberries are going to be delicious after soaking in the drink for awhile.
First we went to the movie... sorry, no photos of that... then, while we waited for our table at the Melting Pot, I ordered this Love Martini. The strawberries were so delicious after soaking in the drink. YUM!

Day 15. My drink of choice is Pinot noir, we tried a bottle of Lacrema last night at The Melting Pot. This photo is really cool with the steam rolling out of the pot. The Green Goddess cheddar cheese fondue was the best cheese fondue I have had there! Oh,
The Melting Pot is one of my favorite restaurants, so we do go there a couple of times a year... The menu was a little different for Valentine's Day and I just loved the Green Goddess cheddar cheese fondue! I posted this photo on Instagram and someone commented and said the steam from the pot looks like a fox's face! How true!!

Ok, so what is Valentine's Day without a K.I.S.S.I.E. and champagne pic!!! And while I am posting this Brian is trying the eat all of the dessert plate!!! Bad boy!!!! Lolol
A little toast to end the night and a kiss! I love my man! :)

Valentine's Day is all about the class parties, too! Autumn had hers on the Wednesday before V-Day and Nathan's was on Valentine's Day. I couldn't attend either of them, since I was still working and because I had missed work twice to attend field trips for both of them. Busy, busy!! Anyway, here is the loot that Autumn brought home from her party... she always makes out like a bandit!

This was my favorite out of her entire batch... I know everyone and their sister has made these Valentine heart crayons, but I love them! I really want to do this one year... I just need one of those heart shaped silicone baking pans!

Nathan's loot from his party.

I brought a few things for Nathan's party... this simple Hershey Kiss Valentine ring craft. Just cut a pipe cleaner in half, make a cross shape with the 2 pipe cleaner pieces, place the kiss in the center and then twist the pipe cleaners on top of the kiss and bend the remaining pieces to make a loop for the ring. Easy peasy, cheap supplies and no mess!

I also brought 3 simple games... I didn't have a lot of time, so I didn't go all out like I usually do. :) This was one of them... I just printed it off of Pinterest. Its a dice game and you can break the class up into groups to play this... I also brought M&M tic tac toe and a few bags of heart candy and they had to see how many hearts they could stack in 1 minute. Once again, easy peasy... 

AND... since the post doesn't already have enough photos... Let's talk about the Valentine cards the kids picked out this year! I always get the store bought ones, sorry... but, I think the store bought ones are plenty perfect! It seems everyone adds a piece of candy along with the Valentine... I guess I didn't get on that bandwagon this year... ughh. I will definitely have the kids tape some candy to each Valentine next year... Nathan selected Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Autumn got kitties and doggies. She loves her animals!

Writing out her cards.

Valentine cards done!! You can definitely tell the progress of a 2nd grader (above) and preschool 4'er (below) in terms of their writing abilities. Nathan did all of his cards without any help this year and Autumn almost wrote out all of her puppy and kit
Nathan's cards are on the top and Autumn's are on the bottom. Nathan wrote out all of his cards without any complaining this year and Autumn wrote out 2/3 of her cards. I was really proud of both of them!

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! 

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

First week as a SAHM...let's do this... Meal Plan Time!!!

GULP. It is official. I am a stay at home Mommy... Yeah... When I woke up Saturday morning I asked Brian if this would be the weekend that would never end... if this will just feel like a REALLY long vacation from work, but... it won't ever end. Do I need to pinch myself? I mean... I have worked since I was 15 years old. I wanted to stay at home when the kids were babies, I can remember specifically handing each one off to my Mom when I had to return to work after my 3 month maternity leave. I remember telling myself, it's ok... but, it never really was ok with me... I always wanted to be at home with my babies... which, they aren't really babies anymore, are they? Nathan is 7 and Autumn is 5... But, the opportunity presented itself when I was laid off recently and Brian and I felt that me being at home would be such a benefit to our family. And, here I am... a stay at home Mommy at last... 

I feel weird... I feel sort of lost... I don't even know what I will wear on Monday. I don't even own more then one pair of yoga pants... I even cried the minute I walked out of my work building last Friday and the entire way home from work... because, I was leaving behind my second home, coworkers that I had worked with for almost eleven years... life as I knew it... my career... I went home... then I went to lunch with Brian... then, I picked up Autumn from my Mom's and it felt wonderful, yet strange. Here I was going home in the middle of the day (a rather beautiful and WARM day for February) with my 5 year old daughter. I did some laundry, we played at home... I still felt like I was in a daze, just trying to digest this new life... then, me, Autumn and Hammie (our hamster) went to go pick up Nathan at 3 p.m. It was... nice to be out and about WITH MY KIDS. My job was one where I was stuck in a cube ALL day. I sat ALL day. I definitely didn't sit all day on Friday... it was awesome. Brian loves to tease me and he knows how serious I am and how I just over think everything... he was smiling at me at lunch and just telling me how excited he was that I was a stay at home Mom! And I kept thinking... I am excited, too... but... wow... I am also just in shock. Is this real? Is it?

SO, it is Saturday evening and I am preparing this blog post... because, I want to start meal planning... I FAILED at this as a working Mom... like I said, my Mom fed the kids dinner most nights... I lovelovelove to cook, I am good at it... and, I love trying new recipes... SOOOO. Here we go... I promise to pretty this up in time... but, this stay at home Mommy is still on the fritz, so this is all I have for you this week. :)

Menu Plan for Week of February 23, 2014:

Monday - Tacos
Tuesday - German Pancakes with a side of Bacon
, recipe HERE. 
Wednesday - Crock Pot Chicken & Dumplings, recipe HERE.
Thursday - Dine Out - Blue & Gold
Friday - Zucchini Lasagna , recipe HERE.

Dessert of the Week: Pioneer Woman's Sigrid's Carrot Cake

German Pancakes

We will probably have one dine out meal each week, this week it is Thursday due to Nathan's Blue & Gold dinner for scouts. I did not add Sunday or Saturday for now, I figure on these days we will eat up the remaining 'leftovers'. I do want to incorporate a hot breakfast once a week in time, but since this is the first week, I wanted to make it easy for myself. :) I plan to use some of my beloved tested recipes and I will also try some new recipes. I really hope to try a lot of the recipes in PW's new cookbook, too! 

I hope to spotlight one recipe EACH week, but I will either do that in the following weeks Meal Plan post OR as a separate blog post... it will just depend.

Also, little Auttie and I will be having lunch together quite regularly now. :) I hope to blog about that as well! Stay tuned!

Jessica Lynn Writes 

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

5 on Friday: 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Rainbow Loom

It seems everyone these days has a rainbow loom... if you didn't have one before Christmas, you were gifted one at Christmas. And, if you are like any other Mom... you are as addicted to your child's rainbow loom as they are... So, today I am sharing 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Rainbow Loom for 5 on Friday with Darci, April, Christina and Natasha) for the Five on Friday link up party. I did a little research on the rainbow loom and I hope what I found out will help you as well.

1. References

loomatic inside
There is an overwhelming amount of information out on the web about the rainbow loom. There is a reference book that rainbow loom sells on their website (you can also find it at Amazon or Wal-Mart) that has step-by-step directions on how to make 50 different bracelets on your rainbow loom. The book also has QR codes that can be scanned by a smart phone or tablet which will take you to an online tutorial. This books sells for approximately $16.00.

10 Reasons Why Rainbow Loom Is The Best Gift Ever 
DIY Ideas 4 Home came up with a wonderful blog post on 10 Reasons Why We Love Rainbow Loom. Click HERE to read more.

2. Tutorials
There is a feast of tutorials on the web for the rainbow loom. Some are even rated as Easy, Moderate, Challenging, etc. I find that the You Tube videos give me the most help when I am trying out something new on the loom.

Here are some tutorials I would love to try:

Bow Tutorial

Thumbnail  ThumbnailAnna and Elsa from Frozen
Bottle Cap Rainbow Loom Bracelet on Etsy, $10.00
I don't have a tutorial for this one, but I love the idea of making a personalized bottle cap rainbow loom bracelet.

And, with all of the popularity with foxes right now, I thought this was a cute tutorial of a little fox.

Bare Foot Sandals, I know... I know... Kinda weird... but, don't you feel like some of these things would be just hilarious to make?

And... when you start seeing rainbow loom iPhone cases, you know that teens and Moms alike are hooked on this kids toy!

3. Holiday 
Whenever a holiday comes around the corner, everyone starts creating holiday themed rainbow loom creations.Four Leaf Clover Shamrock Charm Without the Rainbow Loom - St Patrick's ...
Four Leaf Clovers for St. Patrick's Day (this one is quite easy!)


Easter Bunnies with Carrots

Rainbow Easter Egg

I know Valentine's Day is over... but, I just love this rainbow loom Valentine's Box by The Preppy Strawberry. 

4. Party
There are also a lot of rainbow loom parties happening, either a kid party or a kid/grown up exchange party. Everyone loves a rainbow loom party, regardless of their age! Here are some ideas I saw that looked really fun if you are planning on having a rainbow loom party in the near future:

Do-It-Yourself Rainbow Loom Party Favors ~ Use wood blocks with pushpins to make fishtail bracelets. The kids can even take them home to finish later.
DIY Rainbow Loom Party, create several rainbow looms for friends with push pins and wooden blocks. (sorry, no link)
Rainbow Loom Cake (Love the jumbo marshmallows!) (sorry, no link)

Rainbow Loom party favors - dollar tree travel pill containers. Fill with rubber bands.
Dollar Tree pill containers filled with different colors of rubber-bands (sorry, no link)

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party Invitation Printable
Rainbow loom party invites by Design13 on Etsy

5. Organization
Lastly, once you really get into the rainbow loom, you'll find that you really need to organize all of those darn rubber-bands. I have found several ways that people have organized theirs:

Storage Box by First Home Love Life


Rainbow Loom Organizer
Caboodle box by It's Just My Life... I still have mine from when I was a kid!

Rainbow Loom Storage
I love this idea, too... where you store it in one of those hanger storage/compartments. I love the idea of just hanging it up in the closet and it is out of the way. Sorry, there is no link for this one, either. The only down side to this one is that it wouldn't be as easy to get the rubber-bands out, since they are zipped up in each compartment.

Well, that is all I have today on rainbow looms... I really could blog about this everyday, there is so much out there. Hopefully these ideas got some creative juices started for you on your next rainbow loom project.

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