Curly Crafty Mom: 5 on Friday: 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Rainbow Loom

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

5 on Friday: 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Rainbow Loom

It seems everyone these days has a rainbow loom... if you didn't have one before Christmas, you were gifted one at Christmas. And, if you are like any other Mom... you are as addicted to your child's rainbow loom as they are... So, today I am sharing 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Rainbow Loom for 5 on Friday with Darci, April, Christina and Natasha) for the Five on Friday link up party. I did a little research on the rainbow loom and I hope what I found out will help you as well.

1. References

loomatic inside
There is an overwhelming amount of information out on the web about the rainbow loom. There is a reference book that rainbow loom sells on their website (you can also find it at Amazon or Wal-Mart) that has step-by-step directions on how to make 50 different bracelets on your rainbow loom. The book also has QR codes that can be scanned by a smart phone or tablet which will take you to an online tutorial. This books sells for approximately $16.00.

10 Reasons Why Rainbow Loom Is The Best Gift Ever 
DIY Ideas 4 Home came up with a wonderful blog post on 10 Reasons Why We Love Rainbow Loom. Click HERE to read more.

2. Tutorials
There is a feast of tutorials on the web for the rainbow loom. Some are even rated as Easy, Moderate, Challenging, etc. I find that the You Tube videos give me the most help when I am trying out something new on the loom.

Here are some tutorials I would love to try:

Bow Tutorial

Thumbnail  ThumbnailAnna and Elsa from Frozen
Bottle Cap Rainbow Loom Bracelet on Etsy, $10.00
I don't have a tutorial for this one, but I love the idea of making a personalized bottle cap rainbow loom bracelet.

And, with all of the popularity with foxes right now, I thought this was a cute tutorial of a little fox.

Bare Foot Sandals, I know... I know... Kinda weird... but, don't you feel like some of these things would be just hilarious to make?

And... when you start seeing rainbow loom iPhone cases, you know that teens and Moms alike are hooked on this kids toy!

3. Holiday 
Whenever a holiday comes around the corner, everyone starts creating holiday themed rainbow loom creations.Four Leaf Clover Shamrock Charm Without the Rainbow Loom - St Patrick's ...
Four Leaf Clovers for St. Patrick's Day (this one is quite easy!)


Easter Bunnies with Carrots

Rainbow Easter Egg

I know Valentine's Day is over... but, I just love this rainbow loom Valentine's Box by The Preppy Strawberry. 

4. Party
There are also a lot of rainbow loom parties happening, either a kid party or a kid/grown up exchange party. Everyone loves a rainbow loom party, regardless of their age! Here are some ideas I saw that looked really fun if you are planning on having a rainbow loom party in the near future:

Do-It-Yourself Rainbow Loom Party Favors ~ Use wood blocks with pushpins to make fishtail bracelets. The kids can even take them home to finish later.
DIY Rainbow Loom Party, create several rainbow looms for friends with push pins and wooden blocks. (sorry, no link)
Rainbow Loom Cake (Love the jumbo marshmallows!) (sorry, no link)

Rainbow Loom party favors - dollar tree travel pill containers. Fill with rubber bands.
Dollar Tree pill containers filled with different colors of rubber-bands (sorry, no link)

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party Invitation Printable
Rainbow loom party invites by Design13 on Etsy

5. Organization
Lastly, once you really get into the rainbow loom, you'll find that you really need to organize all of those darn rubber-bands. I have found several ways that people have organized theirs:

Storage Box by First Home Love Life


Rainbow Loom Organizer
Caboodle box by It's Just My Life... I still have mine from when I was a kid!

Rainbow Loom Storage
I love this idea, too... where you store it in one of those hanger storage/compartments. I love the idea of just hanging it up in the closet and it is out of the way. Sorry, there is no link for this one, either. The only down side to this one is that it wouldn't be as easy to get the rubber-bands out, since they are zipped up in each compartment.

Well, that is all I have today on rainbow looms... I really could blog about this everyday, there is so much out there. Hopefully these ideas got some creative juices started for you on your next rainbow loom project.

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