Curly Crafty Mom: My Third Stitch Fix Box {February}

Monday, February 10, 2014

My Third Stitch Fix Box {February}

A couple of weeks ago, my THIRD Stitch Fix box arrived! Everyone has been talking about Stitch Fix lately and I have seen a couple bloggers share the outfits and accessories in their boxes. Stitch Fix is sort of like having your own personal shopper! You fill out a survey online (it includes photos of different outfits) and it helps them decide which outfits and which price range you fit into. They send you 5 pieces (tops, bottoms, accessories, jewelry, etc., etc.) and you decide which items you want to keep. After you've decided what you want to keep, you ship the rest back within 3 business days. If you buy all of the items you get a discount. There is a monthly fee of $20 that you will lose if you do not buy any of the 5 items. But, if you buy just one item they will subtract that $20 from your order.

If you decide to check out Stitch Fix yourself, please go here and sign up! If you sign up with that link, I get a $25.00 discount towards my next box. So, please sign up with that link so I can buy more clothes! ;)

I gave Stitch Fix A LOT of feedback about what I wanted and I received what I asked for!! I told them I wanted clothes with tribal patterns and I was interested in some clothing with 'hints' of leather. They also threw in some surprises, too... The prices were a lot lower on these pieces, so instead of buying just one piece like I always do... I bought TWO pieces! Yay! I am planning to do Stitch Fix again this Spring, in either March or April... I haven't decided yet.

Are you ready to see my items?

Item One
41Hawthorn - Garvey Tribal Print Open Front Cardigan - $68.00 



This sweater was EXACTLY what I was looking for... I squealed when I saw it in the box... I have scoured F21 for a sweater like this with NO luck all winter! Now, all I have to say is... with only a couple of months left of cold weather, I really hope tribal prints are still in style next Fall/Winter! I new as soon as I saw this sweater, that it would look amazing with my new red Hunter boots... such a fun outfit! I love finding new ways to style my mustard colored skirt from Banana Republic and the red and navy in the sweater really compliments the skirt nicely.

Item Two
Moon Collection - Madrid Floral Knit Drape Front Cardigan - $68.00

I really wanted to keep this cardigan, too... it is adorable. But, the tribal print cardi was what I was really looking for... I wore this cardigan with a simple grey dress and with some silver rose earrings that I purchased at the Animal Kingdom Lodge gift shop when we went to Disney last July.

Item Three
Under Skies - Marlow Striped Knit Sweater Dress - $68.00

This dress was my least favorite item in the box... you can't tell in these photos, but the top of it had sort of a weird dry weave type pattern in white... I didn't like that part of the dress, so I layered a jean jacket and scarf over the top. I should have taken a picture of it, but it seriously looked like work out material! Weird... When I look back at these photos, it really is a cute dress with layers, but... I just wasn't in love with it.

Item Four and Five
41Hawthorn - Richland Tribal Print Henley Blouse - $58.00
RD Style - Shermineh Faux Leather Detail Ponte Pant - $58.00


Here I am wearing Item Four and Five... I didn't buy the Tribal Print Henley Blouse, since I bought a blouse the last two times. I did LOVE the leather detail ponte pants, I have seen these all over... in fact, I saw a girl in Target wearing a pair of them later that day. I am going to try to style these in a way that they are modest and tasteful. I loved how the girl in Target was wearing them, with a white button down shirt, a patterned cardi and Toms. I love how comfy they are and they are something different in compared to my regular all black leggings.

Well, there you go... If you decide to try Stitch Fix, don't forget to go HERE and sign up under me so that I earn a $25 credit for more shopping!!

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