Curly Crafty Mom: P.E. Night and Spirit Week

Monday, February 17, 2014

P.E. Night and Spirit Week

Nathan and Autumn's school had Spirit Week a few weeks ago... I am just blogging about it now (oops!). During Spirit Week, they have a P.E. Night where parents can come and watch to see what their kids have learned in P.E. class.

They had the younger grades run several laps around the gym, Nathan LOVES to run right now. He wants to run a 5K, but I feel we should properly train for it and when I looked up the date of the Color Run, it wasn't a weekend that we had open. So, I am really hoping perhaps they will do another Color Run in the Fall like they did last year and it'll be a date we can pencil in to run together.


Nathan has a great P.E. teacher, she really works with these kids and I was amazed at some of the gymnastic abilities some of them had throughout the night. 

I just found selfies that Autumn and her bestie took of themselves last night at Nathan's PE night. I will be watching her friend a couple times a week once I become a SAHM in four weeks. What trouble am I in for?!!  haha! These two are glued to the hip.  
Autumn and her little friend during P.E. night... they will both participate in it next year when they are in Kindergarten.

Then, for Spirit Week they dressed up differently for each day:
Spirit Day 1: Hat Day! Nathan is wearing his new Wolf Boy Scout hat and Autumn has on her Minnie Mouse hat from our Disney trip. Oh, Annnnd if you look closer, Saige has on a hat, too! It was the birthday hat Autumn got for her doll when we ate at the AG
Monday: Hat Day

Spirit Week Day 2: Pajama Day and Stuffed Animal Day. Of course, the kids are bringing their dinos that they made at TRex while we were staying at Great Wolf Lodge. Nathan has pinewood derby tonight. So unfortunately he won't get to stay in his pj's all d 
Tuesday: Stuffed Animal and PJ Day

Spirit Week Day THREE. Tie Day!!! Thankfully Nathan owns two ties so he lent one to his sister and we were set!!  It is also the 100th Day of School so Mommy had to help them lug in their 100 Day of School stuff AND they are playing board games during the
Wednesday: Tie Day

Spirit Week Day 4: Black and Gold, the school colors! Also, each day they are bringing in a donation, today they are bringing in booties for babies in need of them... You could bring socks in too, but who can resist little baby booties?! Auttie wanted to
Thursday: Black and Gold Day. They also asked for the kids to donate items to different places each day of Spirit Week, this day it was socks/booties.

Spirit Week Day 5. Today was story book character day and Nathan is Captain Underpants with white pants and a red cape and Autumn is a pink poodle (from her doggy picture book) with all pink clothes, her hair in pony tails to mimic dog ears and pink ribbo
Friday: Story Book Character Day. Nathan is Captain Underpants and Autumn is a pink poodle.

And, it was also the 100 Day of School that week (YES, it was a crazy busy week. Whew.)

100 Day of School project done... Just used stuff from around the house. I am so ready for Spring I got last years seed packets out!! Not the neatest, but he isn't graded on this one so we just had fun with it... Which was nice! #100daysofschool #thisfrid
Nathan had to do a 100 Day of School project at home, so I used what we had at home... We had a lot of seed packets leftover from last year, so I had him pick out 10 different seeds and then he glued them in groups of ten on poster board and labeled them.

Autumn's class did a 100 Day of School trail mix, I only had to bring in pretzels. Easy peasy!

They also let the kids bring in games for their Team Meetings they have on Wednesdays and I saw this adorable photo of Autumn playing marbles on the school FB page.
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