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Thursday, March 13, 2014

5 on Friday: Some Updates

Happy ALMOST weekend everyone! And, it is the start of Spring break week for me and the kids! My first Spring break as a SAHM, yeahh! I haven't done a Five on Friday in awhile, so I thought it'd be fun to use this as a time to talk about what is going on in our household as of late. :) I am linking up with the Five on Friday girls: Darci, April, Christina and Natasha.

1. St. Patrick's Day 
Is anyone else super excited about St. Patrick's Day?! I am! For the last two years, I have surprised my kids with a Leprechaun Nickel breakfast and scavenger hunt... which they just LOVE. And, I love it because it gets my creative juices flowing and I get to make a ton of sweet goodies for them! Are you doing anything similar or different for St. Patrick's Day? 

Here is a couple of sneaky peaks of what I have planned for their breakfast and scavenger hunt, except a full blog post on it early next week:

Day 1. Yellow. I had to run into HobLobs today to get rainbow colored wrapping paper, some green highlight wrapping paper and a couple other things for a misc. craft project. Isn't this rainbow chevron paper perfect for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day scav 
Chevron rainbow wrapping paper that I found at Hobby Lobby. I posted this photo on IG, if you don't follow me yet on there, click HERE... I love new IG friends! 

A rainbow mug cake that heats up in 2 minutes and 30 seconds, recipe HERE AND a four leaf clover bracelet, see instructions HERE.

These are just a few of the items I have planned for the scavenger hunt, there is a lot more I will be sharing next week! It is going to be so stressful fun getting all of this set out on Sunday night! ha!

I am also doing a St. Patrick's Day recipe swap with several other bloggers! I am making Solis Plus One's recipe of Thin Mint Cookie Bars... oh, YUM! And, then another fellow blogger is going to make my rainbow mug cake! Should be interesting and fun. Does anyone elses husband keep a hidden stash of girl scout cookies? Well, I noticed on this recipe that I needed a box of Thin Mints and I started to panic, knowing I didn't have any on hand! Well, out comes my husband with a box of Thin Mints that he had hidden in his closet! Uh, what?! ;)

2. Cleaning/Organzizing
Is anyone else getting their Spring cleaning on? I am not sure if it is the whole becoming a sahm thing and I feel I finally have some time to get the house in order while Autumn is in school... or, perhaps I am just getting the Spring vibe that makes me want to open the windows and scrub the baseboards... but, I am really getting some cleaning and organization done in the house lately!

I have an actual list of everything I want to accomplish... and, oh I can't wait for warmer days, because our garage really needs a deep clean and everything is just thrown on the shelves, so I would love to organize that as well!

So far I've accomplished this in 2.5 weeks:
- Organized paperwork into a rubbermaid file container, thus clearing out a large drawer for Brian... I sort of hog all of the drawers in our dresser and chest of drawers, so I am trying to give him a little more room for his clothes. 
- Organized Brian's socks. LOL! I know this sounds funny, but I really needed to do this! I do all of the laundry and he had so many socks that were missing their pair, or all kinds of different dressy black socks inside out or not matched to its pair. 
- Organized the pantry, if you are looking for a way to organize your spices, see my post HERE 
- Cleaned up our finished part of the basement (it was a play room that had lost all order!!) and I vacuumed and dusted down there
- Started to organize and clean Autumn's walk in closet (I am not done yet, which the picture still shows that it is still a m.e.s.s.!)

Spice-OrganizationSnow day at home with the kids... Our pantry isn't the biggest and has been driving me nuts, so I finally did it! It's all cleaned out and organized.  phew. Now I can relax with a cup of hot cocoa and some 'cheater' cookies (the ones already for the oven) 
Day 6. Chair. Sitting in a red play CHAIR in our basement playroom giving Autumn my lunch order. Not sure why I am the one wearing the chef hat, when she is the one in the kitchen #fmsphotoaday #lovemynewjobimage

3. Summer Vacation to Destin and SWIMSUIT Shopping!
We are planning a summer vacation to Destin, which I cannot wait to see! We have been to Gulf Shores, but I have heard Destin is even nicer even though it'll be a further drive. The only problem is that I haven't booked our condo yet! I am setting aside a few hours this weekend to do a little research and to find the perfect spot for us to spend our vacation. I really hope that I didn't wait too long and that there is still a lot of nice condos available. I had intended on booking a condo last month, but with the whole transition from working to sahm, I haven't had a chance. I am also thinking about finding a photographer that will shoot some family photos on the beach for us...

Which brings me to... SWIMSUIT shopping. Not only do I need to book a condo pronto, I need to find a swimsuit pronto... because, we ALL know that this is the prime time to be hunting for the perfect suit and to BUY it. I may purchase two... a full piece and a bikini. We'll see... I LOVE the full piece below, but OUCH it is pricey and I am hesitant about buying a swimsuit online... I really need to try it on in person! Because, I remember all too well the year that I decided to buy a swimsuit out of the Victoria Secret catalog and when I tried it on... I looked NOTHING like the model. Uh, yeah. I am NEVER shopping VS swimsuits again, not with this Mommy bod! lol!

If anyone has any tips on where to find a good swimsuit, let me know... one for a Mom body, but that will rock my Mom body. :)
Anthropologie Nanette Lepore Riviera Goddess Maillot $166
4. Half Marathon Training
I can't believe this, but I don't even think I have mentioned on here that I signed up for my FIFTH half marathon!! I was wanting to do the half somewhere fun this year, like Nashville or even Louisville for the Derby run. BUT, I decided I wanted to keep it simple and so I am running the local Go! Half in St. Louis for the third time... it is a really good run and it is challenging, because it is not flat by any means... so, hopefully I will PR as I have in the two previous attempts. :) I best time for a half is 2:09:09, so... I'd love a 2:05 or even a sub 2:00... but, ANY PR will make me happy! Heck, by mile 10 I am usually just happy if I can finish the rest of the race! LOL!

I think after this year, I am going to start thinking about running a full marathon. I want to do it once. ONCE. And, I am not picky about time, I want to do it more for fun and to say that I've done one. We'll see. :) I am also hoping to add a little biking and pure barre to my workouts! All I do is run, which I love... but, I want to have a little spice variety! I would also love to complete a triathlon someday.

Day 12. Fresh. My day was wonderful... I made Pioneer Woman's Orange-Vanilla Fruit Salad (omg, I die!) with FRESH fruit and I just enjoyed some crisp FRESH air during a 6 mile training run! #fmsphotoadayDay 7. Fly. Training can FLY by easily if you keep up with it and don't give up!! Half training is amping up and I need to complete TWO 10 mile runs in one week... Which is never easy. So, while Autumn was in school this morning I ran 10.2 miles!! Whew! Y

5. Embroidery Book
For my last birthday, Brian surprised me with a sewing and embroidery machine! I have found that the reference manual is pretty poor when it comes to how to use the machine for embroidery, so I found this gem of a book on Amazon, which is helping me out a lot! I have also found a blog that has several online tutorials. Yay! I just love this kind of stuff!! Autumn loves me to make Barbie and American Girl outfits for her dolls, but what I really want to do is to learn how to use it for embroidery! I just wish I had more time in my day to figure it out!

Something came in the mail for me today!! Whoop whoop!!

Well, that is all for now! Happy Friday!

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