Curly Crafty Mom: {Fashion Post} An edgy yet soft transition outfit as we approach Spring.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

{Fashion Post} An edgy yet soft transition outfit as we approach Spring.

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Last month I received my February Stitch Fix box (see post HERE) and I decided to keep the faux leather detail ponte pants... however, I have been trying to figure out ways to wear these leggings without it looking TOO edgy. Edgy is just not my style and as a Mom I just feel I needed to down play them as much as possible, yet make it a little fun.

Sooo, I decided to soften the leather trimmed leggings by turning it into a transition outfit for the upcoming Spring. For those days when its cooler in the morning and you may need to lose a layer or for when it is just too warm to pull out the heavy sweaters. 

This outfit includes a leopard print cardi, but in monochromatic colors (grey & black), so it downplays the cheetah print. Then, I have a short sleeved ruffled white dress shirt on from Loft and I really feel the ruffles soften the entire look of this outfit. The tall black boots I am wearing cover a lot of the leather in the leggings, which makes it a little less edgy.

I think this outfit could also be worn without the cardi and boots, but with just the white ruffled button down shirt and my black glitter Toms. This would be perfect this Spring when I no longer need the cardi, or I could tie the leopard print cardi around my waist or tied around my neck. I love outfits that can be worn several different ways.

I actually had to drag Brian outside after I ran some errands, because I realized how perfect this outfit looks with my Michael Kors handbag!

I received this MK black quilted purse last Christmas, I love it... I am really sad I am going to have to put it away soon once Spring begins... wahhh.

What I love about this MK purse is... well, one. it is quilted leather, which I love. And, two, it isn't one of those signature purses that has the initials all over it. 

AND one last photo for my own pleasure. YAHOOOOEEEY to finally becoming a SAHM!!! Sorry, I will get over the excitement, I think... but, I will be basking in the glory of it for awhile. :) You can see posts about this HERE and HERE.

What I am wearing:
Banana Republic Cardi
Loft Ruffled Button Down Shirt in White
RD Style - Shermineh Faux Leather Detail Ponte Pant from Stitch Fix
Black Boots from Naturalizer
Classic Scrip Monogram Necklace from BaubleBar
Black Faux Leather headband from Target
Michael Kors black quilted purse 

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