Curly Crafty Mom: Four Leaf Clover Rainbow Loom Charm Bracelet

Monday, March 3, 2014

Four Leaf Clover Rainbow Loom Charm Bracelet

Before I start some Spring crafts, I want to finish up a couple of St. Patrick's Day crafts... such as these lovely Four Leaf Clover Rainbow Loom Charm Bracelet ideas that our Leprechaun Nickel will leave behind for the kids on St. Patrick's Day. This will happen during our St. Patrick's Day breakfast and scavenger hunt. I know, I know... I can't wait!

These bracelets cost next to nothing to make, you probably have a lot of these supplies at home. AND, you don't need a rainbow loom to make the charms, just a knitting hook or our rainbow loom's hook.

You'll need:
Rainbow loom knitting hook or a regular knitting hook
Green Rainbow Loom rubberbands
Pony beads (I used white and green, but later I realized that beads in the color of the RAINBOW would be even better!)
Pony tubing to put the beads and rainbow loom charm on

First, you'll make the clover leaf... I made six, because I wanted some for the bracelets and some extra ones that I wouldn't put on the bracelets. It takes about 2-3 minutes to make each clover leaf. There is a super easy tutorial video that I used by Made by Mommy on You Tube, click HERE for this video..

After you've made several clovers, you'll want to center one on the pony tubing.

Then put the beads on the left side of the bracelet

Repeat the same pattern for the beads on the right side of the bracelet

Tie the ends into a knot

You can also add more charms unto the bracelet in-between the beads like shown above.

Now you have two different kinds of bracelets, one has a single charm and the other has three charms.

These would make wonderful class gifts on St. Patrick's Day, they even sell pony beads with letters on them and you could spell out each students name, or spell out words such as LUCKY, GOOD LUCK, etc.

Even the little clovers could be given out as small gifts by themselves or with a piece of candy such as a bag of gold coins. They could be used on a table as 'confetti' or as decoration on your mantle.

I love crafts that are easy and inexpensive and that my kids will enjoy.


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