Curly Crafty Mom: Spring Break - Museum of Transportation

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break - Museum of Transportation

Last week was Spring break for this kids and we did A LOT... almost too much :) We really did not have 'Spring temps' for the week, except on Friday it was gorgeous at over 70 degrees. And, to make the day even more perfect, Brian took the day off work with us! We decided to head to the Museum of Transportation, which we hadn't seen in a couple of years. Of course, I brought my big camera along for this day and shot this darling photo of Brian with the kids on a bright yellow train car. I think this is definitely frame worthy!

Here are the kids by themselves

And, just me... because, the kids had ran off at that point! haha! I am wearing a new floral scarf I purchased at F21 earlier that week.

Museum of Transportation with my loves!  ❤️
If you follow me on Instagram, you saw another frame worthy photo of me and the kids. Really, I lucked out on photos that day!

It was fun getting some of the kids Spring clothes out... I actually haven't gone shopping for them yet for the Spring. I know... ugh. But, I have a friend I've known forever named Janna and she has been sending me her daughters hand me downs since Autumn was born! She is actually coming into town next month, this will be our third time meeting up! She lives in Colorado, but used to live here in St. Louis... we met on Babycenter, though.



One of our main reasons for the trip to the Museum of Transport was because Nathan wanted to see the Big Boy engine. Wow... it is MASSIVE and we stepped up inside of it and there are knobs and turn wheels everywhere.


I thought this was neat, a snow plow for a train!

They also had a building with old time cars in it... I had to snap a photo of this, does anyone remember the Coral Courts?



The day wouldn't have been complete without a train ride! 


We also saw one of the 250 birthday cakes that are placed around the city to celebrate the 250th year of St. Louis as a city! I look forward to seeing more of these cakes around the city, each one is painted differently.

We ended the day with a little FroYo... Nathan has been wanting to go back for awhile now! 

Day 22. Morning. This poor girl has thrown up everything she's eaten since the early hours of this MORNING. I finally got her to nap on the couch... Hope her fever goes away and she feels better soon! I shared a root beer with her yesterday, so I am sure
And, well... again, if you follow me on IG you'll know that Autumn came down with the stomach flu. She has thrown up 4 or 5 times now, I've lost count. She is also running a fever and I developed a runny nose and fever today, too! NOT a fun way to end Spring break!
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