Curly Crafty Mom: Spring is in the air! Easter eggs galore!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring is in the air! Easter eggs galore!

Spring break was last week and we had maybe ONE and a half days with Spring-like weather! So, Autumn is quite the artist and she has been B.E.G.G.I.N.G. me every hour... ok, every minute... to dye eggs! Sooo... since I love to dye eggs out on the patio, I said we could do it if it got warm enough. Which it did... so, HERE are the kids with their big bowl of eggs!

Autumn helped me set up the table outside and it turned out really cute... it was a little windy out that day, so we did need to weight a few things down... but, it worked out really well!

And let the dying begin! They both had their own sets of dye, so they didn't need to share... which worked out perfectly.

Nat-dying-an-egg Nathan-hand_Dying-egg
Nathan at work.

Aut-dying-an-egg Aut-looking-at-an-egg-and-holding-it-up
Autumn at work

Here is another one of Autumn, isn't this the most colorful photo ever? I love!

Nat-and-his-Ninja-turtle Nat-holding-up-pink-egg
Nathan showing off some of his finished eggs... I love how his 'jack o lantern' look is starting to fill in some... he really lost a lot of teeth right after Christmas!

Autumn took forever to dye all of her eggs and Nathan was much quicker... I think due to him being a couple years older. Nathan loved turning all of his eggs into Ninja turtles, so that sort of evened out the time... while she was still dying, he was working with stickers.

Egg-Thrown_in-grass Egg-Thrown_Nathan-looking-at-egg-Aut-threw
Every so often, Autumn would just randomly throw one of her eggs out into the yard... she'd tell us that it was an 'ugly' egg and she didn't like its color. Nathan would then run out and take it, even though it was cracked! lol! These kids crack me up!

My favorite egg that Autumn did... she used a wax crayon and wrote her name and it is so dainty and small. I had no idea she could even write this small. Oh, I just want to keep this egg forever. :)

After they dyed their eggs, I got a photo of them with the eggs under the tulip tree.

All of Nathan's ninjas

Autumn and her eggs... poor girl didn't have as many as Nathan, because he dyed them faster before I realized it AND she threw several in the yard, because she didn't like their color. lol. But, she was proud of her eggs!

After the eggs had dried, I told the kids to wait in the house and I hid all of their eggs in the back yard. Then, I let them search for them. Ohhh, did they have fun. :)

Egg-Hunt_Nat Egg-Hunt_Aut-looking-for-eggs
Both of them looking for eggs

Except... Nathan thought it'd be funny to throw one of Autumn's eggs at her and it hit her on the back of her shirt. And... it just so happened to be her most favorite pink egg and it was now cracked. Oh did the tears fly. Don't worry, we made her a new pink egg inside... I had an extra pink dye tablet leftover from a previous year. Oh, bless her heart. :)


Fortunately, Nathan's most favorite egg did not get cracked or damaged during the egg hunt.

Nathan counting all of the eggs he collected. What a fun day that was... I wish the warm temps would have stayed as it SNOWED today! Ugh!

A little Monday pick me up, since I  am still recovering from a cold  Autumn and I went to Hobby Lobby after school, I have a Spring wreath idea, had to have the ceramic egg holder, Modge Podge and a darling little bird cage that I plan to use for a proje

If you follow me on Instragram, you saw that I went to Hobby Lobby this week and found the most darling ceramic egg holder. I hope to display a few of their eggs that they dyed in this until Easter. Oh, do I love HobLobs! Stay tuned for some Easter and Spring crafts coming your way on the blog soon! Happy Spring!
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