Curly Crafty Mom: St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt with Treats

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt with Treats

Did you have a good St. Patrick's Day? Well, this is the last St. Patrick's Day post of many... but, this is the one I am the most excited to share with you. Our St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt complete with sugary TREATS.

This is the third year I have had this Scavenger Hunt for the kids and they seem to love it more and more every year! First, I surprise them with lots of sugary treats on the table... Leprechaun Nickel also greets them at the table with his first clue.


I propped up the first clue on a plate holder and then I found the adorable beer lights in the Dollar section at Target and put the lights around Leprechaun Nickel and the first clue.

I have had this Leprechaun troll since I was a little girl. Autumn loves him and all of my troll dolls I have kept... she loves to play with them.

I used rainbow chevron wrapping paper cut down for the table mats, I love the wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby as it is a heavier weight. Then, I added the sugary sweets! I had some clover leaf foam cut outs from the dollar store and also clover plates from last year. I had some green juice boxes leftover in the fridge from Autumn's party and they weren't expired yet so I went with those as my kids would NEVER drink green milk. :( Then, I put one of the rainbow cupcakes in the middle of each of their plates, click HERE for the recipe. I put a little bit of Lucky Charms in a small bowl for each of them and a special chocolate clover leaf from Chocolate Chocolate Co. on the side. Then, Autumn had a rainbow headband and Nathan a leprechaun hat headband to wear while they ate their treats.

Here is a close up photo of the rainbow cupcake! I made these a couple of weeks ago and froze them, then I thawed them out just in time for our scavenger hunt! Easy peasy!

Special chocolate from Chocolate Chocolate Co., a famous chocolate place here in St. Louis.

Their reactions :) This is MY favorite part!

Nathan reading the second clue, which was under his place mat. Here are photos of them as they ran around the house searching for each and every place that the scavenger hunt led them on. You can see the clue cards up close at the end of this blog post.

Each clue has a little gift with it, don't you just love Nathan's side burns and Autumn's green braid?

Reading a clue that was in my car


The clue included St. Patrick's Day vinyl stickers for the glass patio door.

Opening their presents, they each got a lego character case and a surprise character from the Lego movie

Nathan got the crazy cat lady character from the Lego movie, he let Autumn have it :)

There was a clue in my curio cabinet

Where they each received these adorable rainbow loom bracelets with clover leafs, Autumn was like... Leprechaun Nickel knows how to use the rainbow loom! Ohhh, wowwww! LOL! For a tutorial on how to make the bracelets, click HERE.

He brought them harmonicas!

He hid some Pop Rocks under Autumn's sheets on her bed!

Some necklaces in Nathan's skylander box... and, then it lead them to the grand finale of surprises... DOWNSTAIRS.

Clue 10 led them to two wrapped gifts and a leprechaun bucket. They were asked to open their gifts and then to go outside to collect the gold coins that were left behind.

Nathan got a dinosaur set

Autumn got a bracelet making kit...

Collecting all of the gold coins (chocolate) that were outside!

Day 17. Today's Weather. Today's weather was a little brisk, but it warmed up in time for our scavenger hunt that Leprechaun Nickel surprised the kids with... Gotta love Nathan's red side burns! . Happy St. Pad day's Day from us to you!  #fmsphotoaday
After they had collected all of the chocolate coins, I took one last photo of them! So precious, I will always cherish this photo!

Then, we came inside and Nathan read us Leprechaun Nickel's final letter.

I hope you enjoyed the scavenger hunt as much as I did, this is such a fun activity to do with kids of any age on St. Patrick's Day. I've included the clue cards below if you are interested in creating your own scavenger hunt for your family. Enjoy! And, Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

The Scavenger Hunt had 10 clues:
Leprechaun-and-Sign Clue-2_Table-put-on-headbands
Clue-3_Tag_Nat-Wallet Clue-4_Tag_In-my-car
Clue-5_By-door-gifts Clue-6_Curio-Cabinet
Clue-7_Nat-drawer Clue-8_Aut-bed
Clue-9_Skylanders Clue-10_Downstairs-big-gifts

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