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Monday, April 28, 2014

30x30 Challenge - April: Week Four Reveal

It is the FOURTH week of the April 30x30 challenge and below you will see the outfits I remixed. If you are new here, a 30x30 Challenge is a 30 Day Challenge where you select 30 pieces of clothes, such as shirts, jeans, shoes and mix and match then for 30 days. Accessories such as jewelry, scarves, hang bags, etc. are not included in your 30 items. If you want to get caught up, you can see my 30 item reveal post HERE, my first week of outfits post HERE, second week of outfits post HERE and the third week of outfits HERE.

So, what did I learn during the fourth week?

1. I feel prettier in skirts, I think because I enjoy feeling 'girly' and I don't really have an excuse to wear skirts as much since I stay at home. 

2. I got to meet Aubrey from Dreaming About Someday and it just goes to show how real blogging really is and how the friendships you make from it are the real deal, too! 

3. It seems the lime-yellow flats from The Gap in Day 20 are pretty popular, several people have told me that the own them, too. Who would have guessed? I have a lime-yellow blouse that I didn't include in my 30 items by mistake (it was in the wash!!) and I can't wait to pair them with it soon.

4.  My favorite outfit is Day Nineteen, the outfit I wore for Easter. Now I just need to get some white eyelet shorts, too!

5. Do you enjoy fashion too or do you ever want to share your outfits with other bloggers? Sherri from God Life Happy Life is starting a weekly link up on Thursdays called What Wives Wear. The link up is starting on May 8 and she asked me to join her as a host. So, don't forget to snap a photo of yourself over the weekend prior and join us as we share some fashionable outfits. We will also be picking our favorite two outfits each week, so you could be featured the following week!

Day Nineteen


Today was Easter and it was warm and in the upper seventies, so I finally wore my eyelet white skirt that I purchased at Gap Outlet. I paired it was a simple blouse and some simple jewelry. I wore the only heels I had in this challenge, my Nine West wedges... if I hadn't been doing this challenge I would have worn some white heels instead, but oh well. :)

Day Twenty


I loved this outfit, but I changed into it for Brian to take my photo this morning... and then I changed into some comfy clothes, because the kids were off school and no way was I going to be wearing a long skirt all day! LOL! But, hey... I got my Day 20 outfit in! I really love how adventurous I was with this outfit with the different patterns... the anchor shirt has white polka dots and the navy and white went really well with the navy/white striped maxi skirt. Such a fun outfit and I will definitely wear it again the entire day when the time is right for it!

Day Twenty-One

I didn't feel like 'dressing up' today, so this is what I came up with... a cute tee from J. Crew in pastel colors and my distressed jeans and comfy Sperrys. Simple yet chic, or at least I hope. :) 

Day Twenty-Two


Today I got to meet Aubrey from Dreaming About Someday for lunch and it was fun to chat it up with her in real life! I love how blogging has brought so many wonderful people into my life! Aubrey looked really cute, especially in her skirt from Wal-Mart (I would never have guessed!) and I was trying to pull something together that would be cute for lunch, but also comfortable for hiding eggs for Autumn's class before lunch! Lol! I added the white bauble necklace AFTER the egg hunt to glam up my outfit before lunch! For this outfit, I went with all whites and greys and I thought it turned out really casual yet cute. :)

Day Twenty-Three


It was a nice day, so I decided it was finally time to wear my lace shirt again with my lace Toms! My mint skinnies always go so nice with this white lace shirt, too and I paired it with my large mint necklace (still need to look up the name of where I bought it from!). I really love this outfit and I was going to add the jean jacket to it, but thought it looked so nice without it.

Day Twenty-Four


Another casual outfit for the books... I really need more anchor items in my life, may need to plan a visit to Charming Charlie soon for some anchor accessories as they had a TON last time I was in there! This is the first time I wore the green cardi, can you believe it? I used to be the cardi Queen at my old job, but now that I am a sahm, I am not in an ice cold office all the time and I just haven't needed to use it for any of my outfits.

First Week Summary

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