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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

30x30 Challenge - April: Week One Reveal

Well, here we are... the first week REVEAL for the April 30x30 challenge. A 30x30 Challenge is a 30 Day Challenge where you select 30 pieces of clothes, such as shirts, jeans, shoes and mix and match then for 30 days. Accessories such as jewelry, scarves, hang bags, etc. are not included in your 30 items. If you want to get caught up, you can see my 30 item reveal post HERE.

This challenge is SO different this time around since I am a sahm. I feel if I dress up 'too much' I feel a little awkward and I feel if I just throw on jeans and a tee it is b-o-r-i-n-g. I really am still figuring out my new Mommy wardrobe and after I finish Spring cleaning Nathan's walk-in closet, I am going to work on our Master bedroom closet next and I do feel I will be donating some clothing items that I feel I won't be using much in the future. For example, do I really need 3 pairs of black pants? No... I think if I clean my closet out a bit, it with be more 'breathable' and I will get a lot more wear out of it. Don't worry, I still go to church and I like to dress up when I hang with my friends and date nights with Brian... I will be keeping a lot of the nicer pieces in my closet... but, some has got to go!

So, what did I learn during the first week?

1. A striped shirt, fun scarf and jeans is my favorite quick Mommy outfit for this transitional weather

2. I am not one of those sahm's that live in sneakers. I save my gym shoes for gardening/yard work or running. I love to live in simple yet cute flats. I am really loving a new pair of silver flats that I got from ON (see Day One, Two and Four)

3. I also love wearing my Sperry's that I got last Fall. Wow, they are comfy and I love my golden/tan neutral pair (see Sperry's in Day Three, Five and Six). I am starting to wonder if I could have just selected TWO pairs of shoes, the silver flats and the Sperry's for my 30 Day Challenge! ;)

4. I really love the pair of distressed jeans (see Day One) that I found at the Gap. The holes are pretty minimal, so no bare skin is showing. I am in love with this trendy look!

5. I wasn't addicted to anchors, but all of a sudden I am!! Charming Charlie had a HUGE selection of anchor accessories (necklaces, scarves, etc.). I am not sure if I am excited about our beach trip and this is bringing out the anchor love? But, I am loving the anchor shirt I found at J. Crew in Day Three.

6. If you are wearing sort of a drab outfit, a scarf or necklace can really pull the entire outfit together and make it pop (see Day One, Two, Five and Six).

And one, BONUS item. Having your daughter in your selfie pics makes for a MUCH cuter photo (see Day Six). ;)

Day One


I love The Gap, because they sell the softest t-shirts EVER. I love how this t-shirt has sleeves that are mid-length, which is perfect for the transition into Spring's warmer weather. The t-shirt also has some adorable little buttons on the back of it. I am also wearing my new Gap distressed jeans, I have been looking for the perfect pair for quite some time! I did see a pair of distressed jeans in Banana Republic, but they were boyfriend fit and the crotch was like the crotch of a dudes pants! Not cool! I am also wearing a new aztec scarf from F21 that includes lots of fun pastel colors. Lastly, I am wearing some grey ballet slippers from Old Navy. This was a SUPER windy day, can you tell? This is a total sahm outfit, it was so comfortable!

Day Two

The lighting for the first photo is a little wonky... but, it was still a little cool here in the morning, so I wore my sleeveless lace top with a grey cardi layered on top of it. The mint jeans gave this color a little 'Spring' (get it?) and I added one of my favorite pieces from Molly Suzanne, a coral bauble necklace.

Day Three


Another casual sahm outfit today... This white anchor shirt with white polka dots and navy anchors on it is my first ever J. Crew Outlet purchase. I love it! I am wearing jewelry from Banana Republic Outlet, I swear BR has the best jewelry! I love navy with pink, so I have a navy and pink necklace and pink stud earrings. I am wearing my comfy Express jeans and my even comfier gold Sperry's. I can't wait to think up other ways to style this anchor shirt!

Day Four

On Day Four the tornado sirens woke us up at 5:00 a.m. and it was just AWESOME. Not. Since it was pouring down rain, Brian took my photo on the porch and most of the photos were blurry! Boo! So, these were the only two that weren't blurry, even though they weren't the best poses! I really love the pink chevron necklace I am wearing from Charming Charlie. Oh, do I heart that store! I love my skinny polka dot jeans from ON, although I wish I would have include my Hunter boots in the 30x30, they would have been perfect for all of the rain I sloshed through today!

Day Five


On Day 5 I wore my new J. Crew pale pink tee (it has tan sleeves) with an ON jean jacket and my ON white sweetheart crop pants. My friend Becky made me the flower necklace that I am wearing for Christmas. I love that I can finally pull it out more now that it is Spring! I am also wearing my super comfy Sperry's. I was at Nordstrom this weekend buying shoes for my daughter and they had the cutest pair of Sperry's for her and she did not like them at all! The girl and I have such different tastes! Oh well!

Day Six


On Day 6 I didn't get my photo taken in the morning, because my son Nathan came down with a second round of the stomach bug! UGH! So, after dinner I had Brian snap my photo outside, because it is light outside at 7:00 p.m. still! Well, someone came outside in her little brown boots to join in on the picture taking! Autumn is such a cutie and insists that my Tory Burch bag needs to be her gymnastics bag this summer. Uhhh, not sure about that. ;) I am wearing a J. Crew white/coral striped mid-sleeve sweater, F21 mint skinnys and my necklace I purchased last year, but I need to look up the name of where I purchased it from again. It is a beautiful necklace, but trust me... I put it on for the photo and then took it off, because it is not a lounging around the house type of necklace! lol! I also have on my Michael Kors watch that I got in Chicago for my birthday last year. I probably look a little tired in these photos, because my son woke me up at 3:50 a.m. and I was up the rest of the day with him! :(

First Week Summary

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