Curly Crafty Mom: 30x30 Challenge - April: Week Three Reveal

Monday, April 21, 2014

30x30 Challenge - April: Week Three Reveal

It is the third week of the April 30x30 challenge and below you will see the outfits I remixed. If you are new here, a 30x30 Challenge is a 30 Day Challenge where you select 30 pieces of clothes, such as shirts, jeans, shoes and mix and match then for 30 days. Accessories such as jewelry, scarves, hang bags, etc. are not included in your 30 items. If you want to get caught up, you can see my 30 item reveal post HERE, my first week of outfits post HERE and second week of outfits post HERE.

So, what did I learn during the third week?

1. That great friendships are made during the 30x30 Challenge! I am meeting Aubrey from Dreaming About Someday THIS Wednesday! She has a layover flight and has family here in St. Louis and was sweet enough to take time out to have lunch with me! 

2. I wore skirts TWICE this week and next week I will be showing off my Easter outfit (with a white eyelet skirt. I always love dressing up for Easter and I always love to wear something white!

3. I just got my hair done and it is much blonder... I am still getting used to it. :)

4. I am really getting ready for this challenge to be over. Whew. These challenges are a lot of work... picking out the outfits, taking the photos, editing all of the photos and then creating a blog post. Whew. I really can't believe I talked myself into a fourth challenge!

5. I told Brian that the last couple of months have been some of the best months of my life. I am really digging this new sahm job and the comfortable clothes that go with it aren't all that bad either. I will admit, it has been a HUGE sacrifice to leave the work-force and my career that I have been building since I graduated from college in 2000. But, I find myself so much happier these days and I feel like I am so much more present in my kids lives. They are eating real food now, I am present for Nathan when he has had a rough day at school when I pick him up... My house is the one that their friends want to come over and hang out at... It has been really nice... I am so thankful and lucky that my husband is supportive in this decision and we can make it work financially. God has really blessed me in my life and I am so thankful. I am also planning on launching my own business this Fall, an Etsy shop! I am excited for the new venture in my life and to work towards something I really enjoy!

Day Thirteen

On Day Thirteen, it was Palm Sunday and Nathan was singing in choir for two of the services. I knew I had lunch and shopping in downtown Kirkwood after church with two friends, so I wanted to wear something that would be nice enough for church, but also comfortable enough for walking around the shops in Kirkwood. I decided to finally wear my long navy and white striped skirt with my chambray shirt (chambray goes with everything!). I also added a mint necklace, mint earrings with neon yellow tips (I really should have had Brian take a detail shot of the earrings!) and my new neon yellow/beige flats. It was such a fun little outfit and it took me way too long to figure it out... but, if I wear it again it won't take nearly as long for me to figure out how to wear it all! Which is sort of the whole point of this challenge, right?!

Day Fourteen


Once again I am wearing one of my most favorite scarves, my navy/white polka dotted scarf from F21. I decided to wear the scarf in a laid back way,  just around my neck hanging down and I loved this look for this windy day here in St. Louis! Since I wore the scarf open, I decided to add a pink/navy necklace from Charming Charlie and some pink studs. Then, if you look close you'll see white polka dots on the J. Crew anchor shirt I am wearing and I thought how cute would it be to wear my polka dot skinny jeans as well. I am brilliant, right? lol! Also, I really need to get these flats in every color at Charming Charlie, they are so comfy and I love how they are a little shiny.

Day Fifteen


Day-15_Arm-on-fence I really love the outfit I came up with today, I wore my new white/navy/pink striped shirt from Banana Republic Outlet with a sheer cardi from Loft over it. I love how you can see the stripes through the thin cardi! I also wore my gold monogrammed necklace that Brian gave me on Valentine's Day, Express jeans and grey flats. I will definitely be wearing this awesome and comfy sahm outfit again!

Day Sixteen

On Day 16, it was STILL really cool out... but, don't worry— tomorrow it will be up in the 70's and I have a sleeveless outfit planned! Today I wore my mint skinnies with my BR polka dot gold embellished shirt. I then wore my jean jacket, because it was C O L D and a mini mint bauble necklace... and, once again my gold sparkle Sperrys! Also, little bit had to get in the photo, too!

Day Seventeen


Today we finally got some SPRING weather in St. Louis, so out came the white ON sweetheart crop pants and a floral blouse from F21. I love this one strand coral bauble necklace that I purchased from Molly Suzanne and it really went nicely with the blouse. I also finally wore my white lace Toms, so two first time appearances in this challenge for the Toms and the floral blouse.

Day Eighteen


Brian and I decided to go out to eat at Kobe Steakhouse for drinks and a little teriyaki. Yum! I decided that it was time to put on my one pair of heels that was in my 30 items and wear a dress! What fun it is to dress up after being in jeans and flats all week while I take care of the kiddos! Ha! I wore my beautiful floral necklace from Molly Suzanne that I purchased late summer while she was having a sale... I think I scored it for $10. I also wore my favorite Oxford dress from ON... tomorrow is Easter, so you'll need to stay tuned until the Week Four Reveal to see what I wore! Woohoo!

First Week Summary

Second Week Summary
Day-7---Front-view Day-8---Front-view Day-10
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Third Week Summary:
Day-13_Front Day-14_Front Day-15_front 
Day-16-Me-front Day-17-front Day-18

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