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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

30x30 Challenge - April: Week Two Reveal

It is the second week of the April 30x30 challenge and below you will see the outfits I remixed. If you are new here, a 30x30 Challenge is a 30 Day Challenge where you select 30 pieces of clothes, such as shirts, jeans, shoes and mix and match then for 30 days. Accessories such as jewelry, scarves, hang bags, etc. are not included in your 30 items. If you want to get caught up, you can see my 30 item reveal post HERE and my first week of outfits post HERE.

So, what did I learn during the second week?

1. That it is really hard for me to wear my hair differently every day, I tend to have 2-3 hairstyles that I wear my hair in when I am not doing this challenge... down, partially up in a barrette and straight. I also sometimes do my hair with a twist and up, a bun, my bangs pinned back, a fun headband and usually I only wear a pony tail when I work out. I do like to wear my hair in a braid in the back sometimes or even a french braid, but that is rare, too. 

2. Day Eleven is my favorite outfit and it is the only outfit where I am really 'dressed' up AND wearing heels! This is how I used to dress everyday before I became a sahm. I am also just in love with that oxford dress from ON and I love the scarf I am wearing from Stitch Fix, but I just couldn't justify the cost of the scarf... so, it went back. But, I have plenty of other scarves to pair with that wonderful oxford dress! Also... I had my hair done that day. :)

3. Day Seven and Day Twelve are my next favorites :) I love the pink/navy tie front plaid shirt I scored at F21 paired with my monogrammed necklace (it is actually a shoe clip that I put on a gold chain necklace!), leopard print belt and white jeans. Such a fun outfit and I wore it for when I met up with my long-time friend Janna from Babycenter for breakfast. This is the third time we have met up, she was in town for a conference. She also brought me an entire suitcase of hand me downs for my daughter Autumn! Such a good friend!

4. Day Eight was a fun outfit, because I had on a striped shirt and then a polka scarf with polka dotted skinny jeans!

5. I am dying for SPRING temps over here! Seriously! It is making this challenge really difficult... and I have four items I haven't worn yet, because of the temps! I am hoping to get in all of the items I haven't worn yet in Week 3! I also accidently threw a J. Crew linen tee in the dryer and almost thought I had lost/shrunk it, but it actually survived my stupidity and will continue to show its face in the challenge! lol!

Day Seven


On Day Seven I went to breakfast with one of my friends that I met off of Babycenter when I was pregnant with Nathan. Nathan will be 8 this May, so that is over 8 years that I have known her and we have met 3 times! I saw her the first time in Colorado and then she has come here to St. Louis twice. I wore my new plaid shirt from F21, it ties in the front and I layered a navy cami underneath it. I also wore my white sweetheart crop pants from ON and a monogrammed necklace. The monogrammed necklace is actually a shoe clip, but I just took one of the clips and put it on a gold chain and it makes a lovely necklace. I live in my Sperrys, so of course you'll see those on my feet a lot as they are a sahm STAPLE! :) I have on a leopard print belt, but I don't think you can really see it in the photo. Miss Autumn came out to be in the photo once again, too. Love that girl!

Day Eight


Today was a cooler day, so I wore my new utility jacket over a striped tee with my polka dot scarf and polka dot jeans. Gotta love polka dots and stripes, right? And, sweet little Autumn had to come give me a hug during the photo shoot. :) I am wearing my navy flats from Charming Charlie, you can't see them really well in this photo, though

Day Nine
I went on a field trip today, so I wore a cardi that I could slip off once it got hotter throughout the day. I have noticed that I haven't been wearing my cardi's a lot now that I am not working... it was pretty cool in our office and we also couldn't wear sleeveless shirts, so I would wear cardi's A LOT at work. But, now that I am staying at home, I just don't seem to wear them as often... not sure why? The pinkish/maroon colored shirt that I have on under the cardi is from Banana Republic Outlet and I love the style of it... I hope to wear it again without the cardi to show it off a bit more.

Day Ten
This day was a pretty casual, do nothing day... I think I spent the day organizing Nathan's closet, cleaning and hanging out with Autumn. I am wearing my utility jacket again, since it was a little cool out and a gold polka dot shirt from BR and the distressed jeans from The Gap. I have on my new monogrammed necklace that Brian got me for Valentine's Day, but it doesn't really show up in this photo... I think we were a little rushed this morning, so we didn't get the best photos... some mornings I sleep in a little too late ;)

Day Eleven

On Day Eleven I wore my new Oxford dress from Old Navy. I love this dress! I wore a floral print scarf, thin belt and my Ann Taylor wedges with the dress. I also had my hair done that morning, more blonde for the Spring and Summer! I really love this scarf, it was one of the items in my Stitch Fix box for this month

Day Twelve

It was pretty cool today (Where is Spring?), so this was the warmest outfit I could manage out of my 30 items (and out of what was clean!!). I really love this coral/white striped sweater from J. Crew with my distressed jeans from Gap Outlet. I wore a coral and gold necklace with matching earrings from Molly Suzanne. And, once again I have my comfortable Sperrys on!

First Week Summary

Second Week Summary
Day-7---Front-view Day-8---Front-view Day-10
Day-9---Front-view Day-12 Day-12_Front

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