Curly Crafty Mom: Curly Momma's Weekend Happenings and Meal Plan, Week 10

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Curly Momma's Weekend Happenings and Meal Plan, Week 10

Dinner tonight... Shrimp tacos with peach salsa off the grill! Gotta grill when it's a beautiful day like today! 
On Friday, we enjoyed these delicious Shrimp Tacos with Peach Salsa (click HERE for the recipe) on a beautiful 80-degree day in St. Louis! I marinated the shrimp for an hour before Brian got home from work, then he put them on the grill while I made up the peach salsa which consists of diced up peaches, cherry tomatoes, onion with a dash of lime juice. They were SO delicious and easy peasy! I also got in a 6 mile run on Friday night and had planned to take a Lush bath afterwards... but... I spent the rest of the evening relaxing on the couch, which wasn't all that bad. :)

Going with my love to get some Chipotle for lunch! Wearing Bri's aviators... Heehee!!
On Saturday, we had our irrigation/sprinkler system turned on, so while Brian was waiting for the guy to come I ran another 6 miles... which, kind of sucked, but I base my runs on a Sunday-Saturday basis and I try to get in 15-17 miles every week when I am not training. SO, since I was lazy ALL week, I had to get two longer runs in at the last minute. Boo. After the irrigation guy was done, Brian and I went out to lunch at Chipotle and I am sporting his aviator sunnies in the photo above... I love borrowing them. :) I had a B1G1 free coupon that they gave me at my race packet pickup and I didn't want it to go to waste. After that we ran to Lowes, my son wants a TREE for his 8th birthday... yes, a tree. UGH. I am sort of like the 'dwarf' peach trees, but I am not sure. Don't worry, he is getting some normal 8 year old gifts for his birthday, too... such as a go-kart. Brian picked up a ton of yard stuff at Lowes and then we went to PetsMart to get an aquarium for the tiny little frog that Nathan brought home from the pond a few weeks ago. That boy keeps me BUSY with all the things he collects and brings home...

Movie time!!
We ended the night by seeing 'Heaven is Real', I read the book ages ago and wanted to see the movie. The movie was fantastic, everyone clapped at the end and I was just a crying mess during the entire movie. It was GOOD though, definitely go see it if you've read the book... or even if you haven't read the book.

Just picked up Autumn's recital costume for dance. This is the cutest one yet, pink with black polka dots and the little top hat completes it! I die. Her song is, "Getting to Know You".
Sunday was a fairly lazy day... I picked up Autumn's dance recital costume and it is the cutest EVER! Pink with black polka dots and then she has a little top hat. I die. Then, I went grocery shopping and the rest of the day I piddled around the house. I am working on moving my pension and 401k from my old job over to an IRA and it has been a PITA to say the least. I also worked on a Spring wreath and a DIY project in the Master Bath that I hope to share with you SOON. 

This week I have TWO field trips and a day of dental appointments with the kids... it is going to be a busy one, so we are doing a little more eating out this week and some simpler meals. I'm game with that... 

Are you ready for the meal plan for this week? Here ya go!

Menu Plan for Week of April 27, 2014:

Sunday -
54th Street Grill
Soup and salad to go for a relaxing Sunday night at home

Monday - Spaghetti with Salad and Homemade Rolls
The kids both have dental appointments, so this dinner should be easy enough!

Tuesday - BLT Sandwiches and Chips
Autumn has a field trip and then I am watching her and her little friend, so we are going to have a lunch-type dinner tonight since I will be short on prep time. Plus, I loveeee meeee some BLT's.

Wednesday - Tacos

Our every other week tacos!

Thursday - Mini Meatloaves with Mashed Potatoes
This recipe will be coming soon! 

Friday - Panera AND Icing Cupcakes
Yes, I am taking a photo of cupcakes on my lap in the car... Because, I know they'll be devoured as soon as we step in the door when we get home! A little pre-dinner celebration that its Friday! Cupcakes from Icing Cafe... The kids got the Birthday Cake o
Nathan has an ALL day field trip to the City Museum and I know I am going to be exhausted afterwards. My Mom gave us some Panera gift cards for Easter and Brian is going to go run and get it for our dinner on his way home from work. Nathan usually gets a BUCKET (yes, seriously) of their chicken noodle soup and Autumn loves their mac and cheese. They both LOVE their bread, too! Then, I started a little tradition where we get cupcakes from Icing on our way home from school ONCE a month... well, it is that time again! I hope they have the Beer Nuts cupcakes this time, I didn't try it last time and I want to this time! The photo above shows the cupcakes we tasted last month.

Saturday - Imo's Pizza, Movie Night!
Yes, more eating out! LOL! Brian and I are doing a huge 'Baby Mania' sale on Saturday morning to get rid of a TON of toys/clothes, etc. and I know we will both be tired once we get back home... so, we are going to plop the kids (and ourselves) in front of a movie and order some pizza!

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